chapter 1

"Mmmm time for my breakfast babygirl."

Jack has his arm around his feeder, Amy, as they lie in bed. She begins to stir awake and quickly meets eyes with him, she knows what to do. "I'm sorry daddy, I overslept, ill go get started on it right away." Amy begins to climb out of bed when he quickly wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her back, quickly climbing on top of her, pinning her firmly to the bed. Jack's belly has grown massive in the year he's been with Amy, and he has been enjoying every minute of it. Jack learned early on in the relationship that Amy loved serving and being teased. You see, Amy was a fat lover, and she enjoyed worshipping huge male forms. She loved being dominated by a massively fat and stern guy, and she especially loved helping them grow, watching them enjoy her cooking, hearing them moan and praise her for her belly rubs and sexual favors she gives to help them eat as much as possible.

Jack forces his whole bulk unto her tiny frame as he grabs both her arms and forces them above her head, her face placed firmly between his ample moobs and very nearly cutting off her air supply. Jack leans in close and whispers, "You know the rules babygirl, I should be waking up to the smell of breakfast finishing, now I have to sit up and wait for my fattening meal. What do you say?"

"Uhm Sorwy Swir" she mumbled through his fat chest.

"Its ok, I know you didn't mean it," He shifts his bulk so they are nose to nose and plants a long, firm kiss on her lips. Amy is literally quivering from arousal at the whole situation as he pulls away.

"God I love how much I can turn you on without doing much of anything. How much of a nympho for fat are you? All I have to do is lay my fat body on you, order you to make me breakfast, and kiss you and I bet," Jack reaches down and feels she is dripping wet on her inner thighs, "Just as I thought, the flood gates are open." Jack flashes her a quick smirk and slides off of her. "Now hurry up, I'm hungry." Amy bites her lip disappointed as she has to leave this amazing moment behind. Jack gives her ass a firm slap to hasten her step.

It doesn't take her long before she has the 1lb of bacon frying, the potatoes peeled and cut, the pancake batter stirred and and the sausages links about to enter the pan. The entire time shes cooking she can't help but feel her own juices sliding down her leg, Jack is her perfect feedee. He knew exactly how to push her buttons and he knew exactly how to keep her addicted to him. She knew the routine by now, she was to remain in her sleeping shirt and lace panties. She is to prepare a huge breakfast for him. She is to do everything she can to help him eat it all, but only allowed to touch him when he allows it, and most importantly, she is not allowed to touch herself until he gives her permission, which includes times when he is not around by sending him a text message plea. Amy turns as she hears the loud and slow waddling of heavy feet draw nearer. Jack meanders into his usual spot at the table and watches his beauty cook such a delicious smelling meal. Every time she glances back at him he makes sure to tease her, usually with some belly grabbing or moob jiggling. She is in heavenly agony, as she subconsciously begins to rub her thighs together, desperate for any stimulation on her sex.

"Hurry up babe, I'm starving" he playfully yells at her, punctuating his point with a loud belly slap. She has to keep it together as that nearly makes her cum on the spot.

Once breakfast is done she assembles the serving dishes and begins to carry them to him one by one, making sure to exaggerate her motions to show off her ample breasts and ass to her feedee, knowing it will motivate him. She takes her usual spot next to him as he begins to ravenously dig in. She is unsure if he has just grown too piggish lately or if he does it on purpose, but he has started to care less and less about his manners while eating. Food stains his face and moobs as he just mindlessly shovels it into his gaping mouth. Eating is the one time of day where she gets to admire his true fatness; the quivering of his rolls as he reaches for more servings, the shaking of his moobs and arm fat as he continuously brings fork and spoon to his mouth, his chins quaking with each fevered bite. She is dripping by this point, and can't help but let out low, long moans of arousal and frustration. She is dripping unto her chair again, and she wants nothing more than to touch herself to this glorious sight, but he continues to look at her out the corner of his eye, smirking at her anticipation.

"You look like something is bothering you babygirl," he replies teasingly as a belch escapes his fat face.

"Mmmmm Please," she whispers pitifully, almost too afraid for him to hear her desperation.

"Whats that? You wanna help daddy out? Ok, why don't you get under the table, this breakfast is delicious as usual babygirl, but you cooked so damn much. Its kicking my ass." He reclines briefly in his seat to rub his belly. She assumes the position; this is one of her absolute favorite parts of every meal. Jack has recently decided underwear was a waste of time while he was eating; not only does it just dig into his flesh uncomfortably, it was an unnecessary barrier for Amy. She does as he tells her and kneels before his massive belly, hanging heavily between his legs. She proceeds to lift up this soft hunk of flesh, swollen heavy from her cooking, and begins to dig. It takes a bit longer to reach every meal it seems, but there it is, in all of its thick and wet glory. She can't help but lick her lips and she dives head first into his fatpad, savoring every sense that overcomes her. The saltiness on her tongue, the darkened hue of flesh in her eyes, the feel of fat surrounding her face and the far off sound of his moans of pain and pleasure, forcing themselves past huge mouthfuls of fattening food. She loves how he tastes, how he feels, how he smells. This is her drug of choice and she can't get enough of it.

"Go ahead and rub my belly too baby, daddy is close to tapping out here." She hears from above, but to her sounds as if it could be miles away.

She is literally dripping as she reaches up and grabs firm hold of his glorious flesh and begins to push and knead into it furiously, unable to hold herself back. She can hear loud belches escape his mouth as the sound of his chewing reinvigorates. She continues to suck, sliding back and forth on his long and fat shaft, pushing onto it as deep as she can, so she can feel more of his fat envelop her. She picks up her pace now, as does he. She is unsure how long she has been down here, in heavenly bliss, but the sound of silverware hitting empty dishware brings her back to reality as he reclines back as much as he can and lets out a huge moan of relief and pleasure.

"Mmmm fuck! That feels so good babygirl, keep going. Im getting so close." He is rubbing his belly hard now in sexual anticipation. His moans grow louder and more frequent as she deepthroats him like no one else can. Tears well in her eyes as a literal pool of her juices have seeped through her sheer panties and pooled on the kitchen floor. Suddenly it happens, he grabs her arms and forces them firmly into his gut as he lifts his tree trunk like legs and forces them behind Amy's head. She is now bottomed out on his huge cock, unable to breathe, fat enveloping all sides of her head as she feels his thick member grow a bit thicker in her mouth. She can't hold back anymore as wave after wave of orgasm smack into her. She grows light headed as he streams shots of cum into her throat. She swallows it as fervently as he does her cooking. His groans are animalistic, mostly piglike, as he quivers above her, his legs gripping her firmly in place. It feels like time stops when he finally releases his grip and she falls limply unto the floor, her own juices beneath her as she screams from orgasm and gasps for air.
He looks down at her, admiring his work, which he accomplished without having to really do anything at all. She is a mess, tears running down her cheeks, her juices overflowing her panties as her own cum pools beneath her. She doesn't even look like she can hear him as she continues to quiver; all of this without ever touching herself.

"My god you are a mess. Look at you! You just had one of the best orgasms of your life just giving me a blowjob. You are such a slut for fat, you know that? Can you even hear me right now? Ill give you a minute to compose yourself babygirl, because I'm not done with you yet."
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Jazzyholton 4 months
AWESOME story!
Magicfatman 4 months
This has to be one of the best stories ive ever read on this website please dear god write more