College life is fattening

Chapter 3 - what to wear??

"Oh god..." thought Chloe. It was her first night in college and she was already faced with the daunting task of finding something to wear for her first party. "I know exactly what I'm gonna wear!!!" shouted Annie, as she disappeared into her closet. Chloe was at a loss. For a girl like her, it was pretty scary to go out in revealing party clothes. She was self conscious about her fat, but didn't want to be seen as prude either. Annie popped out in her outfit for the party. Well it wasn't really much of an outfit... she was wearing jean shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Her tight perky ass fit perfectly in those shorts, and her legs... Chloe couldn't help but feel jealous. She had on a tight crop top that ended well above her belly button and pressed tightly on her plump tits. "You look hot Annie" Chloe said reluctantly. "Its the first party and I have to make a good impression! And I'll bet Max will be there too! God I would fuck the shit out of him. What're you gonna wear Chloe?" asked Annie. Chloe had no idea what to wear. The truth was that she had packed on quite a few pounds over the summer and most of her party clothes didn't fit anymore. But maybe they would fit just this once. Besides, she had been trying to eat more healthy... "I think you should wear those pink yoga shorts and that white crop top you have! You'll look so hot!" Annie suggested. "I guess that would work. Do you think the guys would like it?" Chloe asked. "Absolutely" replied Annie, "You are gonna look like a curvy goddess". Chloe grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to get changed.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes from earlier and stood there, examining herself in the mirror. She had definitely gained weight over the summer. She looked fatter all over, especially in her lower half. Her thighs had plumped up considerably, and the new fat had led to a widening of her hips where it settled. And her ass had turned into a wobbling ball of flesh that swallowed up her tight panties. "Alright" she thought, "I better put these on". She grabbed the shorts and began sliding them up her fatty thighs. As they reached the bottom of her ass it became a struggle to pull them up further. "Oh these damn things!" Chloe wiggled and jumped in the hopes of getting her ass into the tight spandex. After a lot of jiggling, the shorts finally slid over her ass. Little did Chloe know, the shorts were so tight that they left very clear panty lines where her tight panties dug into her juicy ass. The crop top was much easier to get on, but the growth of her tits and belly left the shirt much shorter than she remembered. She tied off the shirt around the middle of her belly, leaving the majority of her flabby stomach visible for all to see. Chloe left the bathroom and walked back out to Annie. "Damn girl!! You are smoking!!" Annie said. "Here, come do some shots with me!!" The girls hammered down some shots of vodka and left for the party.
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I really liked the way this story was following, continue with it !!!
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