my first love

how i met him.

I met him on woodstock by accident. He set up his tent with his friends near our camp. On the last day of the festival, I saw him talking to my friend with whom I came. Passing by them I heard that they exchange messages about fetishes. My friend about our BDSM practices (through which we met) and his preferences for fat women. I decided to join and this decision changed my life forever. I was not fat, although I was too thoughtful. I was 18 years old, 163 cm tall and about 56 kg. I've been starving and practicing all my life because I believed that I would not find love if I would not be thin. But I loved eating so much.
We introduced ourselves. It turned out he live less than 15 minutes from my house and was the same age. For a moment we talked first about bdsm but out of curiosity I asked about his fetish. He began to tell me about it. He spoke it with such passion. And I was very interested in this subject. The possibility of eating, loving your body, being worshiped for your nature. However, it seemed impossible to me. Not for me. However, he suddenly jumped out of the proposal:
- If you would like I could show you what's going on.
I was speechless. For a moment I was staring at him, at this tall, well-built, long-haired blonde.
After a moment's thought, I asked him how he would like to show me. The only thing that answered was that I would see for myself and I would not regret it.
So I went to the tent with him. He asked me to lie down. Then he pulled out a can of salted nuts and said he would like to feed me.
I was surprised by this. However, curiosity gave top. I let him feed me with nuts. After a while, he asked me if he could massage my belly. I remember this moment for the rest of my life. Despite the fact that the peanuts were nothing special, I felt wonderful then. We spent half an hour there doing just that. A then another hour just speakign about ourselfs. Until then, I thought about myself as fat and unattractive. However, during this conversation my whole world and self-perception have disappeared. Someone finally told me that I was pretty and that I was skinny. And said it a boy who could have any.
However, I had to go. I gave him my number. I had to pack to be ready for the train. We hugged each other and went with my team to the train. We came to the train 2 hours before departure to have a chance for the best place. In addition, there was still an hour delay, but finally we entered the train, sat down in an empty compartment. We were waiting for the departure of the train. I started dozing off, but suddenly I saw that he entered the compartment with his friends. It turned out that they wanted to take an earlier train to not have a problem then with places. but then he confessed to me that he persuaded them specifically to go with the same train as me and pulled all his team around the platform to find my compartment. This surprised me greatly. We spent the whole trip sitting on the ground hugging each other and talking. After 8 hours we arrived in our city. Now we had to wait for our parents to take us home so we went to the mcdonalnd at the station. I sat there thoughtfully, thinking about how we spent eight hours in our arms. Suddenly, he sat down with me and put Mcflury in front of me. Kitkat + caramel my favorite combination. He remembered what I was telling him during our journey. I thanked him, however, after a while his parent appeared to pick him up. We hugged goodbye and he went. Then I came back home, I washed and went to bed, I wanted to take a rest with the book and began to wonder if he would write or if it was a one-time adventure. He wrote me around 19 and I was as happy as ever. We agreed to take a walk with him the next day.
I felt good that night.
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Nok 4 months
Good start, love your style
Definitely want more
Jazzman 4 months
Very nice story! And realistic!
Ktm909 4 months
Please keep going, This is so brilliantly written. I'm so intrigued to find out what happens next!