chapter 1

Prince Dominic was the first in line to become King in the small country of Beldovia. Being an only child, the people already treated him like royalty from day one of his birth. During his upbringing, he became a tad spoiled and rude to the people of Beldovia. Always making fun of those less fortunate than him, and always demanding more of what he already had without an idea of the value of money. His parents, King and Queen of Beldovia were worried about the future of their country if it were to fall into his hands. But as King and Queen, they were far too busy to do much about it. Prince Dominic was 21 years old and was set to become king around the age of 25. He took many lessons in different subjects to prepare him for his future. He always played tricks on his tutors and his servants in order to have fun.

In the country of Genova, there was a young Princess as well. Her name was Annabelle. She was also 21 and the only child in the royal family. Originally, the throne was to go to her cousin, Chadwick, but the King and Queen longed for something different. Their country, struggling and not nearly as rich as Beldovia. The King and Queen of Beldovia made a deal with the country of Genova. If Annabelle would marry Dominic, then both countries would join to become one, thus saving Genova. Arranged marriages were common, but the parents of both adults didn't want to force them to be together. They decided to hold a ball for both families for them to get to know each other. Then, Annabelle would also be allowed to stay in the castle with Dominic, claiming that she needed to stay for some classes. The plan was perfect.

"I don't want to go to this stupid ball!" Dominic complained to his head servant, Lydia. "It's always so boring and I have to talk to everyone!" He complained more. "I understand your highness. But it is necessary to attend the ball in order to-" Dominic cut her off. "Yeah, yeah, 'in order to impress the people of Beldovia.' I get it." He said in a sarcastic tone like he was mocking Lydia for saying that over and over again. As much as Lydia was right, this ball was far more important than the others, but the servants were instructed not to tell the Prince and the Princess. Dominic made his entrance fairly early in order to greet all the guests as they entered. But when she entered, it was like the whole world stopped. Dominic stared as Princess Annabelle entered the room. She was wearing a light blue sequined ball room dress that complimented her light blonde hair that was up in a nice curly bun with some hair falling in the front. As she approached the prince she has a lovely smile on her face. Her servant saying, "may I introduce, Princess Annabelle, Princess of Genova." The princess and the prince bowed at each other. Dominic took her hand. "May I take you for a spin?" He asked. "I'd be delighted." She responded as he whisked her away into the dance floor for a simple ballroom dance.

As they danced, they chatted. "So what brings you to Beldovia?" She smiled, "well my parents said there are a few classes here that I need to take in order to take the throne in my country. They don't want my cousin to take it." She explained as he dipped her. "So I guess youwill be staying here for awhile." He smiled at her. "I guess so." She remarked. At the end of the dance they bowed and he led her to the bar for some champagne. Just then, Annabelle's parents walked in. Annabelle's father was quite big. Weighing at around 300 pounds, he had quite the beer belly, some small moobs and a double chin to complete the look. Her mom was big as well. Weight at about 250 pounds and only 5'2, she looked just as wide as the King. Dominic practically spit out his champagne when he saw them. Impulsively he said, "oh my gosh, get a look at those two! It looks like they ate enough for an entire country! Like look at his gut! Someone doesn't know the words , 'portion control'." Dominic kept going. "Like I doubt they could walk the mile circle in the courtyard!" As Dominic kept going, Annabelle felt so embarrassed at first. Then she grew angry. Who was he to treat people like that? She would never make fun of someone for the way she looked. Annabelle was small. Around 130 pounds and a bit taller than her mom at 5'5. Dominic was good looking but his personality lacked. He had a lesson that he needed to learn and Annabelle knew this lesson wasn't going to be taught in the classroom. She came out of her inner thought just in time to hear Dominic's question. "Who are those people anyways?" Annabelle smiled and played along, "who knows but look where they are headed? The buffet!" They both laughed and Annabelle planned her revenge. She slipped away and told her parents of the mix up. They agreed to act like they did not know her for the night. Besides, they were leaving in about an hour anyways to go back to Genova. She kissed them goodbye and had the servants take her stuff into the room she was staying in, the one acrossed the hall from Dominic's.

After the ball, the two retreated to their rooms to change. Annabelle recited her plan. "I am going to make him so fat, that he has no choice but to be nice to others. He will have a different perspective on life after I'm through with him." She smiled and began to implement her plan. She snuck down into the kitchen and saw the menu for tomorrow. She tampered with some ingredients and added a mass gainer to most things that he would be eating. She switched out the milk to heavy cream and also switched out the fat free butter to full cream butter. She retreated to her room and waited for Dominic to leave his. Once he did she snuck into his bathroom to take a look at any supplements he may be using. She spotted an appetite suppressant and a weight loss pill. She laughed, knowing those don't work anyways. She switched them to appetite stimulants and weight gainers. She wasn't sure how much these would help but she needed to try. She passed out quickly in her new bed.

The next day she could barely contain her excitement as they sat for breakfast. She requested toast with no butter and he requested his normal: eggs, pancakes, bacon and a full glass of chocolate milk. She smiled as she knew all of those things would be smothered in fatty things. As they ate they chatted some more about each other and learned a few surprising things. Annabelle smiled as she watched him finish his plate and almost seemed like he wanted more. They went to classes together. About an hour in, Annabelle heard Dominic's stomach rumbling. "May I go to the restroom?" Annabelle asked. she was dismissed and she took her bag into the kitchen to load it up with snacks. Some chips, candy, cakes, anything she could cram into her bag. She returned and offered some snacks to Dominic, smiling devilishly. He smiled and started to eat out of her bag. Normally snacks were forbidden between meals so they both hid it well. Dominic couldn't contain himself. Annabelle lost track of how many things he actually ate in that sitting and she thought Dominic did too. As classes ended, Annabelle took her bag and counted the empty bags. He nearly ate everything! And it was lunch time! Annabelle could tell he was full already when he got to the lunch table. But, he didn't want to get busted with the snacks so he ordered his normal meal. Double bacon cheeseburger, pasta on the side, and he wanted extra butter with that, and a large side of fries. For some reason, he added a milkshake, which Annabelle was pleased. She thought the pills must be working because at this rate he's going to be huge in no time at all. Annabelle ordered a small salad and water. She watched in awe as he struggled to finished his meal, already full from the snacks. He almost gave up when he was about 3/4 done. But Annabelle said, "wow, you aren't going to finish that? It looks so good and you wouldn't want your people to know that you waste food would you?" She was right. With poverty growing, he knew he shouldn't waste food. He finished and as Annabelle finished her salad she heard slurping from the milkshake. Thankfully classes were done and they went to the den to watch some TV. Normally, Dominic would go to the gym now but he's just too uncomfortable right now. "Maybe after dinner we can go to the gym together." He suggested. "Sure thing, Dom." She smiled, knowing dinner was going to be worse than this. In the dimmed lights, as Dominic rested his hands on his now bloated tummy, she could see how attractive he actually was. In normal circumstances, she could see her falling for him. That is, if he had a better personality. Maybe after he's fat, she will still like him, who knows?

Dominic fell asleep for the few hours between lunch and dinner. This gave time for Annabelle to add things to his dinner. They were making lasagna so it was easy to add extra cheese and cream to the mixture. She even tampered with the salad dressing and made it super fattening. She watched as Dominic flew through two giant portions. Not just one! They went to his bedroom and talked for awhile. Around midnight, Annabelle snuck downstairs for the full cream ice cream and two spoons. She snuck it back upstairs and Dominic felt so awesome doing things he wasn't supposed to so he joined in. Annabelle strategically ate small bites or worked on the same bite for long periods of time to make the illusion that she was eating much more than she actually was. They watched a movie and Dominic lost track of bites and ended up eating the entire thing. He fell asleep with a full tummy and Annabelle hid the evidence and cleaned him up before heading to her own bed. She smiled, knowing full well that her plan was so going to work, she just hoped it would work long enough for him to keep going.
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