roommate revenge

chapter 1

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2/9/ 2018

Hey guys! Clarice again, sorry that I haven't posted for awhile but it's been two months already since moving into the new place and I can just barely just tolerate it. Since, my roommates don't read this blog, I can easily use their real names, Hannah and Rebeca. Hannah is cool, her and I have bonded over similar interests. We are both in the same major, Chemistry and enjoy playing video games together every now and then. I can easily call her my friend. Then there's Rebeca. All I can say is that she's pretty much your typical bro hoe. Always putting on very thick makeup and wearing skimpy clothes. She is also loud and rude. Rebeca is supposedly majoring in Biology but she never attends class or studies. Rebeca is also very irresponsible and never cleans up after herself. Her room being a pigsty and there are always dishes left everywhere. We tolerate her existence because her parents, who she never calls, pay rent and she's almost always out of the apartment. She'll often be out clubbing and getting drunk with friends or attending nearby parties. However, at least 2 nights a week, Rebeca always brings home a new guy. I can always hear them in them in the middle of the night having drunk sex.

Lately, she's started a new diet. I'm certain that it's just for vanity reasons because Rebeca is not in any fat, or even chubby. I have to say that I am kind of jealous of her figure. Although Rebeca has a nearly pancake chest with small boobs, the rest of her body is desirable. She is tall with a thin little cute waist, wide hips and an unnaturally huge ass. Unfortunately, Hannah is on the chubby side. She is shy and insecure about it often tries to hide it by wearing large baggy sweatshirts. Rebeca senses it, like a vulture does fresh meat and never fails to make a joke out of it and ridicule her for it. Whenever Hannah is eating, she'll often call her 'piggy' and 'a disgusting slob' while making oinking noises and asking her 'why she doesn't just put down the chips already?'. I always fire back at her and tell her to f*** off but I can still hear poor Hannah crying in her room at night.

Which is I have decided to take matters into my own hands and teach her a lesson. She'll often take my food often due to hunger after getting high and often steal my beer if I don't hide it. Now... I wonder what I can with that? Give me some ideas folks.
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steelmetal 2 months
Three ideas
1. When she is too stoned and drunk to remember anything, feed her all the junk out of the fridge, like whole sticks of butter and jars of mayo & when she passes out, pour things like olive oil down her throat.

2. Infect her stomach with g
Chubster 3 months
Replace all of the food in the house with junk food (gradually)

Add weight-gain shakes into her drinks and limit her exercise by babying her.

Then complement her on her body and if she works out at the gym, tell her not to workout because "she work
ChubbyPear 4 months
Infect her with the ad-36 adenovirus, it induces obesity and makes the number of fat cells in the body multiply, and she'll just think she got the stomach flu.
bikochico 4 months
You might wanna try mixing some appetite stimulants into the beer
Akwolfgrl13 4 months
Looks like its time to start bakeing with lots of extara ingredients.
BSfan 4 months

Make sure to leave out plenty of snacks for her to eat!

If you can find an excuse to start doing her laundry, you can take the blame for “shrinking her clothes” as she gains.

Can’t wait till you get to start calling her Piggy.