baby machine 10 - bred with a wolf

chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I'm not sure who saw the other first. But, I remember that it was in this old bowling alley in Anchorage. I was with some new-found acquaintances from the university when this very nondescript guy came in. Yet, my girl friends all seemed to know him.
Later, he and I began to talk. I explained that I'd come to Alaska to do field research on a government grant and had a trip into the tundra scheduled for most of July. Then, it would be back to sunny California for the winter and work on my doctorate on the snowy owl and other northern raptors.
Surprisingly Matthew, although educated as a veterinarian, said he was working under a similar grant. His grant targeted the study of large carnivores in remote Alaska, with the emphasis being on the wolf population. Although Matt's method of study was more hands-on, we found that we had a lot in common. We spoke late into the evening. We met again, the following day. The evening after that, I let him take me to his apartment.
I think, he and I both knew what we wanted to happen. No sooner had we stepped through the door, then he was unbuttoning my blouse. A minute later, my little bra was on the floor and his lips were on my tiny nipples and I let him.
Like many women, my breasts are the most sensitive part of me. They aren't big but they have so much feeling.
It was as if he knew. Each time his soft, moist lips surrounded a nipple, he made me gasp. And then his tongue would flutter over me, touching and teasing and erasing all other thought from my mind. I'd never had a tongue do something so magical to my little pair before. And I began to hope that after we made love, he'd nurse from me again.
I slid down to kiss Matt on the lips and reached for his belt. It was time to meet Mr. Genus Phallus and feel its power inside me. Forgive me when I forget myself and start to use those boring scientific terms. I'm a kind of girl geek and it's a bad habit. But, the hard truth is, when I'm not studying or writing, I have a strong (almost overwhelming) desire to be held beneath a man as he squirts his delicious seed deep inside me. My unrelenting desire is to be some guy's little bitch-in-heat and have him fuck the hell out of me. What's that saying... "Rode hard and put up wet." (In this case dripping.)
Oh, how I love being 'put up' dripping.
Twice in college, I had to have an abortion. I'd let myself get too carried away and felt incredibly guilty afterward. Well... Maybe for a week or so, anyway. There's a raw side to me that, for the most part, I manage to suppress. But every so often, it surfaces and... Well... Just watch out.
Now, I keep a supply of those pills. You know? The abortion pills... But maybe it's time to... You know? Let nature take its course... You know? Procreate. (Can't abide condoms.)
Anyway, I'd been in a bit of a dry spell and having this man between my legs would be just what the doctor ordered (or veterinarian, as the case may be).
Added to that, my little boobs were already in love with the wonders of Matt's tongue. Lord! I think I could lay there for hours with his magical tongue titillating my nipples and exploring every part of my tiny breasts.
Later when I was well used and dripping, I hoped that we'd quietly settle in with him latched onto me and sucking on my nipples until they were swollen and red and tender and I could pretend that he'd milked me dry. I also love nursing. Sometimes, I think more than making love... Well, almost.
"Forgive me," he said, "I'm a bit of a breast man. I could lay here for hours."
I ran my fingers through his hair as he latched onto me again.
"We make a fine couple," I whispered, "A breast loving man meets a like minded girl. The perfect match. Don't stop."
There are women who want more than anything to be full of milk and nursing or to be treated like a cow and milked like one too. I mean really wanting to be wet and really milky. Lactating may be the correct word but that sounds so institutional. There are times when I have a secret desire to be a cow.
Well, that's what a woman's body is really for. Isn't it? I mean, making babies and having lips tugging on tits (my tits) full of warm creamy milk and feeding the husband or boyfriend or child from my milk filled body... I mean, isn't that what it's really all about?

And this is only three days after I met the guy...
Yet just like my study grant, my time here was beginning to feel too perfect, almost prearranged. Even Matt. We were such a perfect match. This trip and the study opportunity seemed so perfectly fitted to me.
But then two days later and just as I was packing for my trip north, my grant was canceled, lack of funding or something. It didn't make sense. I was devastated.
Suddenly, my trip here had become nothing. Just for nothing. I didn't understand. I tried calling U.C.L.A. But the people I'd dealt with were gone. Then, the phone number went out of service and no one seemed to remember them.
Heartbroken, I prepared to leave Alaska. All I could do was go home and lick my wounds.
The car ferry was cheaper than a flight and now, I had all the time in the world. And that was settled. One more night here and then... My sad ride home.
I wasn't good company but, spent the night with Matt anyway. My nipples were still incredibly tender. Yet when Matt's lips surrounded them, nothing else seemed to matter and for the last time, my perky little two would feel the touch of a man who really understood them.
However, as we had coffee in the morning Matt offered an idea...
"You know, my cabin has room for three or four people and I'm all alone. If you'd like to come back with me for the summer... Well, you could try studying your owls from my place."
My heart skipped a beat. My goodness. Yesterday, my world collapsed and today...
"Look," Matt continued, "if you can live with animals, I do some animal care for the locals. And there's an adult wolf that I share the cabin with. Oh, don't worry. He's more like a highbred and he's very friendly. In fact, I think he likes women more than men. Actually, I'm gone a lot. It'd be just you and him for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Are you allergic to fur?"
And so in the span of a few days, I'd gone from loosing my study grant to moving in with a guy I barely knew, far out in the sticks of Alaska.
This was crazy.
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Wow it's so hot
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WOW! Please can we have more!
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With the way you describe her desires I can't help but like the story
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Always trust your judgement.
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Yes crazy but I see a brilliant story ahead