the silver pig

chapter 1/?

Commission for Shadow Kenshen
Female weight gain, stuffing.
This was orginally about a wolf and some pitbulls, but I changed the characters to the human versions of themselves so I could share the story here. Hope you enjoy!
This was my very first female weight gain story so go easy on me I'm way out of my element here! XD

Sasha was sitting in the living room of her apartment, staring up at the ceiling and lazily blinking her icy blue eyes as she twirled her long back hair between her fingers. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her she hadn't eaten in awhile. With a sigh, she got up and padded into the kitchen, rubbing her slim stomach over her form fitting tank top. She rummaged through the fridge and pantry, huffing at the sparse ingredients. She felt hungry enough to eat a house, but her kitchen was empty.

After fifteen minutes of searching, Sasha grabbed her car keys and drove to the nearest buffet, a fairly new establishment she had not yet been to before.

As she walked inside, she marveled at the gigantic, wide entrance door that seemed like it could fit fifteen Sashas through it at once.

At the doors, a short woman with soft pink hair and silver piercings greeted her with a smile. "Hello and welcome to Lynn's Buffet! Please, have a seat wherever you like."

"Thank you." Sasha walked past the front desk and sat down in a booth that was closest to the buffet food. She sat down to wait for a waitress, glancing around at the other patrons stuffing themselves with rich food all around her.

"Hello. What would you like to drink, miss?"

Sasha tore her gaze away from the gluttonous patrons and looked up at the waitress. "Could I have some root beer, please?"

"Sure honey, that'll be right out."

As soon as she left, Sasha got out of her chair and hurried up to the buffet. There were rows and rows of tables with deep bowls filled to the brim with fresh, hot food. In a corner behind the buffet, there was a wall covered in blue velvet curtains with two silver pig statues standing guard on either side. It must be a private room for parties, she thought.

Sasha quickly grabbed a plate and filled it with all the food it could hold: stacks of fried chicken, heaps of hearty macaroni and cheese, a mountain of boiled potatoes, and some dinner rolls to start.

When she got back to her seat, there was an entire pitcher of root beer on the table waiting for her. Sasha gave the pitcher an inquiring look as she sat down with her plate loaded with comfort food. "A whole pitcher, just for me?" She looked up and caught sight of her waitress, who winked and gestured to the soda.

"Let me know if you need a refill!" She called.

"Alright, thanks!" Sasha replied. I don't think I will, but who knows... Far too hungry to ask questions, she grabbed a chicken leg and bit into it, tearing crunchy skin and tender meat from the bone. It was delicious and addictive, unlike any food she had ever tasted before. Every bite was somehow better than the last and the pile of chicken was gone in minutes.

As the last bite went down her throat, she reached for a fork to dig into the potatoes before she realized there was no sign of silverware on the table. She considered asking the waitress for a fork, but when she looked around the restaurant, she noticed no one else was using silverware of any sort. At a booth nearby, a rather pudgy man was shoveling pasta into his mouth with his hand, getting sauce all over his shirt in the process. At another table, an even fatter woman was pouring soup into her mouth straight from the bowl.

I guess they want us to be more free here. With a shrug, Sasha picked up a few pieces of potato in her fingers and popped them into her mouth one by one. Hey, this is actually kind of fun... She thought, picking up a larger handful of potatoes and stuffing them all into her mouth at once. The potatoes and macaroni and cheese disappeared faster than the chicken, and she quickly went on to shovel dinner rolls into her mouth two at a time.

When the bread was gone, Sasha found her throat to be very dry and was suddenly glad to have a pitcher of soda all to herself. She seized the silver pitcher and brought it to her lips, pouring root beer straight into her mouth from the spout. It felt so good to have the seemingly endless soda funneling down her throat and sloshing into her belly that she finished half the pitcher in one go. The food and soda was delicious and put a bit of weight in her stomach, but she was not yet satisfied.

Sasha got up and filled another plate, this time with ribs, pasta, and the stacked slices of an entire pepperoni pizza piled on top of each other. When she got back to her table, she found her pitcher had already been refilled with more soda. Geez, they really want you to eat and drink a lot here don't they? I like this place!

Sasha sat down and began stuffing herself again, eating pizza and pasta right off the plate and taking big gulps of root beer between bites.

By the time her plate was empty again, the waistband of her shorts was feeling rather tight. She leaned back in her seat and groaned as she rubbed her belly with both hands. Her usually trim tummy had plumped out and she could see some of her skin peeking out from underneath her tight tank top. It feels so great to eat this much good food at last! I wonder how much I can stretch this belly out before I leave...

Sasha gave her tummy an affectionate pat before she got up and returned to the buffet tables.

After four plates of greasy and filling food, she grabbed two plates piled high with brownies, ice cream, cookies, and cream puffs and sat down to eat it all. Her already stuffed stomach grew more and more, pushing her shirt up past her belly button and exposing more of her bare skin.

When the plates were empty and the pitcher of root beer drained, Sasha leaned back in the booth and stroked her swollen stomach. She felt so full, fuller than she had ever been before - and the feeling was ecstatic. She stood up with much difficulty and waddled to the front desk to pay for her meal before she left.

"Come again!" Lynn called as she left the buffet.

"Thanks, I will!"
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Thank you
On DA its called "For Shadow Kenshen" or something smiley
Love it but couldnt find it on deviantart
bradypig 4 months
This is amazing, please write more! I can't wait to see what goes on behind the blue curtains that the silver pigs are guarding!!
Thanks! I'll be posting another chapter soon
Tommmy 4 months
Great start, please continue soon.