willing prey

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Sep 1, 2013

Dear Diary,

You know, you're really my best friend. The only one I can tell ALL my secrets to. So from now on you're just "Di."

You know how I've always been drawn to the idea of cannibalism. Ever since I was a little girl there was just something exciting and sensual to me about "Hansel and Gretel" and the "Three Little Pigs" -- oh, especially that Disney version. So hot!! Fattened and eaten by a wolf.

I had my first dream of being devoured when I was when I was maybe 8 or 9 and I remember waking up wet and tingling!

As I got older my thoughts turned to being fattened like a piggy on a farm. Every few days my farmer would come and feel me all over - checking my meat to see how fat and plump I was getting.


Oh, god! I have to stop this!!! I don't have time for another shower. I have to get to my crappy job. Besides, I've written to you about this hundreds of times! In fact, I started my first diary in large part to examine that fantasy and try to figure out why I find it so damn compelling! It just makes me hot thinking about it - either being prey or fattening up some other girl to devour her.

ANYWAY... last night -- woah! I was on this website that plays out all kinds of fantasy scenarios -- and on the members page I saw this add from a woman RIGHT HERE IN LA who wrote....
"You're on here nearly every night, aren't you? Pretending to be a cannibal fattening and devouring women. I used to do that, too. Now I do it FOR REAL! I'm looking for someone to help me find and fatten some fresh curvy coeds for their meat. And, yes, I'm serious!! Interested? Let's talk. Reply to this post."

Damn it! I'm getting wet again!

Of course I replied -- and SHE ANSWERED ME TONIGHT! I could not believe it!! We talked on KIK for hours! She's totally fascinating and -- get this -- she wants to meet me! Tomorrow night at her restaurant near LAX. I'm so excited!! And so scared!! What if this is just a trap? But ... I'm so skinny I don't think I'm in any danger, so I'm going! I wonder what she has in mind.
Sep 2, 2013
Dear Di,
OMG OMG OMG. I can't believe what I've been through in the last 3 hours! It was... scary, amazing, disgusting, and all totally HOT. I'm trying to process it all so I'm gonna write it down to you.
First, Catherine is beautiful!! Tall, blonde, and confident. Like super confident. I don't think anything could shake this woman. She ordered us a couple of steaks - medium rare - and they were magnificent. We ate and chatted.
"Jade," she smiled, "I've had my eye on you for quite a while on Pred&Prey.com.'

I gasped!! "You go there, too??"

"I do! In fact, I've played some scenarios with you under my screen-name 'Famished1'."
When she told me that I absolutely freaked!

"You... you are 'Famished1??'" I asked her. "Really?" She nodded. "Your games were hot!" I gushed.

"So were yours. That's why I thought we should have this little chat."

She was cold and calculating and matter of fact as we cooly talked about her need to find a woman who can help her snare plump meaty female prey -- for real! It was -- wow! The whole idea was so wild and crazy and so -- I don't know, incredibly erotic that we were having this conversation at all. She was talking about doing something for REAL that I had only fantasized about. We were all alone, of course. Within 30 minutes our steaks were gone and she offered me the job.

"I'll train you just what to do, how to find the girls and how to lure their chubby meaty selves here. If you work hard you can pull in $40K a year, plus you'll receive 30 lbs of meat from each girl you bring to term."

"Well, I don't know if I could actually eat human flesh," I told Catherine. "It's only been a fantasy to me. I've never tasted it."

She looked at me with steel cold eyes and a wry smile swept her lips.

"Oh, that reminds me... the chef will never forgive me if I don't ask what you thought of your steak tonight," she asked.

"It was wonderful!" I said. "I don't think I've ever had anything so delicious. Moist, juicy, with a really special flavor. I loved it! What's his secret?"

"Choosing the right cut of meat -- that's all," she smiled.

"Well, it was really, really good."

"I'm glad you liked it," she smiled. Then she locked her eyes onto mine and said with a coy smile, "Her name was Suzanna."

Oh, GOD! A shiver ran up my spine, followed by a wave of shock! Then goosebumps.

"You mean???"

"Yep, you're one of us now. And once you go 'cann' you never forget that sensation -- and you will never be fully satisfied with anything else."

I can't stop thinking about it, Diary. And I crave more of that forbidden meat. I think she's right. I'll never be satisfied with pork or beef now.

I start my new job next Monday! Y
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WolfofRage 5 months
Desmond 5 months
Thanks, FatShy. So nice to hear from you and glad you liked the story!
FatShy 5 months
Masterpiece :-* love it, Des!
Desmond 5 months
Thanks, wolfofrage for working with me on this! You made it sooo mivh better!!
WolfofRage 5 months
I really love it and it was super fun and exciting and mouthwatering too
Desmond 5 months
Thanks Club! I really appreciate it!
Clubkong 5 months
Amazing story as always. You are a master !
Desmond 5 months
Thanks!! I really appreciate your kind words!!
apochanda 5 months
Positively delightful as always Desmond. Your writing is without a doubt some of my favorite, it's absolutely delicious.