chapter 1

Jacob had known his weekend was going to suck, but he could never have anticipated this much suffering. It all started when he forced himself to go jogging in the woods, as he did every other day. This alone was usually enough to fill him with almost suicidal thoughts (especially when he tried to squeeze his flabby body in his overly tight sports clothes) but this day would be even worse than normal.
He looked like a freaking sausage, he thought, as he checked himself out in the mirror. But then again, that's why he had started running in the first place, after all. To lose some of that lard.
So there he was, in the woods once more. He felt his body jiggling with every step he took (and he wasn't even running yet) and for a moment he considered just giving up. To hell with exercising. Give me a massive heart attack right now and let's be done with it.
He looked around to see if there was anyone nearby who'd be able to see his gelatinous body wobble like crazy, and then started jogging. He was out of breath in no-time and as he crossed a bridge he considered throwing himself of it, but decided against it and ran on. He felt his thighs rub together as he ran and his moobs and belly jiggle violently. He already felt the now familiar pain in his knees - pain he felt every time he ran.
Again, he considered stopping. What was the point anyway? It wasn't like he was losing any weight, not at the rate he was eating. But still, what would happen to his already unfit, overweight body if he didn't even try anymore?
So he ran on, until somehow, at some point, for some reason, he fell down. Hard. He stepped into a big hole in the ground, felt an amazingly agonizing pain in his leg and crashed down. He managed to free his leg from the hole, but as he saw the incredibly strange angle of his beloved limb, he passed out.

He didn't know how long he'd been unconscious, but the pain had only gotten worse. He tried not to scream as he regained consciousness, but it was hard. Why couldn't he just have broken his neck instead? Now here he was, laying in the middle of the woods with a broken leg. No one would find him, he'd especially picked out this part of the woods because no one usually came there.
Though... no one? It would almost seem as if... Yes. Someone was definitely touching him. He felt someone stroking his cheek and opened his eyes.
Okay, that's it, he thought, as soon as he saw the young woman that was kneeling beside him. I've died. I'm dead and this is an angel. I've gone to heaven after all. Who would have thought.
She was beautiful. She was a fair-haired, blue-eyed beauty-queen if ever he saw one.
"Poor boy!" she said, gently stroking his chubby cheek with a slender finger. "That leg of yours looks rather painful."
He opened his mouth to talk, but was in too much pain to form a coherent sentence. The woman - a girl, really - just smiled lovingly. Then, to his great shock, she moved her hands to his chubby belly. "You shouldn't go running anyway!" she chided him, as she pulled up his shirt to examine his tummy. "Not at your weight, that is. You could have known you were going to hurt yourself at some point."
"W-what? No..." he whispered, trying to push her hands away. Was he delirious? This wasn't happening. It couldn't be happening. What else could possibly add to his agony?
The woman noticed his protest and raised a hand at him, after which he found he could no longer move his arms. They seemed pinned to his sides, he stared at her in disbelief. This isn't happening, he thought. No way.
The woman just smiled and turned her eyes to his leg. "Let's do something about that first, shall we?" She reached out to his leg with one hand and he uttered a cry of panic.
"Don't worry, my love, I'm not going to hurt you. That is, it will hurt, but you can scream if you want."
Before he could protest, she'd held her hand above his leg and before he got a chance to try and understand what she was doing, he felt a burning pain shoot through his leg.
And screaming he did, with tears streaming down his face. He closed his eyes firmly, and felt that - somehow - his leg was healing. How could this be?
As he was sobbing desperately, the woman pulled back her hand and moved it to his belly again. With her other, she wiped away some of his tears. She started stroking his belly soothingly, tracing the stretch marks on his sides. As she did so, Jacob felt his pain subduing.
"There," the woman said. "That wasn't all that bad, now, was it?"
"How...?" he whispered.
"Magic, my love." There was a look of worry in her eyes, but she smiled sweetly. "I've healed you. I'll never let you get hurt again. You know, I've been watching you. Ever since you started running a few months back. You were such a little butterball! Still are, I must say." She smiled as she pressed her dainty fingers in his soft fat. She pulled his shirt up even further to reveal his jiggly moobs. Then, she gently slapped his tummy and watched it wobble this way and that. She laughed softly.
All this time, Jacob lay motionless on the ground, trying to figure out whether or not this was a nightmare. It had to be, he thought, considering magic didn't really exist.
"You will do perfectly!" the woman concluded happily, after she had studied his doughy upper body once more.
"W-what?" He was still confused by all that had happened, but he did know that whatever was going on made no sense. It had to be some sort of messed-up dream, after all. This was just too strange to be true.
"You'll be my little piggy!" the woman explained, smiling excitedly. His eyes grew wide in terror, and he tried shaking his head, but her magic prevented him from moving.
"I will feed you, and love you, and fatten you to my heart's content. That's the plan, anyway." She smiled. "Though you've been doing a fine job on your own."
"I... I... But, no!" He tried to struggle up, something in his tired mind warning him to get the hell away from there, but he couldn't move.
The woman shook her head. "Silly you, you can't resist me, though try you might." She smiled reassuringly. "But don't worry. You won't want for a thing. I'll take good care of you." She got up and offered him her hand. He wanted to resist, but somehow his body started moving without him willing it to do so, and he allowed her to help him up.
"Follow me," she said, and he did, his hand still in hers.
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Marjorie 6 days
Oh, and before I forget: I really want to thank everyone who has liked and commented on my story. It's all really appreciated :-)
Marjorie 6 days
I'll admit that initially I had several other chapters in mind, but I was in the middle of a very busy period of my life, so I figured this ending was a good one. But I have many other stories which I'm planning on writing soon, if that's any consolation
OniGumo 1 week
Pig play is always jarring for me, but I enjoyed this (mental editing of pig to pet required tho it was). I was hoping for a heavier weight in the end, but I suppose there may be another chapter yet?
Just re-read this and woah! Even better the second time around. Thank you so much for so much pleasure.
littleextra 4 months
Finally read from start to finish. I love it! Nicely paced and great dialogue - the teasing and affection between Jacob and Cassandra is so sweet too. And the ending is perfect. Thanks for posting! smiley
"She knew it wouldn't be too long before he wouldn't be able to go on top anymore, so she wanted to enjoy it while she still could."

And we have all enjoyed this!
We need a epilogue
Great story really. I hope you will find your own piggy very soon...
Ryan100000 5 months
Excellent ending This is the only way for it to end is her giving him that final pleasure of making love to her
Marjorie 5 months
Hey everyone! I really loved to write this story, but no matter how much it pains me, I think the chapter I have added today is a good ending... So thank you all for reading! Lots of love to you all! :-)
giantjay 5 months
Wonderfully realized story! Love the happy ending, too. smiley Wouldn't mind a follow up 200 lbs later? smiley
Built4com4t 5 months
Excellent. Nailed it again
Ryan100000 5 months
Hooray Jacob gets to stay with his sweet beautiful feeder forever
This tale certainly pushes all the right buttons for me.
Ryan100000 5 months
Yes this is so hot
Ryan100000 5 months
Yes give in to that feeling and grow him to ginormous proportions
Tony94 5 months
I love you story
Ryan100000 5 months
Awesome situation I would love to be in this situation
bigfunguy 5 months
Wonderful story and so beautifully written. You have amazing talent! I'm a total fan. ..Now if you will excuse me, I think i will go for a slow run deep in the forest...
Feedee007 6 months
one of the best storys I ever read.....please send more....
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