what could go wrong?

chapter 1

Melissa was 26 years old and living her dream. She had moved from her small town in Ohio to New York City where she had always dreamed of living. After finishing up her Masters degree and almost a full year of job searching resulted in her dream job in her dream city.

She'd been in NYC for about two months and the money her parents had given her to get settled in was running out fast. She didn't realize how expensive this new city lifestyle would be and even though she landed her dream job, her entry level position wasn't cutting it. She confided in her friend Emily who she had met at work and frequented happy hour with. "How do you do it?, asked Melissa. "You have that amazing apartment in Williamsburg and you always look great wearing the best clothes". Emily who was about 5'4" 190 lbs looked at Melissa and laughed, "I'm not sure you want to know". Melissa giggle and said, "Of course I do!".

Emily went on to tell Melissa her story. She had worked at the company for about a year longer than Melissa. She told her that she had experienced the same financial problems that Melissa was currently going through. She went on to explain a friend of hers made a ton of money online. Melissa stared intently at Emily and pleaded.... "Doing what exactly?". "Well my friend got me into these websites where guys are into big girls". Melissa was confused and said, "okay...and how do you and your friend...." Emily explained that the websites are fetish websites where men and women are into feederism. "Feederism?" Melissa asked. "Yes, it's when people intentionally gain weight and there are like thousands of guys who are into this". "Wait, how do you make money here?". Emily pulled out her phone, "these are pictures of me a year ago, or I should say 70 pounds ago...lol. "You are gaining weight on purpose? Melissa asked puzzled. "Yep, I made more money doing this last year than I did at work last year. I paid off some of my student loans and I'm at least able to keep up with my credit card payments and rent now and I have been traveling and buying whatever I want".

Melissa was so intrigued she just stared at Emily and said, "Tell me more!"
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Aquarius64 1 month
For future reference:
Waist = above your hips and below your tits
Waste = something extra that is not needed, such as trash
Stairs = you go up and down them instead of using the elevator
Stares = long looks Melissa receives when she wobbles passed.
ccboi 4 months
I hope there's no end to Melissa:s gain. At this rate she will break records, I wish she just embraced it all
Thistime 4 months
$30 a month for membership... 20,000 subscribers... So she's making 600,000$ a month? Assuming she's giving half to the streaming sites and such she's still making 300,000$. Ignoring that, awesome story.
champ 4 months
Excellent story! Can’t wait to see how fat Melissa gets as well as her new fat girl struggles!
LevelUP 5 months
Incredible I can't wait for more smiley You do really real story
Jazzman 5 months
She can avoid the scale for only a short time.Her sponsoring clients will stipulate a weigh in video.
Wheb i buy videos or do custom requests there are Always weigh ins.
Awesome Story!
Bbman26 5 months
Your writing is awesome. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Melissa is really turning into a fat feedee
QuebecFA 5 months
I really love the story thus far and hope both Melissa and Emily grow into sexy SSBBWs. I'm eagerly awaiting Chapter 11! :-)
More than 5,000 views, 17 likes and 6 (now 7) comments in just 22 hours! That has to be some sort of record -- or at least close to it!
drew317 5 months
Incredible so far, absolutely has the potential to be one of the best stories on here! Keep up the amazing work!
And one last thing; That Emily ends up too fat and stuffed to move after one of her “binges” that her friend walks in on it and can see Emily has gone in too deep to be redeemed.

Thank you, my friend smiley
... Emily isn’t letting off that she’s actually trying to get as big as possible because she’s secretly turned on by it. And maybe she’s an FFA, too.
Dude. I NEVER comment on stories, but I beg you...KEEP. THIS. GOING.

This is really good so far and I like the pacing of everything. An element you might want to consider is that...
Bruinsean 5 months
It is a great start.
Jazzman 5 months
This is Fabulous