a teen transformation

chapter 1

Hey there!
My name is "Toby", and I am 14 years old (2018). The beginning of this story is in 2015, and based on a true experience I made. I am writing about a girl I know and have a crush on, let's call her "Tina".
I've known her since 5th grade, when I started going to secondary school (I live in Germany and we have a different school system.)

Let's talk about Tina first. She is my age and also is in my school class. She is small with long blonde hair and has a nice figure. She also used to do a lot of sport, starting of with athletics at a very young age, but later playing hockey. She had to stop sports though, after she started having back problems, which started her weight gain, since she was very VERY slim before, not having any fat on her stomach, hips or but. She is a very likeable person, always being helpful and supportive, and she is one of the funniest people I know, always making my smile.

I first started noticing her weight gain about 6 months after her stopping sports. At the beginning she didn't gain any weight due to being vegetarian. I had seen her in bikini multiple times when we went to the pool with our friends, and not the slightest sliver of fat was to be seen on her petite body. But in winter 2016, that began to change. In that time she could still wear her summer clothes since she hadn't grown much, so she was wearing a very tight top. At first I didn't see much of a difference, but later on I noticed she had little love handles. Her pretty small butt had also gotten slightly bigger pressing into her super skinny jeans. She didn't seen to notice this, what I could understand, but I had the feeling she would get rounder over time. This idea turned me on and I hoped she would gain extra pounds soon enough.
And she did: in the following two months, I noticed her but expanding even more. Her belly had a slight layer of fat on it, but nothing to remarkable was in sight there. But what really caught my eye were her thighs. Before they were very small, but now they were pretty fleshy, stretching her jeans and standing out very far on the front and sides this was amazing to me.

Hope you enjoyed this beginning, stay tuned for more!!
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Chubster 5 months
Please keep writing more!