i need more now!

chapter 1

As I wake up in the morning my stomach rumbling loud. I shake off the wrappers of food I'm covered in around my bed and look for my phone to call my feeder. I finally give up tired of moving around and yell for my feeder to come. "Hey what the hell!!? I need my damn food!! Can you hurry up???? Where's my fucking food?" I hear him running up the stairs with a huge tray of food. Pancakes with sugar and syrup all over drowning them. 2 lbs of bacon cooked perfectly just the way I like it piled in grease. 6 cups of melted icecream to drink. I saw this Layed out in front of me and began shoveling the food in my mouth so fast. My feeder tries to grab a napkin from my tray but I thought he was trying to grab my food and I snarled at him "MINE!" He says "my little piggy I would never take your food I was reaching for a napkin to wipe between your chins you have syrup sugar and grease everywhere."

I look at him for a second then keep shoveling the food in my mouth finally finished I chug the icecream. Let out a huge belch and lay back down to breathe. "Thank you for breakfast I'm such a mess I know but I don't care. I want to stay in my bed forever I have no time to be cleaning myself"

He looks at me with a hard on bulging out of his pants. "We definitely do not want you doing anything but whAt you do best. I will clean you and change you and take care of you and make you eat and be even more greedy than you are. When I'm done with you, soon as you smell food you are going to go in this ravenous state of mind where you are in trance eating and nothing else can disturb you no matter what it is. You won't be able to resist a drop of food."

I like that idea I get to be my spoiled little brat stay in bed and eat for a living.

He talks again: "of course there is one thing I need in return not like you will be doing any work I will be doing everything. I want your body for whatever I want whenever I want. Don't worry baby you will be too busy eating you won't notice me fucking your brains out. You will just feel extra pleased eating."

"I will be your slave" I reply and with that he immediately put a funnel on me and began dumping gallon of melted icecream down my throat and after that he began fucking me constantly.

"Hey you came like 4 times already I'm fucking hungry. Where is my food you promised? Come on!!!! Don't make me have to get up and sit on you until you decide to get me my damn food!! And I do not want healthy food. I want my fucking chocolate And my damn cake. No make it cakes!!!!" I start yelling and he kept ignoring me. I finally got up and sat on him out of breathe. "Come on I just wasted energy on what I could use to stuff my face now go!!!!!" He runs out and gets me my food he brings back a bag of chocolate from every kind of chocolate there is as well as this weight gainer shake he loves to force feed me with.
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