banker�s hammock

early days

I have lived for most of my life in Manchester. I attended school and even attended university in the city. My father was in the navy so my younger brother and I always lived a strict manner with rules on what to eat, how to dress and above all, exercise. We ran over 1.5 miles everyday and played cricket every other day. There was no way we could gain weight. Dad despised laziness and fat and Even after he retired, he kept up the fitness regiment.
Fast forward to end of college, I got a job at a bank in london. It was my dream job with a huge salary, bonuses and all benefits along with great potential of growth. The downside was that I would have to work long hours. I was very excited to go to London. My brother was also gearing up to go to Millitary school... yes he followed dad.
I wasn't very tall at 5'10 but my phisique was one that most guys wanted. My father's exercise ensured that my abs and pecs were one that people could kill for. At 165 pounds, I was as fit as one could possibily get. I was popular among girls and dated a few through college but it never really worked out. Well all aside, I was going to start afresh in London with a new job and new relationships.
I had a killer job which meant that I had an amazing place in London. The first thing really to do was to get a gym membership as I used to working out. The gym was quite unlike of what it was back home. Most people working out were quite heavy and had huge bellies and bottoms. Well as a matter of fact, most of the city was like that. My collegues who were about my age had paunches of varying sizes, from a starter gut on the newest member to a full blown gut and moobs on my boss.
While to most us on the team, our boss was an idol, he sure enough was really out of shape. The suit that he was wearing was extremely tight and the buttons on his shirt were holding on for dear life. I was pretty certain he couldn't button his blazer which was made for someone atleast 20 pounds lighter. When he sat down, there were wide gaping spaces on his shirt. His belly was like a huge ball over which a pair of jiggly moobs sat. It looked like his ass was bursting out of his trousers and the cloth was holding very firmly on his inflatable thighs. Although he maintained that he went to the gym, it sure looked like all he was doing there was stuffing medicine balls in his mouth. He was indeed the epitome of a fat-cat london banker.
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billedmeup 5 months
I liked it. A very fun read.
Aquarius64 5 months
A good start, but watch out for typos, especially capital letters for names. I look forward to reading more!
woowaa 5 months
I definitely like where the story is going with him trying to lose the weight and the teasing from the girlfriend.