chapter 1

This story is strictly told from Carly's perspective.

I sat on my couch scrolling through the ads on Craigslist. I spend most of my nights doing that. Majority of my time I go through Craigslist just to see the various things of ads on there, that is till I saw the words in bold and big letters, "IN SEARCH OF A FEEDEE."

My first thought was, huh? I clicked on the ad, and the description was kept short:

"Hello. My name is Tommy McAffey. I'm in search for a healthy woman who's willing to sacrifice her good looks by becoming my feedee for a scientific experiment. If you're interested please call me by my number."

Which he did. He left his phone number and e-mail for secondary contact. I had so many thoughts racing my mind. I was somewhat surprised by this ad. So, I picked up my cell, dialed his number and waited till I heard a voice, "Hello?"

"Hi." I was clearly nervous. Then right after I said, "Is this Tommy... McAffey?" The man on the other end didn't say anything until, "Uh... yes. This is Tommy. May I ask who I'm speaking to?" I hesitated a second. Debating on whether or not to hang up. But then he continued, "I'm assuming you're responding to my Craigslist ad, correct?"

His voice sounded gentle, calm and a real soothing voice. "I'm sorry. Yes. To answer your question, I did answer your ad. I just wanted to ask you something."

"Okay. Can I ask your name?"

A moment or two must've passed before he said, "Are you still there?" Then, I said, "Yes. I'm sorry. My name's Carly."

"Hello, Carly. You have a beautiful voice."

I blushed over the voice. I haven't seen what this man looks like and I'm already blushing by the words he's saying to me over the phone.

"Well, thank you very much."

"What were the questions you wanted to ask, Carly?"

I forgot what I was going to ask him. I was lost by his calming voice I completely forgot the set of questions I had for him. I stumbled thinking of the next set of words I had for him.

"Would you mind if we met, say tomorrow?"

"Oh, of course."

I gave him my address and I could hear him repeating my address and writing it down on paper.

"And you said your name was Carly?"


" What time would you be okay with meeting because I want to be able I can bring the necessary items for this."

Necessary items? What in the hell was he talking about? But obviously he has to be referring to his ad on Craigslist. So I said, "Sure. That'd be great."

"Did you carefully read the ad? Because I'm asking for something major."

"Yes. I did."

"And... you are aware of what I'm asking for right?"

I waited a second before, "Oh absolutely. I'm really intrigued with your ad."

I can tell by his voice he was excited.

"Well, Ms. Carly, after we discuss more about it tomorrow, what you have in stores is extremely exciting."

I couldn't help but get excited. I was fully aware of what his ad said, which is why I called him. We agreed to a time which is 2:30 pm. I remember laying down in my bed and thinking to myself what was about to happen. I couldn't sleep so I ended up in the kitchen. I remember eating leftover pizza, followed with 2 bags of potato chips, a box of twinkies then drank a whole litter of Pepsi. I burped so loud that I thought it would wake up the whole neighborhood. Then, shortly after I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up. I saw my belly had a pooch. It wasn't big or nothing but it stuck out just a bit. It was 2:28 pm. I waited on the couch until I heard a knock at my door. I jumped up off the couch immediately and went to door. I quickly threw open the door and was surprised to see a tall, well built man around his late 30-40's. He has a thick beard. He was extremely handsome. If I had to compare him, I would say he looked like George Clooney and Sean Connery.

This was Tommy McAffey. He has such a sweet smile. He loved showing off his dentures which I wouldn't blame him. They're so purely white and gorgeous set of teeth. "Carly?"

"Yes. You must be Tommy?"

He smiled, once again showing off those beautiful teeth. "That's right. You're way prettier than my mind imagined for me." I can't help but be turned on by his charming looks. I stepped aside and greeted him in. He walked in, caring a large duffel bag.

He sat the duffel bag onto the middle of my living room and sat down on the couch. I sat down next to him.

"Okay, so, first off, let me just start off by saying thank you so much for responding to my ad."

He was so sweet and caring. I was lost in his bright blue eyes. "Oh of course."

"Now, secondly, like the ad says, I'm wanting to try a scientific experiment. And, like the ad says, I'm in search of a feedee."


I leaned in. So intrigued by his words. He was a locksmith with words.

"I have had several respond to my ad but once I mention getting them fat they turned it down. But, hearing you are intrigued by the ad, I knew I found the right one. Can you tell me how much you weigh? If it's not too much of me asking?"

"Oh. No, its not too much. I weigh 122 lbs."

He wipes out a tiny notepad from his shirt pocket. He looked adorable with his tie and dress shirt. He starts jotting down what I tell him.

"Okay. When's the last time you weighed yourself? Is that the current weight? The reason I'm asking is because--"

He leaned down and unzips his duffel. I could see some of the contents inside the duffel and my brown eyes made out a tube and a digital weight scale. He sits it out in front of me.

"If you don't mind, could you step on this and let me check your current weight before we began."

"Oh, no. I don't mind at all."

I stepped up onto the scale. I could feel the cold of the scale hitting my bare feet. I felt a shiver down my spine. I stood there as Tommy got on his knees, with his glasses, and shouted, "128." He writes it down.

I stood there amazed. Just from last night I gained 6 lbs from eating pizza, 2 bags of potato chips and drinking pepsi. I was truly taken aback. I could see my cute little belly pooch slightly sticking out. I felt nothing but excitement for this. I couldn't help but get so horny by imagining myself being so fat. I immediately said, "Um Tommy, can I ask you something?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"What all is this experiment you're talking about? What would I have to do?"

He looked at me and waited a second before he said, "Carly, if I'm being completely honest with you. I want to fatten you up."

I stood there, and only said, "How fattened up would I get?"

"I'm hoping to reach around 600 lbs. at least. I know that's a lot I'm asking for. But, with this tube and secret fattening liquid I whipped together, I want to try it and see where it goes. To be honest, I am into fat girls. But, Carly, I want you to think about it--"

"I want to do it!"

He stated at me in amazement. He let out a devilish grin and said, "When do you feel like starting?"

I sat back down beside him, rubbed my cute pooch and said to him, "How about tonight?"
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