Lily was by the bus stop, texting her friends, waiting for the bus to come so she can get home. Her house was only a 10 minute walk away but Lily was far too lazy to walk, she did wish she weighed less though. Finally the bus arrived and she thankfully climbed on, looking forward to the warmth of the bus. When she walked in she realised no one else was there, which wasn't a rare occurrence as she lived in a small town in the countryside. She sat at the back and took off her backpack, dragging her daily candy bar from it. She began to munch the milky chocolate joyfully and she realised the driver was watching her eat. She shifted awkwardly.

Lily unbuckled her seatbelt when they approached the bus stop next to her house, then realised the driver had no intention of stopping. "Excuse me, you just went past the..."
"I know..." The driver said mysteriously, Lily recognised the voice but couldn't remember where she heard it. She began to panic and tried to think of a way out, but there was none other than the door, which was locked. She didn't want to try to walk out in case the bus driver left the wheel, or tried to grab her. She whipped out her phone to call her mom, "No service..." She whispered in fear. Finally the bus stopped and the 'driver' approached her, Lily was too scared to move.

The man grabbed her soft arms and took a minute to squeeze them, almost as if he liked the chubbiness of them, Lilys spine shivered. He then held her arms tightly and put them behind her back and he forced them into place. He pressed his body against her back then ordered her to move. He directed her to a mysterious house with no windows. When they got in he locked the door with six different keys and led her into a surprisingly well-decorated sitting room. He shoved her onto a hard wooden chair that couldn't fit her if she was six years old. He tied her arms to the back of the chair with a thick rope and walked out, Lily thought in fear what he would return with... A gun? A knife? A couple hundred bees? A condom? She tried to break free of the rope but it was too tight and thick.

The man returned and flicked on the light, Freya could finally see his face, she gasped when she saw that it was one of her classmates, Luke. She remembered in high school he had asked her out and she declined, then later went out with Luke's brother, and now he must be getting his revenge... She realised Luke had a huge table behind him, with wheels on the legs so it could be easily moved, although he was still struggling to move it, despite Luke being a tall, muscular guy. A huge white tablecloth covered what was on the table, and Lily feared what was underneath. Luke dramatically flung off the tablecloth and Lily saw... A huge pile of food? "What's this?" Lily said, confused.
"Revenge," Luke grinned, "You didn't want me then, but after this no one but me is ever gonna love you again."

Lily began to scream but was forced to shut up as Luke forced a slice of pizza into her face. Lily tried to spit it out but Luke was stronger than she was. She chewed the hot, greasy pizza in shock, still trying to process Luke's method of torture. The second she had swallowed the slice Luke forced in another, and another, and another... Soon Lily's tummy burst out of her shirt, and Lily moaned with surprise and pleasure. Eventually she could feel her tummy spreading to her legs and her boobs getting bigger. Her ass was now far too big for the little chair and Lily was getting too big for the little thing. She closed her eyes and moaned as Luke rubbed her belly, which had now completely shredded her shirt and bra, and fed her everything you could think of. Lilys thighs teared through her leggings and her underwear and she was fully naked.

The chair creaked alarmingly and collapsed under the whale. Lily was on the floor and Luke moved her to the big, soft sofa, he sat on her thighs and continued feeding her. Lilys belly had three big rolls and her boobs had quadrupled in size, her butt was plumper than a beach ball and her arms and thighs were as thick as sausages. Luke ran out of food and Freya was too big to move. Luke's work was done and he grabbed at the overfed girls fat and whispered in her ear, "Now you're all mine..."
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