the judgement

chapter 1

Brian was driving home from work one Tuesday afternoon and decided to get some takeout for dinner. He stopped by a local Chinese restaurant and placed his order. While he was waiting, this very large woman came in and placed her order as well. She sat down beside him and waited.

She was sitting very close and he asked if she could slid sown the bench a little bit. She said that there wasn't enough room, and in a sarcastic manner he said "Yeah, I bet!" The woman got upset and started screaming. Brian yelled "Quiet down Ms. Piggy!" This upset her even more and she began cussing him out. Brian proceeded to call her names like "Lard Ass" and "Pig!"

The police showed up, the restaurant owner had called them. They came inside and asked each of them what happened. Brian explained and so did the woman. A few minutes later one of the officers came back with a citation for Brian. He asked "What's this for?" The officer told him that he was in violation of a new law that had been passed. The law stated that you could no longer use derogatory comments towards overweight people in that city. Brian looked at the ticket and laughed. He went home and threw it on the table. He ate dinner and went to bed.

The next morning he woke up and got ready for work. On his way out the door, he decided to look the ticket over again and noticed that he must appear in court. His court date was set two weeks later. He was a little angered by the inconvenience because he would have to miss a day of work.

Two weeks passed very quickly and it was time for Brian to go to court. He entered the court room and was one of the first to face the Judge. She asked "How do you plea?" He admitted that he was guilty and said that he was under a lot of stress that day. The Judge told him that that was no excuse. She ordered him to 'Rehabilitation Care', the Bailiff then took him into custody and he asked "Is it really that serious?" as they walked him out of the court room.

He was transported across town to a hospital of some sort and they took him inside. He was asked several questions, given a wristband and walked to a room. He asked them how long he would be there and the nurse told him "As long as it takes." He asked if he could go home and pack some clothes and she told him "The won't do you any good after a few days."

Brian sat down on the bed and began to wonder what was going on, was this a dream or something? He sat there for a few more minutes and heard a knock on the door. A doctor entered the room and a nurse accompanied him. He asked Brian a few more questions while the nurse was getting a syringe together. He asked the doctor what it was for and the doctor replied: "It will make you all better."

The nurse drew a clear liquid into the syringe and injected into Brian's arm. He sat on the bed for a few more minutes and felt a little weak. He laid down and watched the room spin for a few seconds and then it was over. Brian began to feel hungry like he had never felt before.

The nurse returned to the room and asked if he was hungry. Brian told her yes, very hungry. She said "Good, we though that you might be." She pushed in a cart stacked high with food. There were cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, tacos, sandwiches, rolls, mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken, steak, and lots of other fattening foods on the bottom of the cart.

Brian attacked the cart and finished it in just a few minutes. After that, the nurse brought another cart in the room. This cart was filled with pastries, cake, pies, brownies, ice cream, cookies, candies, doughnuts, and all sorts of other sweets. Brian didn't hesitate, he finished it all.

Brian was almost in a trance, he couldn't stop eating and he felt so free to eat whatever he wanted. No matter how much he ate, he was always hungry.

For breakfast, Brian got a cart full of pancakes, waffles, hash browns, muffins, pastries, and topped all of it with syrup and whipped cream. Brian had two very large carts of breakfast and had a mid morning snack of 200 Twinkies and five large bags of potato chips.

Now it was time for lunch, Brian loved lunchtime. He had 32 Big Macs, french fries, and washed it all down with a 40 gallon milkshake.

The vaccine was created to increase appetite and stop the guilt and self-conscience feelings that stop some from becoming overweight. Brian now had no desire to stop eating and actually was enjoying it. There were also several other benefits to the vaccine, it made the walls of the stomach soft so that it could expand and hold more food. The vaccine also absorbed about 90% of the fat and 95% of the carbohydrates from the food, which made it extremely effective for such purposes.

A couple of days passed with similar routine, but then Brian's appetite increased. This was a sign that his body was really having fun gaining all the weight.

On Wednesday the doctor returned and Brian was due for another shot of the vaccine. Brian weighed in at 248 lbs, this was amazing success. Brian only had 152 lbs left to gain. The doctor injected him with another dose and the same effect came over Brian's body.

This week the routine was a little different. Instead of having food for him, they just hooked him up to a feeding machine. This would ensure that he got everything he needed to make it to 400 lbs and would probably make it to 500 lbs if the vaccine didn't wear off in time.

After several days the vaccine wore off and one day Brian woke up from a nap and noticed his weight gain. At this point, he could barely move. He had went from a weight of around 160 lbs to nearly 480 lbs. He was huge and flabby, his belly covered his legs down to the knee and bulged over both sides of the bed. He had huge man boobs and had already started growing a fifth chin.

Brian finally felt so bad for calling that woman all those names.
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