pretty boy

chapter 1

Josh and Trisha had been dating for two years and Trisha was very happy. Since she had met Josh, she felt so much better about her life. He was her everything and she would do anything to keep him by her side. Trisha loved Josh but there were some things that she didn't like about him. Josh always had to look perfect and dress perfect, Trisha hated that because she loved the way he looked anytime. She felt that he may be trying to catch another woman with his charm, but then she would always reassure herself that he loved her and wouldn't hurt her.

One day Trisha came home and found josh with another woman in their bedroom. She couldn't do anything but stare, she felt like she had been stabbed in the heart. The pain was unbearable, so she left and went to her sister's house.

While Trisha was at her sister's, she began to cry and sob. Trisha's sister, Kai, said that she should sleep with someone else to get back at Josh. This made Trisha think that she should have revenge, but sleeping around would only hurt herself, then she thought of the ultimate revenge on Josh.

From the time she had met him, he always was looking at himself in the mirror and tightening his abs in front of her. She knew he loved his appearance and his style so she had the idea of destroying his wardrobe. Trisha told her sister about the idea and Kai loved it but said that Trisha shouldn't destroy his clothes, but that she should just leave them be and attack his physical attributes. Trisha said that she wouldn't hurt him physically because he knew how to fight and Kai explained her new idea.

Kai sat down and asked how much Josh weighed, Trisha told her that he weighed around 150lbs. Kai just smiled and asked his waist size and Trisha replied and said it was 31 inches. Trisha was curious about what Kai had in mind but Kai wouldn't tell.

The next day Trisha went to work and had a normal day but when she came home to Kai's house, she notices that Kai's car was in the driveway. It wasn't like Kai to miss a day of work or even get off early. Kai met her at the door and told her that she had a surprise for her. When Trisha entered into Kai's house she could smell something baking and noticed that there were pies and cakes all around the kitchen. Trisha demanded to know what was going on. Kai told her that that was not the surprise.

Kai took her down the hall to the guest room and opened the door. Josh was lying in the bed with his arms tied to the head board and his legs tied to the foot board. Trisha saw that his mouth was taped shut and that he had no clothes on his body, just boxers. She also noticed that the boxer were much larger than his regular size.
Trisha left the room and met Kai in the hall way, "You are about to have sweet revenge Sister." Kai said with a smile. Kai went to the kitchen and returned with a large bag of fast food hamburgers and told Trisha to wake Josh from his nap.

Trisha went back into the room and shook Josh awake. Josh began trying to scream but the tape over his mouth stopped the sound from escaping. Kai told Josh that he was going to have a hard time finding a woman that liked such big guys. Josh looked in horror and Trisha began to laugh. Trisha was catching on and you could tell that she liked the idea.

Kai took the tape off of Josh's mouth and explained that he was going to do whatever she and Trisha told him from now on. Josh was shaking and sweating in fear of what might happen next, "A-A-Are you going to beat me?" he asked, and Kai replied "We're not going to beat you, we're going to make you pretty, Pretty Boy."

Kai took out a huge cheeseburger from the bag and began to force it in his mouth. Trisha watched in pleasure of him being forced to eat something so fattening. Kai told Trisha to finish feeding him everything in the bag and that she would be back with more. Trisha fed him all ten of the cheeseburgers and five large servings of fries. By this time Josh could barely move due to being so full. Trisha looked in the bottom of the bag and there was two orders of chicken nuggets, she forced them into his mouth and down his throat.

Kai finally returned with two pizzas and a gallon of ice cream. She fed him both pizzas and all of the ice cream. He passed out on the last bite. Trisha asked how long they were going to keep him and Kai told her until he reached 300lbs. Trisha thought that was huge and asked how they were going to do that. Kai told her by any means necessary.

The next morning Kai woke up and weighed him, he was now 158lbs. Kai asked Trisha what foods Josh disliked and Trisha told her that he didn't like any tomatoes, pork or mayonnaise. Kai said she was going shopping and that she would be back with lunch. She told Trisha to feed Josh doughnuts for breakfast.

Trisha went to the kitchen and got twelve dozen doughnuts and woke Josh. He didn't have a chance to speak as she stuffed them in his mouth. He was even starting to lose his six pack that he worked so hard on. Trisha just told him that she hoped the new girl liked fat guys.
Kai returned from the store with several bags of groceries and said that there was more in the car. Trisha went to the car and saw several large, one gallon, jars in the trunk. She spun one around to reveal the label that said "Real Mayonnaise." Trisha took all twenty of the jars into the house and asked Kai why she had bought so many. Kai just told her that Josh would have to learn to like mayonnaise from now on.

Kai grabbed one of the jars and a large spoon and went toward the guest room with excitement. Trisha followed her and watched as she fed the whole thing to Josh as he gagged on the mayonnaise. Trisha and Kai then measured his waist at a slightly larger 36" and weighed him at 172lbs.

The routine continued day in and day out, Josh was on a 20,000 calorie diet by the fifth day. Josh now had a waist size of 46" and a weight of 218lbs. Josh's boxers were getting tight and his chest looked like he could use a bra. Trisha knew Josh was sad about his new size but did not regret it at all, she knew he deserved it.

After it was all said and done Josh had consumed over one million calories and 380lbs of food. He had eaten 190 cheeseburgers, 70 orders of fries, 80 Tacos, 25 burritos, 35 pizzas, 36 dozen doughnuts, 20 gallons of mayonnaise, 26 cakes, 12 pies, 20 gallons of ice cream 9 gallons of heavy cream and 5 gallons of chocolate syrup.

On the tenth day Josh weighed 305lbs and had a waist of 51", the boxers had to be cut off with a pair of scissors to make space for his expanding waist. His belly was bulged out over his thighs and they were hanging over the edge of the bed. Kai wrapped him in a sheet and wheeled him to her van. She dropped him off at his house and drove away.

Trisha called him a few days later and couldn't get an answer but she heard someone mention his name recently and they said that he weighed in at a whopping 590lbs. last time they had heard from him. He also beat the past world record for Mayonnaise Eating the past three years in a row.

Trisha still to this hay has no regrets about fattening Josh, she has found a new boyfriend and they are very happy together. She has never told him the story about Josh but she knows that if she ever finds herself in that situation again, she can depend on her sister to help her make him pay.

Kai learned a lot from the experience too, she enjoyed feeding Josh a lot and told Trisha if she ever had the problem again to let her know. She too has a new boyfriend, his name in Ronald and you could swear that the guy's been putting on weight since they met.
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aegis 4 months
Just fyi is someone has a waist of 51 but weighs only 300 they are shooort