to pass the time...

chapter 1

Misha was twenty two, she had long black hair, brown eyes, and the perfect smile. She had a slim build and stood about 5'5" at a weight of 118lbs. Misha loved her body but she wished that her breast were larger and had always wanted a bigger butt. She loved her long legs and her flat stomach. Her skin was just the right shade of chocolate and smooth as silk.

Misha had recently ended a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Dan. She and Dan had been happy but due to changes in his career, he had to move to Chicago. Since they had separated, Misha had been sad and lonely. She knew that she didn't want another relationship anytime soon but rather a hobby to occupy her time.

One day Misha was at school and saw another girl jogging on the track, after she was finished Misha went over and introduced herself. The girl smiled and said that her name was Sasha. Sasha was rather heavy in appearance and said she was trying to lose weight since she had broken up with her boyfriend. Misha told her that it seemed like something good to help take her mind off of things.

Later that night, Misha was lying in bed and began to think about the idea of jogging. She got up and went to the bathroom and stood on the scale, it read 119lbs. She looked in the mirror at her flat stomach and small legs. She paused and said "That's it!" with a smile, "If I don't have anything to loose, I certainly have something to gain!"

Misha went to the kitchen and pulled out every fattening thing she could, sat down on the couch, and began to eat. She ate ice cream, chocolate pudding, cookies, chips, pastries, and cheese. Afterward, she returned to the kitchen to wash all of it down with a two liter of soda. She was so stuffed that she could barely move, she waddled off to bed and was out for the night.

The next morning, she woke up still as sluggish as the night before. For a moment she had forgotten what she had done until she went into the kitchen for her breakfast pastries, then she remembered. She ran to the bathroom and jumped on the scale, it read 124lbs. Misha smiled and knew she had found what she was looking for, a hobby.

Since she obviously didn't have breakfast in her dorm and her first class didn't start until 4:00, she decided to go get some breakfast. There was a new buffet that had opened not far away and she decided to go there. Before she left, she decided to wear logging pants and a rather large t shirt just to be safe.
Misha arrived at the buffet, they were still serving breakfast. She paid $7.25 for the full buffet and grabbed a plate. She loaded the plate with pancakes, sausage, bacon, biscuits, eggs, ham, omelets, hash browns, and two large danishes and sat down at her table.

She got a lot of stares from some of the other patrons as well as a few servers, Misha simply smiled and continued to eat. By the time she had finished the first plate Misha was nearly full, she stood up and went back for seconds only to find that lunch had started. This was actually great because now she could eat lunch too.

Misha grabbed a large tray and loaded it with Chicken, spaghetti, pizza, meatloaf, steak, fish, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, ham, turkey, rice and carrots. She was now stuffed and it was 1:20. Misha slowly got up and walked to her car very sluggishly. She knew that she had really ate a lot when she could feel how tight her jogging pants felt.

She drove home and stood on the scale, it read 132lbs. She was so happy about her new weight that she decided to go grocery shopping.

At the grocery store she decided to only buy things in large packages that had over 500 calories. She bought everything that wasn't nailed down, the total bill was $793.15. Misha reached for her credit card and realized that she also had Dan's card, so she paid with his card.

After she left the grocery store she went home and put everything away. It was time for her to go to class now and she was already running late. She hopped in the car and drove to class. Her friend, Sheila, was in her class too and they had known each other since high school. Sheila asked if Misha had done something different today and Misha just smiled and said "A little different."

On her way home Misha decided to stop by McDonalds and get something to eat. She ordered ten double cheeseburgers, a large milkshake, large fries and two apple pies. Misha finished this by the time she had got home. At home she weighed herself again and the scale said 140lbs.

Misha was happy and wanted to examine her body further, she took all of her clothes off and observed herself in the mirror. Her belly stuck out and was no longer flat, her breasts were a little larger, and her but was much softer. She loved her new, larger body and wanted to make it much larger.

She continued to eat larger and larger portions every day, her body began to grow to huge proportions that she never thought possible. By the end of the first month she weighed 173lbs and was now a 36DD with 48" hips. After about four months, Misha weighed 265lbs and now wore a 46G bra and her hips measured 58".

One day Misha heard a knock on the door, she opened it and there stood Dan. At first Dan looked puzzled and then he said "Misha?" He loved her old body, but now her sexy brown thighs looked like jello and so did everything else. He began to cry, and she said "I have to go, I have something on the stove."
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