aprilís new diet

chapter 1

April was 22, 5'6", and around 165 lbs. She was a little chubby and had quite a large muffin-top. Her boyfriend, Dylan, liked it but she was a little insecure about her body. She wanted to be thin, possibly around 120 or so. April tried to exercise and eat less but still no luck, she actually managed to put on 3 lbs.

One day she looked online for new diets and stumbled on a diet for slim people looking to pack on extra pounds. This intrigued her because she couldn't understand why people would want to gain weight. As she read some of the recipes and various meal options she began to get very hungry. She pondered for a few minutes and decided to try it, if she couldn't lose weight she would at least have fun being chubby.

After having a very large serving of Ben & Jerry's she went to bed and began thinking about how much fun she was going to have on her new diet.

The next morning she woke up and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. She made several large stacks of pancakes and lots of bacon, covering all of it with lots of butter and syrup. She sat down and cleaned the plates.

April had enjoyed breakfast and was off to work, she stopped at the vending machine and loaded up on snacks to stash in the desk. By 10:00 she had finished all of them and made a second trip back.

For lunch she went to the buffet across the street and piled several plates full of food and finished every bite. After going back for seconds April realized that her pants were a little tighter. She smiled, unbuttoned them, and continued back for more of her lovely feast.

She sat back down and again finished all of the food in front of her. After pausing for a few minutes she decided that it was time for dessert. She piled two plates high with cake, pie, cookies, and brownies, she also decided to get a large bowl of ice cream topped with all the fixings.

So far this was the diet of her dreams.

April finished all the dessert and headed back to work. She stopped again at the vending machine and bought the rest of the items that she liked, he coworkers were not too pleased.

For dinner she cooked lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli and chicken parmesan. Of course she finished all four dishes with nothing to spare. For dessert she baked two cakes and enjoyed both of them on her own.

Dylan was supposed to come over the next day and she didn't want him to know about her new diet yet. She decided that she was going to surprise him for his birthday the next week by adding several more inches of jiggly fat to her body.

The next morning she called Dylan and told him that she was sick with something contagious, she knew this would keep him away.

After the call she went and got breakfast at a local restaurant where they had all you can eat doughnuts and coffee. April was banned by the manager from ever returning after she consumed five dozen doughnuts and several pots of coffee.

For lunch April got four Triple Whoppers with cheese, two large fries, four slices of pie, and a very large milkshake from Burger King. Oh the way home she went to Costco and stocked up on anything fattening that she could find. Her bill was over $1200, but she got everything she needed to make Dylan's birthday surprise come true.

Over the next three days April packed on 20 lbs. Her somewhat chubby belly now rested in her lap when she sat. Her cute love handles were now spilling over the top of her pants. Her beasts were also enlarged and pushing out the top of her bra.

She was so happy with her new figure and all the jiggly fat that made it so wonderful. She knew that Dylan would love it.

On Saturday April told Dylan to come over and get his birthday gift from her. She was so excited about her new body that she bought new lingerie for Dylan to see her in.

At 1:30 the doorbell rang and April answered. There in the doorway, stood Dylan with a huge smile on his face. He stepped in, closed the door, and they made love on the couch. Both of them agreed that it was the best sex they'd ever had.
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