summer fun

chapter 1

Mark and Abby were playing video games on the couch, Abby was eating some chips in a bowl, Abby had a double rolled belly, along with thighs that rubbed whenever she walked, making her waddle a bit, with a big jiggly butt and boobs that stretched her shirt, she was wearing a small shirt that showed a bit of her belly, and sweatpants since no other pants fit, and she was sitting next to Mark on the couch, adam noticed she was almost done with the bowl of chips

"Hey want any food?" Asked Mark, he paused the game, knowing she'd say yes

"Yeah, got any ice cream? And maybe more chips" said Abby, she was a bit hungry, but kinda didn't want to look like a pig in front of her friend

"I'll go get that, one second" Mark paused the game and left for a second, coming back with 2 tubs of ice cream, and 4 bags of chips for her to enjoy

"Thanks Mark, your the best" Abby said, she began eating the chips, now playing the game again with Mark, she was happily eating the chips, her belly started to poke out a bit more, more than it already did poke out from her tight clothes

"Mm, these chips are good Mark" Abby continued to eat the chips, finishing the first bag, eating from the second one, Mark was watching her eat, he kinda liked big girls, but was kinda secret about it, she kept eating the chips, neither of them were moving much, and he didn't plan on them doing so, he expected her to gain a lot of weight over these 2 months

Abby was still eating the chips, she had eaten 3 bags, and was finishing the fourth

"Man, I ate a lot of chips huh" Abby looked at the chips she ate, and poked her belly "i feel like a pig"

"Your not that much of a pig, I think your nice" Mark poked her tummy "Wanna keep playing?"

"Yeah sure" Abby opened the ice cream, and starting eating it in handfuls, while playing games with Mark, he was happy seeing Abby eating so much fatttening foods, he expected to see her balloon up a lot fatter over these months, he was kinda happy thinking about that and how she would look after that time
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GEX FEEDER 4 months
The question here is how fat she will be in a month? ... and ... the boy confess to her that he is feeder?
Porker101 4 months
What I would call an easy read.
Jazzman 4 months
You're. Could you use it just one time?
Your story has potential.It's a good concept.Your is posessive.You're is used in place of "you are".
Please keep going with the story