the weight loss club.

chapter 1

It was 6am and Darron woke up to the sound of his beeping alarm clock. He stretched slightly before pulling himself out of bed. He trudged into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, Darron had dark hair and blue eyes, a chisseled 'man' face with defined 'man' cheekbones. He was what the ladies (and some men) called 'a work of art.'

He never wore a shirt to bed so his pecs and his 8pack were shining visibly.

Darron brushed his teeth and took a shower before putting on a grey vest top and some black shorts that showed off his muscly legs.

- - - - - -

Darron worked at a health centre in his town for overweight people to come and get support and tips on how to shed the pounds.

The small town in Britain didn't have much on offer, and he never really wanted to leave it all behind, so Darron settled on helping the fattys of the village get some control. Of course he was professional, and took pride in himself- but he wouldn't be lying if he said he did find each and everyone of the 200+lbs adults truly disgusting.

In general Darron was nice and charming to them, setting them all exercise routines and diet plans, but nothing annoyed him more then working real hard on a exseptionally big patient to find that the following week they hadn't shed a pound, and instead- gained a few more.

Of course he wouldn't do anything unprofessional, but he would occasionally tut or give them looks of total embarrassment for them. That usually made them blush, both males and females.

Darron had started this job at 17, he was now 22 years old and it was just another day in the center.

He came into his room, which had his workboards up ready to educate the fattys, and also some exercise equipment if one of the patients wanted to understand a movement better. There were about 30 empty chairs waiting for him usually, but today something was different, when he walked in holding his black backpack he saw a girl sat at the back of the empty chairs, she was big of course and had bright blonde long wavy hair, from the back he could see that her ass overflowed the seat like many of the others and she was wearing black jeans with a white Calvin Kline t shirt.

"Uh, excuse me? We don't open for another half hour miss?" He said politely, moving forward a bit.

Suddenly the big girl shot up.

"I-I am so sorry! The door was open and I didn't know and I thought I should just wait for everyone else but then nobody arrived so I was getting worried and I was just about to get up and leave I-"

"Stop, it's fine. What's your name?" Darron interrupted eyeing the surprisingly pretty girl from head to toe.

"s-sophie.." She said nervously, her fingers playing with each other in front of her middle.

"Well, Sophie- why don't we Uh, get you weighed and measured before everyone gets here, I'm sure you'd prefer that I know the whole deal can be pretty embarrassing." Darron said seriously. He walked up to the front of the room as Sophie watched him, he took out a scale and some measuring equipment.

"Come here then, I don't bite!" He said, a little happier- not wanting to frighten the poor girl.

Sophie slightly smiled and moved quickly up to him, stopping infront of the scales, he was adjusting the equipment, as he was looking down her got a good look at her thunder thighs and Kankles. Big big big.

"Up you get then, take off your shoes first please," He said, back to his deep serious voice.

Sophie did as told.
But she didn't step up.

He looked up to see Sophie looking down, she looked petrified, Darron was confused.

"What's wrong Sophie?" He asked kindly.

"I-I.. it's just, I haven't been weighed in... years.. I have no idea how heavy I'm going to be.." she said quietly.

Darron had already guessed she was around 227lbs, 5'7.

"It's okay, I won't judge you; these results are just to start off your progress. Hopefully we'll see whatever extra pounds you have fly away." He said half smiling a little.

Sophie smiled a little, slightly flustered. She took a little breath and stepped onto the scales.

'228lbs. Close.' Darron thought, writing down her results.

Darron didn't say anything, he liked the awkward silence where the victim was probably cursing at his or herself for eating that burger last night as he wrote down the high result.

"Okay, now off you get and we'll take your height." Darron said, taking out the tape measure and measuring her height.

' 5'7 bang on. ' Darron thought.

"Okay good, Now well just measure your middle and then I'll calculate your plan." He said getting out the tape.

He moved closer and measured around her middle, he could almost feel the heat coming off her face. He knew he was attractive but he wasn't the type to admit.

"Okay that's done.." He said, writing it down.

He looked up at Sophie's nervous face.

"Right so you're 228 pounds and at a height of 5'7 you're extremely overweight Sophie but that's okay because I'm here to help." He said smiling.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten that burger last night.." Sophie muttered quietly to herself, as Darron put his equipment away- but he heard this and looked up at her and smirked charmingly, with one eyebrow raised. Sophie then made a tiny 'Oh!..' sound.

- - - - - - - - -

All through the following two hours Darron couldn't keep his eyes off Sophie, who was nervously sat at the back, writing down all of darrons tips in a little notebook with a cartoon cupcake on the front, Cute. She was holding on to his every last word, she looked desperate to shed some weight.

He would explain about the usual healthy eating and exercise tips and at pretty much every new tip he would look over at the chubby cutie at the back.

It's not that Darron ONLY fancied skinny girls, he did every so often find himself typing into google 'bbw' or 'fat girl'- and he had constantly told himself that if the right girl came along who happened to be fat, he'd be fine with that- but there was also a very very very deep desire keeping his spirit alive inside of him. When Darron was 15 he came across a feederism site called fantasy feeder, he fell in love with it- he would talk to all the big beauties and teased them if that was what they desired. He'd also write stories, darker then anything he knew his brain was capable of thinking. Some where about fat girls being kidnapped and fedden to immobility, some where about sex with a bbw, some where even about making a fatty exercise and sweat, whilst poking and pinching every bulge bigger then it should be.

But over the years Darrons fantasies seemed to fade away as he stopped fancying bigger women as the only women who came into his clinic where over the age of 42. So his fetish was put to bed for a few years. But since meeting Sophie his desire made out of burning fire was re-lit and burning brighter then ever. All he could imagine whilst talking about which foods you should and shouldn't eat wasn't Sophie on all fours eating a gigantic bowl of Ben and Jerry's, snorting and grunting like a pig as Darron stood over her, laughing at her.

Eventually the two hour long session was over and Darron wasn't packing up his stuff waiting for the next lot who wernt due for another hour.

The room was finally empty but outside his door he saw a familiar backside sat outside on a step.

He walked outside and smiled as he saw Sophie subconsciously munch her way through a packet of crisps, moaning lustfully doing so.

"That doesn't look like a salad to me Sophie." He said suddenly, causing Sophie to jump, sending her crisps flying, she turned bright red and packed the remaining packet into her bag, She quickly licked her finger to get the crumbs off.

"It's okay eat up, one packet doesn't hurt anyone." Said Darron, sitting down next to her and handing her the rest of the packet, to which she continued eating- she sighed and looked out into the carpark.

"Something the matter?" Darron asked, watching her eat.

With another long dramatic sigh Sophie finished the crisps and said, "I don't know.. it's just.. I didn't realise I weighed THAT much you know."

"Yeah it can be pretty hard to get your head around." He replied back supportively.

"What brought you here today though? Why now? This hasn't obviously been going on a while.." Darron smiled, looking at her soft middle hidden behind her stretchy jeans.

Sophie smiled a little, blushing too. She looked to the floor quickly.

"My sister told me that I looked like the Pillsbury dough boy. And then she actually took her hand and jiggled my stomach. I don't know, I guess I've been in deniel for a while."

'This was too good,' Darron thought.

"I see. Hey, my shift doesn't end for another hour or so, let's me buy you a coffee." Darron said, using his best 'hot' smile.

Sophie's face lit up.

'Bingo,' he thought.

"I-id love that." She said, obviously trying to keep her cool.

Darron smiled and pulled her up, she was heavy- but he was strong. So very strong.
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