jenny's ploy

chapter 1

Jenny awoke on a cold November morning feeling as though she hadn't slept a wink. She seemed this way all the time, tired. Smells greeted her from the kitchen as they did most mornings, eggs & meat frying up in a greasy pan, served to her by her husband Grant in large, steaming piles. The colder it got in St. Pauls, the more hot food he seemed to bring in every morning. She slowly rolled into a sitting position just as Grant walked through the door.

"Good morning sweetie!" he cooed. "Time for your pre-holiday brunch!"

"Oh no!" she thought. "It's the day before Thanksgiving!"

It had become a tradition in their 3 years of marriage that Jenny would only weigh herself the day before Thanksgiving every year, then allow Grant to indulge in all his feeder fantasies over the holiday season up to Valentine's Day. Last year Jenny tipped the scales at 212 lbs, a 25 lb gain from the previous year. But Jenny knew that this year was bound to be a little more for two reasons. First, she had occasionally allowed Grant's encouragement get to her during the "offseason" & she hadn't exercised one iota over the past year. This coupled with what seemed like an endless appetite would surely have Jenny approaching 240, maybe even 250. It was so hard to gauge her weight because even though she was only 5'3", her weight was generally very well-distributed over her plumpening body. To make matters more difficult, Grant never let her outgrow clothing. When it seemed the least bit snug, her wardrobe was replaced with a much larger size. Everything but lingerie that is. Grant loved to watch her struggle in & out bras, panties, teddies & gowns that were tight on her in high school.

Jenny turned her attention to the breakfast at hand.

"You're starting early aren't you" quipped Jenny as she surveyed the dozen scrambled eggs & pound of bacon slathered in butter.

"Tis the season!" Grant replied cheerily.

It took her a while but Jenny eventually shoveled in the last of her brunch. Grant helped her maneuver her stuffed belly off the bed as they made their way down the hall to the ceremonial scale. Grant couldn't help but notice how Jenny's robe wouldn't even tie in the front anymore, as her belly & breasts pushed forth in all their glory. Her full paunch preceded her by a large margin with her heavy, hanging breasts not far behind.

Jenny prodded for the activation button at the base of the scale but she couldn't seem to locate it. Maybe it was because she couldn't see it with her belly in the way. "I didn't have this problem last year" she commented to herself.

Jenny lumbered onto the scale and waited for Grant to quote the readout as she seemed unable to see that either. She need only have looked at his boxers to get an idea of what was to come.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHHHHH!" Grant crowed as he bolted from the room.

"What did it say?" Jenny whined after him.

"See for yourself!" Grant replied.

Jenny tugged & twisted her stomach to the side so she could see the readout.


"That can't be right" Jenny prayed to herself.

She climbed off and got back on.


"Oh my God!" she shrieked. "I've gained over 75 pounds in one year! That's impossible! What am I going to do?"

Grant temporarily put his enthusiasm aside to comfort his now rapidly expanding wife. He assured her that she was only growing more beautiful with every pound. His loving words eventually led back to the bedroom where Jenny's concerns were cast aside by pure orgasmic bliss. The next day Grant & Jenny drove to the suburbs of Minneapolis for 4 days of Thanksgiving reunions with different members of their families. It was as though Grant had a psychic link with all of the grandmothers, aunts and mothers.

Every meal seemed to have more fattening selections than the last. With Grant's encouragement, Jenny ate & ate. He refilled her plate over & over with turkey, dressing, butter-soaked veggies, rolls & anything else he could squeeze onto her plate. Jenny was forced to wait until everyone else had left the dining room so Grant could help her rise from the chair with her overstuffed belly. Grant's favorite post-meal activity was to let Jenny have some dessert with her family in the den, then lure her into the guest bedroom to finish whatever pie, cake or pudding she had started.

Jenny spent the majority of the holiday leaning back, trying to make room for her taut stomach without drawing suspicious glances from her relatives.

Grant seemed to marvel at her gustatory feats but his awe did not stop him from continuing her feedings. Jenny had no recourse. When she would waddle to the kitchen for breakfast in the morning, Grant had already fed her a dozen biscuits covered by butter, gravy or syrup. By the end of the weekend, her largest dress was pulled tightly over her stomach, a condition Jenny had never encountered with Grant. A condition Grant was sure to never let happen again.

Upon returning home Grant presented Jenny with a brand new outer wardrobe. Jenny noticed that all of the clothes swallowed her like never before.

"You could fit two of me in some of this" Jenny quipped apprehensively.

"Soon that won't be possible" Grant replied as he spread out a tray of pastries that would sate a sizable bridge club.

Jenny's only respite from Grant's feeding came at work but even there she felt the pangs of hunger wash over her.

She continued to snack on sweet treats even though she knew she was helping Grant fatten her up. She couldn't seem to stop.

Grant's post-work strategy never wavered. He would greet Jenny as soon as she lumbered through the door & lead her to her plush, padded recliner. Dinner often lasted upwards of two hours with course after course of pastas, meats & desserts that Jenny could not resist. If she was a "good girl" in Grant's opinion she would be rewarded with a one ring circus. This was Grant's version of climbing under her tent-like while she reclined & delighting her like not even the lions could.

Jenny would then be slowly led back to the bedroom where she would struggle out of her giant dress. Then Grant would watch with glee as the tattered remains of her undergarments fell in torn pieces to the floor. Even her newest bras & panties were succumbing to the 307 lbs of pressure being exerted on them. Grant wasn't sure what was more fun, watching her struggle into the shrinking lingerie or witnessing it fall futilely from her ballooning frame.

Jenny soon regretted having requested 2 weeks of vacation at Christmas because it began to pass in a caloric blur.

Jenny soon realized that Christmas was going to be a 2 week meal with few breaks for anything other than sleep or sex. Grant's present to himself was a second refrigerator/freezer combo that was soon fully stocked with enough goodies to keep Jenny sated 24 hours a day. She rarely left bed during these feeding orgies but when she did she began to notice some odd things about her burgeoning anatomy. Her thighs now met all the way to her knees and slightly beyond as they sagged towards the floor. When she walked, they didn't rub together rather they shifted back and forth on each other, never parting. No matter how wide she spread her legs for Grant her inner thighs spilled over her womanhood causing a new obstacle & exciting pressure.

Her belly now not only rested on her thighs but was beginning to exert quite a heavy weight, making her want to move her legs sideways to accommodate her drooping paunch. Sometimes when she would awaken during the night, her arm would be pinned uselessly to her side by a weighty breast causing her to have to shift the rest of her body to free her arms. She could only accomplish this feat if her stomach wasn't stuffed to bursting, temporarily holding her in place. Her elbows & wrists were slowly being covered with hanging arm flesh, impeding her motion from table to mouth.

All these struggles caused Grant great excitement & never failed to speed up the rate, quality & quantity of her feedings. Sometimes Jenny would awaken to darkness ( blindfold induced ), a warm buzz between her legs & the sweet taste of pastry in her mouth. These feedings seemed to go on for hours as Jenny lost track of time through all the calories, orgasms & soothing words of her husband. Grant finally had to return to work on December 31 so Jenny got a break to compose herself. She woke up late in the morning still feeling the effects of the previous night's funnel shakes. She sleepily waddled to the bathroom where she decided to break her first rule. Pulling the scale out of the closet, she climbed on & held a mirror at just the right angle to see around her belly & breasts. She almost passed out when she saw her new weight flashing in red LCD panic :


The gravity of the situation began to settle on Jenny's mind & body. At this rate she would be over 400 lbs by summer & in all likelihood tipping the scales at over 600 by the time she turned 27 in less than 2 years. The "vicious cycle" her friend Kayla had been telling her about was beginning. The woman finally starts to gain weight quickly, her activity level drops, her metabolism grinds to a halt which causes even faster weight gain & so on & so on. Grant had also been hinting about her quitting her job next Christmas so she could focus on more "important" things. She thought he had meant children but she was starting to see that kids were the farthest thing from his mind.

"What am I going to do!" Jenny thought out loud as her stomach began to grumble, starting the day's cycle.
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Brilliant story! One of the best I have read on FF.
But tell me: do you write "site" instead of "sight" in the US or is it just poetic licence?
Most excellent. You're a great writer. What an imagination!!
CorpLvr 4 months
Erotica with a Twilight Zone bite at the end. Awesome
Goodness! I have known about your storytelling skills for years, but this really blows me away. About as good as it gets, and it really pushes all the right buttons for me! Erotic, dark and wonderfully written!
karenjenk 4 months
Usually these stories are so easy to predict... this one totally blew me away.... you held the twist to the perfect last bit. This is one of the few that get me going.
thank youuuuuu
chrisart 4 months
howly shit....
mdp99 4 months
Very hot story, thanks for posting. is the another chapter yet to come?
Read this a long time ago but i couldn't remember the name thanks for posting it.
luvpears 4 months
It's been around a while, but such a great story! Thanks for writing/posting it!