chapter 1

"Vic, I'll be late to work!" Ariana cried as she bounced up and down on her toes, sipping a large iced coffee.
"Coming, coming!" Victoria yelled from the kitchen. She raced out the door and towards the car. Ariana followed her, quickly finishing her coffee.
Victoria started the car as Ariana threw the coffee in the backseat. "You really need to clean back there." Victoria said smugly.
"Can you do it babe? I have work!" Ariana gave puppy eyes.
Victoria rolled her eyes and kissed Ariana on the cheek. She looked in her rearview and backed out of the driveway.
Once on the freeway, Victoria asked, "do you mind if I stop at McDonalds? I'm sooo hungry." She rubbed her flat stomach.
"I told you, im trying to diet!" Ariana pouted, pointing to her skinny stomach.
Victoria mimicked Ariana's expression. "Your not even fat!" She tickled Ariana's belly. Ariana giggled. "You should honestly gain a few! How much do you weigh?"
Ariana looked out the window. "95 to 100."
Victoria puffed out her cheeks. "And how tall are you?"
Ariana looked at her feet. "5 feet." As Victoria shook her head, Ariana burst out, "but I don't wanna be fat like back in high school! I want to be skinny."
Ariana suffered from anerexia and severe body dismorpha and was on the verge of a relapse. Her constant bullying and abuse from her childhood and teenage years forced her to lose over 200 pounds in just a year, Only weighing 75 pounds. Once released from the hospital, she started to gain a bit more weight, but soon fell into more unhealthy eating habits. Currently, when standing up, you could see her collarbones and her spine. Her face was hollowed out and her legs never touched. Her blonde hair hung down, and even started to fall out. She was a walking skeleton.
Victoria, on the other hand, was the definition of 'slim thick'. Her was big and beautiful, but perky and bouncy. Her boobs were melons, but not saggy. Her stomach was flat, her thighs gave a cute gap, and even if you could still see her collarbones, you would say she's skinny. Her brown hair was cut just in the middle of her back, wavy at the ends. At almost 6 feet, she towered over Ariana, but just the way they both like it.
"Babe," Victoria cooed. "You are not fat. Honestly, you are a beanpole." She sternly looked at her. "I want you to gain weight. A good 50 pounds. Or even more."
Ariana gasped. "B-but, wouldn't you think I'm fat?"
Victoria smiled grimly. "Anything but. With you, you couldn't be fat."
Ariana wiped her eyes. "I g-guess I could gain weight." She spit the words out as if they were swears. "I just want you to see me as pretty. That's all that matters."
Victoria patted Ariana's stomach. "Please. You could be 500 pounds and I would still find you attractive. You are my one and only."
Ariana giggled and kissed Victoria's hand. "I'll gain weight for you. I'll gain as much as you want me to."
Victoria turned into McDonald's drive through. "I knew you would."
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