proud of my size (short story)


It was 12pm midnight when Rebecca had heard a pound noise come from downstairs.She was in her xl sized pijamas when she heaved her body out from her bed.Another loud noise came from down stairs and she went to check it out,she then saw a bunch of clothes that had been chucked onto the floor.She crept into the kitchen to see her man stuffing his face with cookies."David what are you doing it's too late for this" Rebecca yawned."Sorry dear i was just so hungry" "well please save your appetite,remember we want to lose this weight" Rebecca told her as he grabbed her belly."As if that will ever happen" David said as he walked upstairs with Rebecca into their bedroom.They both lied down next to eachother in bed,bellies touching and Rebecca fell asleep straight away.

Rebecca then woke up in her bed but Dennis wasn't their and the blanket was on the floor.She moaned to herself as she stood up off her bed and put her food in a empty pizza box.She looked down to see the entire floor was covered in rappers.She walked downstairs and went into the kitchen but David wasn't their.His clothes from last night were still there but now there were more boxes of empty pizza and packets of crisps.She then heard a loud grumbling noise coming from the living room.She then waddled in to find David naked lying down on the couch surrounded by empty boxes of food."David! What are all those pizza boxes!" Rebecca shouted but she got no reply,she walked past davids giant stomach to find him face first in some family sized crisps.Rebecca took the crisps from him and started to stress eat them herself "David *munch* im very angry *munch* at how *munch* lazy you are...*munch* oh my god these are so good *munch" David looked up at his wife shoving more and more crisp into her mouth,a button popped off of her pijama top and landed straight on davids belly."ohh...aren't I a big piggy Rebecca." David said as he wobbled his belly up and down then letting out a burp."I want to be a big puffy piggy,and piggys like us need to eat fatty food" David then got and errection as he walked up to his wife.He pulled off her pijama top and she pulled down her pijama bottoms,She too was naked."Ohh piggys feeling empty" he said as he slapped his giant stomach "feed your big piggy" he sat down on the sofa and pointed His toes toward some non eaten boxes of pizza.Rebecca had totally forgotten about her plan to lose weight and followed davids orders.She force fed David the pizza and she ate some herself two,This then became a monthly thing,then a weekly thing,then a daily thing until.

3 years had past and boy did the two of them change.Rebbeca was now 900 pounds of pure fat thanks too the new self feeding machines she got herself and David.Even though she's could move she desided to spend most of the time next to her giant of a man David.She now covered up most of the bed so sitting on a blanket next to her was the 1400 pounds of fat also known as David.David was famous for being this big and people regularly came over to take pictures.David didn't talk very much as most of the time he was eating,burping or farting until."r-Rebecca?" David said as he looked over past his moobs at her soon to be morbidly obese wife."yes my big piggy?" Rebecca said a sister she moved over and rubbed her husbands third belly roll. "I'm finally obese thanks too you now give me a...big kiss" Rebecca brushed the crumbs off her belly as she was naked all the time like her man,she crawled up to his Belly and gave him a big fat slobbery kiss.
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