Consequences part 2

Chapter 4

Kim chuckled as she walked away, her sizable rump swaying beneath her size 24 skirt. She remembered telling Rick earlier that morning that he was going to participate, and the changes that were going to be made. He too had a look of hatred on his puffy face. When she got back to her office there was a surprise waiting for her. A slim attractive blonde woman was in the waiting area. It was Rick's former partner, Lisa Consick.

"Hi........Kim?" Lisa greeted her.

Kim blushed and smoothed her blouse against her huge breasts and bulbous belly.

"Um, yeah, it's me," she admitted.

She felt like a house next to Lisa. Last time Kim had seen the former partner, she had been last than half of her current size.. Once again she cursed Rick for what he had done to her.

"I was in the neighborhood and I thought I'd drop by and see Rick," Lisa said.

The thin blonde woman was trying to best not to stare at the bloated beauty in front of her. From the neck up Kim looked almost exactly as she remembered. From the neck down, however, Lisa could barely believe that this vain shallow woman had blimped up to such epic proportions.

"Sure, go on in," Kim smiled. "I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you."

If Lisa was surprised to see Kim's transformation, she was absolutely shocked when she saw Rick. He was working at the computer and didn't hear her come in. His face was recognizable, but a little soft and puffy. His shirt clung to him, revealing large flabby pecs resting atop a truly gargantuan belly. His lower body was blocked by the desk, but Lisa was sure his corpulence continued.

"R-Rick?" she asked hesitantly.

Rick's head swung around, his eyes widening in surprise when he saw her.

"Lisa!" he exclaimed.

With a grunt of effort he got to his feet and waddled around his desk. His giant gut bounced up and down. It had increased in size so rapidly that it was still firm to the touch, though spiderwebbed with stretch marks. His slacks stretched tight around his thick thighs and large flabby bottom.

Lisa was amazed that this 300 pound man was her former hard-body partner. She greeted him with a hug, marvelling at how she couldn't nearly reach around him.

"You look good," Rick said to her.

He tried to ignore how fat he felt next to her lithe form. He tried to ignore the way his corpulence bulged and swelled against its confines.

"You, um, look different," Lisa replied.

"Well, yeah, you know how things go........." Rick segued off into another topic of conversation, telling Lisa how profitable the firm was and how well everything was going.

After about twenty minutes Lisa said she had to get going and excused herself. They shared one last hug, and Lisa walked away with the feeling of Rick's incredibly fattened form enveloping her. Leaving the office, she saw Kim snacking from a bowl of chocolates and shook her head in wonder. Apparently she got out just in time.
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Moonsilk 8 years
Best part was when the boss got fat. So hawt
Chubbybellygirl 11 years
Mmmm, more fabulous writing.
Snr6424 11 years
I'm afraid no plans for that, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :-)
Azerty 11 years
Thank you, a very good story. A Consequences part 3 ?
Snr6424 12 years
Thanks lodgebeaver, I'm really glad you enjoyed. smiley
Snr6424 13 years
Thanks Jester. I never really planned on doing any more with this story, I'm not even sure I'd know where to go with it. Any suggestions?
Snr6424 14 years
Thank YOU!
Snr6424 14 years
Thanks mix, I'm really glad you liked it. As of right now I wasn't really planning on doing a Part 3 but go ahead and run with it if you'd like. I certainly don't mind people adding onto my stories.
Snr6424 14 years
Thanks Edit, I replaced 5 with what it should have been.

Thankd td, I appreciate the feedback. Glad you enjoyed.
Td0057 14 years
Great story! Like the ending as well. Nice to know that somewhere out there those two are still expanding away...