you're mine now

chapter 1

Dean leaned against the brick wall outside Don Pepe's mexican restaurant, absentmindedly flipping through his phone. He was usually a little late everywhere he went, but tonight it looked as if he had beaten his tinder date to the restaurant she had suggested. He thought it was strange she had chosen mexican food for their first date. Eating a big plate of greasy food was not exactly the best look for a first impression, and he had listed a couple of bars he liked as a possible alternative. But Paige had insisted that they meet for dinner, not drinks, and according to her this place was not to be missed. However weird he thought the setting for their date was, he was happy to oblige. Paige was by far one of the most stunning women he had met on tinder, and Dean was anxious to see if she lived up to her profile photos in real life.

Just then, his phone buzzed with a text. It was Paige: "Sorry, running late. Go in and grab a table and have some chips, they're really good there! Be there in 10." Dean went in and was seated at a booth in the back. He continued to scroll through instagram, not focused on much, munching on the basket of chips and salsa his waitress had set at the table. They were pretty good, though he realized it was kind of strange that Paige had so explicitly told him to eat them. "I guess she didn't want me to feel like I had to wait for her," he thought, as he ate another chip.

Finally, he saw the front door open, and Paige stepped in. He tried not to stare too obviously as she approached, but she was every bit the knockout he hoped she'd be. She had piercing green eyes, and pixie cut dark hair that framed a soft, round face, with full red lips. Her wide hips and round ass swayed from side to side as she walked toward his table, and he struggled not to stare at her cleavage. Her breasts were quite large, and bounced ever so slightly with every step she took.

She got to his table and flashed him a smile that was at once intoxicating and menacing, meeting his gaze with those inescapable green eyes. "Dean? I'm so sorry I kept you waiting! Traffic was awful. I'm glad to see you started without me at least." She sat down opposite him in the booth and immediately motioned to their waitress. "We HAVE to start with a nacho plate - it's the best here!"

Dean began to protest - nacho plate? He had just eaten half their basket of chips! But before he could open his mouth, Paige had gotten their waitress' attention and ordered them a plate of nachos and two beers. "I hope you're hungry, the portions are huge here!"

"Well, I'm not starving or anything," Dean replied, "but I'll do my best." He tried his best to hide his discomfort. In the last couple years he had noticed a bit of a gut forming on him. His frame was still fairly slender, but as he got closer to 30 and work kept him busier, he found it harder and harder to find time to go to the gym. He was acutely aware of his admittedly slight weight gain over the years, and worried that it would hurt his romantic prospects.

Paige's voice brought his attention back as his mind wandered off: "If I were you, I'd get the wet super burrito plate. It's kind of big but it's sooooo good. I promise you won't regret it!" Dean started to open his mouth, and Paige could see his hesitation. "I know, it seems like a lot of food, but you've gotta just try it. You'll thank me for it," she said through that same disarming smile.

The next moment, their waitress arrived with their nachos and beer. She asked if they were ready to order, and Dean realized he hadn't even looked at the menu. He started to open his, but noticed Paige staring at him from the other side of the table. "Come oooonnn," she teased him. He smiled back at her, closed his menu, and confidently ordered the super burrito plate, seconds later wondering what he had signed himself up for.

Dean gradually became more comfortable as he and Paige started in on their nachos and got to talking. She was a good conversationalist, and made him feel at ease opening up to her very quickly. He was having such a good time talking and laughing with her that he didn't even notice how much of their nacho plate he had eaten (or, for that matter, how little she had eaten herself). His eyes practically bugged out of his skull when he saw the size of his burrito plate - covered with salsas, guacamole, sour cream, positioned next to a mound of rice and beans, with cheese melted on practically everything - but he was feeling comfortable enough with Paige that he got over his hesitation and began digging in.

Paige had a strong personality, a quick wit, and was instantly very likeable. Dean felt as if he had known her for years, and their conversation was natural and fluid. Over the course of their meal, he learned that she had worked in biotech after college, but hated it. She made opaque references to a large inheritance she had received sometime recently that had enabled her to quit her job, but had not elaborated on what she'd been doing since. Time flew by, and before Dean knew it, he had managed to finish his ungodly huge burrito plate. He realized all at once that he felt stuffed to bursting, feeling the pressure inside his overfull belly.

"Wow, I'm impressed you made it through that thing! See, I told you it was good!" Paige gleefully exclaimed. Her tone shifted, her face became simultaneously playful and menacing: "I hope you saved room for dessert, though," she cooed. "There's a great ice cream place down the street."

Dean groaned, "oh no, there's no way I could eat more tonight! I can't believe I just finished all that."

Paige's face registered playful disappointment. "That's too bad. I thought we were having a good time, and you'd want to keep hanging out with me, but I guess..."

"No, it's not that!" Dean interrupted her. "I just really can't imagine how I could possibly eat more right now."

"Come on, I'll buy. You don't want to let me down after we've had such a nice time, do you?"

Dean really didn't want the ice cream, but he could see that Paige really wanted him to go for some reason, and didn't want to sour the end of what had been a great first date. He finally agreed to let her buy him a cone, and was amazed when he finished the quadruple flavor waffle cone Paige ordered for him.

When Dean finally walked her back to her car, she kissed him and said, "I'm not the kind of girl who will go home with a guy on the first date, but I had a great time tonight. Let's do it again sometime." She gave him an alluring and oddly purposeful look before she drove off. Dean was reeling from a combination of excitement, painful fullness like he had never experienced before, and a weird sort of unsettling doubt. His head buzzed with that confusing mixture of lust and barely perceptible fear the rest of the night.

The next morning, Dean was less sure about how he felt about his date the night before. He found Paige irresistible physically, and they had obvious chemistry, but there was so much that was off about their night together. For one thing, he couldn't remember a time that a date had basically ordered all his food for him like that, let alone ordered so much of it. On top of that, though they had talked for hours, he really hadn't learned that much about her. There was something sort of threatening about the way she looked at him, even as the ease of their connection invited him closer. Still, when a text from Paige arrived suggesting they meet up again, all he had to do was remember her full lips, thick thighs, and those perfectly soft and round tits gently bouncing in that low cut dress, and his hesitation melted away.

Dean and Paige ended up meeting up for two more dates which, worryingly for Dean, went very similarly to their first. Dean continued to suggest bars, movies, coffee, but Paige insisted on dinner every time. The places she chose all seemed to specialize in huge portions of greasy food - like the burger spot she brought Dean to on their third date, where she convinced him that he needed to try both the fries and onion rings on the side of his triple bacon cheeseburger. On Paige's insistence, he washed down that meal with a large chocolate shake and a beer, and still she somehow got him to order a slice of pie a la mode after he finished.

Much to Dean's increasing frustration, their dates continued to end with their going home separately. Three dates in, and Dean had eaten three enormous meals he wasn't sure he wanted and they still hadn't slept together. He wasn't sure how things kept happening that way, but he knew it wasn't what he wanted, as much as he found Paige to be weirdly irresistible. When he was unable to button any of his pants the morning after their third date, he realized they couldn't continue seeing each other. Paige texted him a week later, after not hearing from him. He didn't respond, fearing that if he even returned her text to say no, she'd somehow have him painfully full of fattening food by the end of that night.
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Heckin gosh I love this so much.
335443735 3 months
This is my favorite story on the site so far! Keep it going smiley ive read it a few times already
What a dark and wonderful tale! You are a superb writer! I would love to just know more about you and your naughty thoughts. Great read! I want to read more of your writing.
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Absolutely loved the story. You did a fantastic job on it, I enjoyed it thoroughly!
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Awesome story!
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Very nicely written! Keep going!
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Honestly this is normally not my cup of tea but I like this story
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Such a well written story deserves a lot more comments! Didn't think I'd get into the captive aspect to be honest, but the strength of the writing drew me in. Thanks for posting, great job!
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Best story out showing all my lady friends
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Such a nice long story but a little mean smiley
Incredible work. Such skilled writing. Really appreciate the effort, well done... so far! smiley
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