unlocking a fantasy

chapter 1 - finding myself

Every month, I traveled for work. This month was no different, except I had recently decided to move in with this great guy. He was a bit older than me, and was a family physician who had recently moved to town. We had been almost inseparable for a month. Derek worked long hours, but still loved coming home and cooking a lavish dinner. We'd wine and dine half the night, just talking, watching movies, and really connecting. The sex was amazing too, and I was in heaven.

Getting ready for the meeting, I went to button up my blouse under my suit, which was an outfit reserved for these monthly trips. At my home office, the dress code was much more casual. I had a bit of trouble buttoning the blouse over my chest. When I got them fastened, they were definitely tugging the shirt. It looked unprofessional, so I switched into a top without buttons and pulled on my suit jacket. Looking in the mirror, I noticed that the suit pants, which normally had space on my thighs, were also fitting tightly.

"Well, it will have to do," I muttered to myself, and headed to the meeting.

That night, a client took our team out to an Italian restaurant. I ate bread and oil, followed by a large salad loaded with dressing, then a large bowl of pasta. All the while, my wine glass never once emptied before the waiter refilled it. The client insisted on us all trying the various deserts there, and we left stuffed.

I made it to the hotel lobby, where my coworkers had gathered for a night cap. We enjoyed a few more drinks, and finally I made it to the room. It felt amazing to get the suit off. It was a few years old anyways, so it was time to upgrade. Things aren't supposed to fit for that long. I stretched out on my comfortable king bed, and pulled my vibrator from my bag. Thinking of Derek, I began massaging my clit with the toy.

With one hand, I grabbed my breast. It felt softer than usual. I felt my pussy growing wet at the thought. I imagined Derek running his hands up my thighs, telling me how he wants me to grow plump for him. I slid my hand down to my belly. It, too, seemed to have the beginnings of a paunch. I jiggled it as I dug my vibrator against my clit. I imagined Derek nibbling on my breasts, then kissing down my chest to my stomach - except in my fantasy, my stomach had grown plump and fattened and Derek couldn't control himself at the sight of me. I came as I fantasized about him thrusting his throbbing hard cock in my soft, wet pussy.

Home from the trip, I sprawled on the couch waiting for Derek to come home and fuck me. I'd been so horny since the night I'd masturbated to the thought of gaining weight. I didn't want to tell him about my fantasy, but I definitely wanted to ride his cock while thinking about it. I suddenly realized that I had no clue how much weight I had actually gained. Pulling on the scale I jumped on with curiosity.

Ten pounds! Shit. No wonder my suit was tugging at me. I took a hard look at myself in the bathroom mirror, seeing how my belly, hips, butt, inner thighs, breasts, and even face looked a little softer. At 5'8", I had always been muscular and toned. But, my weight had crept from 140 to 150 lbs. I was startled when I heard the front door open, and Derek walk in.

He was loaded down with groceries, and raving about a recipe he found for us for dinner. Thai curry with coconut milk, fully loaded cocktails, and various appetizers he had grabbed from the store. The meal was delicious, and I ate beyond being full, revving up my fantasy and feeling my pussy growing wet. I didn't even let Derek clear the table before pulling him into our bedroom. I let him stroke it for a minute, but jumped on top of him and hungrily rode his cock. I came harder than I ever had before. My mind went blank and I was lost to the ecstasy.

Laying there after, I decided to allude to my fantasy and see how he responded.

"So, my suit doesn't fit me very well anymore. I should get a new one. It's old anyways, and I'm sure it's shrunk over time." I said, staring at the ceiling.

Derek turned to me, and smiled.

"I love it," he spoke softly. I turned to look at him. Derek reached out to cup my breast, and slid his hand down my stomach, and ran his fingers back up to cup my other breast. He leaned down, kissing each nipple, and then kissed below my belly button by my small paunch that had formed. He grabbed his belt off the nightstand, and softly tied my hands to the headboard. "Wait here," he said softly before running to the kitchen.

He came back with a plate of assorted chocolates, nuts, and pastries. He began feeding me, and I softly moaned. I lost myself in the mix of pleasure and deep relief that he shared my fantasy. I was so lost in joy that I almost didn't hear him whisper to me that he was going to make me so plump.

Our relationship had gone to a new level, and I couldn't be more in love with Derek. A few weeks went by, and I wondered how long it would take people to notice. My co-workers were mostly fit, and often on a fad diet. I really hadn't gained much weight, maybe another pound or two since Derek and I shared our mutual fantasy, but I suppose it's inevitable.

That Wednesday after work, Derek came home and told me he had been asked to fill in for a rural clinic in Nebraska. The job would be for a minimum of 6 months. It was so important to him, but I couldn't imagine spending that long without him. So, the next day at work, I told my boss I was leaving.

Arriving in Nebraska, I felt free. It was the perfect time to find myself. The first few days were amazing - I drove around the town, checking out the restaurants and stores. Derek encouraged me to indulge during my time off, and requested we try different meals each night. I was a good cook myself, and had fun creating new dishes. It was super relaxing, and the time started to fly by. I made hearty breakfasts, fruity and delicious snack breads, rich and well-balanced lunches filled with nut butters and goodness, savory sauce filled dinners, and adventurous cocktails for dessert. With all my focus on cooking, I almost failed to realize the weight sneaking up on me.

Four months into his assignment, I had reached a milestone. Nearly all of my clothes had grown too tight. I was almost entirely wearing my stretchy and loose-fitting clothes. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't my toned former self. I broke down and sized up my jeans.

Derek came home from his last day at the rural clinic, with an ecstatic look on his face. I looked at him, puzzled, and he placed a few printouts in front of me.

"We're going on a cruise! I booked it a few months ago... it's a well-deserved vacation from this place!" Derek exclaimed.

I looked at the printouts. Fourteen days in the Caribbean, starting next week. I was stoked until I pulled out the suitcases and thought about what to pack. I looked at myself in the mirror. My new jeans were not just getting tighter, and my bra cups were not just too small. I was officially at the point where I couldn't hide the weight in real life. While out in the middle of nowhere, I had just worn baggy clothes. But even in my baggy clothes, there wasn't much denying that my breasts had grown round, and I had an undeniable belly that ballooned over my too-tight waistband when I sat. I turned to Derek, who was also excitedly pulling out his suitcase.

I went to the bathroom scale, just to check. I hadn't pulled it out in months. The scale read 165 - I'd put on another 10 to 15 lbs since coming to Nebraska. Also, that was the cusp of being officially overweight with a BMI of 25. Maybe I need to slow down, I thought to myself.

"What will I wear, babe? I don't think much fits me." I said, looking back at my cute sundresses in the closet.

Derek grabbed one, and asked me to put it on. I did, and really filled it out. I took it off and put on an old bikini, aroused at the way my round breasts filled it out. With the sundress over it, I looked pretty sexy.

"You look great," Derek said, smiling at me. "Anyways, you're getting plumper on the cruise, so let's wait to buy clothes."

I couldn't hide how turned on I'd become, and Derek jumped across the room and tackled me to the bed.
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Hehehe this reminds me of myself ^.^
milky 4 months
Thanks! I originally had more content but trimmed it down to just the WG. I might add more content with specific events that the characters experience to develop them more.
Nok 4 months
Great writing; sexy and romantic characters.