College life is fattening

Chapter 2 - the boy of her dreams

"Holy shit... who is that" Chloe thought to herself, "that is one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen". Chloe was staring across the dining hall at a boy getting food from the salad bar. He was average height, but had a strong muscular build. His chiseled jaw and defined face was framed with wavy brown hair, and his tan skin made his blue eyes pop. "Chloe! Earth to Chloe! What are you staring at?" Annie asked between bites of ice cream. "Huh? Nothing, just a hot guy over there." Chloe said. "Oh my god I met him at orientation! That's Max, he's on the baseball team. Really nice guy, and super fucking hot." replied Annie. "I could never get a guy like him" Chloe thought. She looked down at the plates on the table in front of her. What was supposed to be just a small treat had turned into a massive meal. Four slices of pizza, a hamburger, fries, soda, and ice cream. "Jesus christ, I probably ate more than he did" she thought, gazing back at the boy. She could feel the waistband of her shorts digging a line into her soft belly, causing a small bit of fat to hang over.

Little did Chloe know, Max had been eyeing her from across the room. Max was different from most jocks. He was kind, smart, funny, and had a thing for bigger girls. He always had, but he had never confessed to anyone. But a girl like Chloe drove Max wild. As he stood in line, he watched Chloe gobble up the last bit of her ice cream and attempt to get out of the booth she was in. As she scooted out, Max could clearly see her large tits bounce up and down, and as she turned around, he saw that half of her ass was hanging out her shorts. "Holy shit that ass..." he thought to himself. He stared, mesmerized, as the thick plump girl, jiggled away. He would have to find her again. She was perfect.

"Ugh I am stuffed!!!" Annie cried as the duo left the dining hall. "If I keep eating like that, hello freshman fifteen" she giggled. Chloe was not so amused. A girl like Annie didn't need to worry about her weight, she was gorgeous and she knew it. The girls went back into their room and Annie's phone rang. "Oh my god hey!!!... Yeah ok!!... We will be there!!!... KK later girl!". Annie hung up. "We are going to a frat party tonight!!!!" Annie squealed. Chloe couldn't believe that on her first night of college she was going to a frat party! "What should we wear??" Annie asked deviously
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oh yes more good
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I really liked the way this story was following, continue with it !!!
AndiFive 6 years
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great start, please continue