the contest

chapter 1

The island nation of Casonova was founded by a man named Robert Kingston. Robert was very intelligent business man that had turned the small pacific island of mostly fishermen into a blossoming world power with a thriving economy. He founded it using the money he made from his company King Tech. The company sold everything from smartphones to cutting edge pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately he was very lonely and was in desperate need of a bride, but between running a company and an entire nation he had a full plate and didn't have much time for dating. He had met a few women in college but never took the chance of asking one out and just stayed friends with them. He was unfortunately afraid that if he dated them his dark secret would be revealed. You see Robert is a chubby chaser. He loves watching women gain weight, but knew that if the women he met in college found out they would be disgusted and never talk to him again. However today was the day he'd finally get his wish. As the years went by he eventually became so successful that there was not a soul in the world that didn't know who he was or hadn't used one of his products. He had become the richest man in the world. Some world powers even considered seizing his assets because he became more than capable of taking over the world. So needless to say the last thing anyone was concerned with were his sexual preferences and even if they did they were too dependent on his technology to cost him any kind of financial loss. Knowing this he realized that now was the time to find his queen and in the most elaborate of ways. He compiled a list of all the women he had met throughout his life and narrowed it down to three potential candidates.

The first candidate was Lisa. A girl he met at Harvard when he was earning his doctorate in business. She was a cute brunette with a medium sized rack, a large ass and curvy hips. She was about 5'5" and 140 pounds. She was outgoing but not really sporty. She was a political science major with a knack for debate. She was smart, kind, and funny. She usually wore ray ban eye glasses, a pair of jeans and a Star Wars tee shirt.

The second was Hannah. He also met her in college. She was a strikingly beautiful communications major with B cup tits and a bubble butt. She was about 5'0" and 120 pounds. She was your typical college girl that thinks she knows everything but knows very little. Despite this attitude she was a nice girl with good intentions and a kind heart. Robert admitted he mostly liked her for her looks, well more like potential. You see Hannah was the type of person that depended almost entirely on her metabolism to maintain her gorgeous figure. Robert would often fantasize about marrying her and using this mentality to his advantage.

The third candidate was Susan. He actually met her in High School. She was a hot brunette with a large rack and unbelievably wide hips and thighs for a woman her size. She was about 5'1" and 105 pounds. She was your typical bad girl with a rebellious spirit and a love for rock n roll. She had a troubled childhood due to her parents run in with the law that lead to her living with her aunt and uncle. She was very fat as a child and the constant teasing lead to a lot of fights and she would later become anorexic. In High School she wasn't that way but would often skip meals without realizing it and was extremely self conscious about her thighs and did constant squats to try and reduce their size. She was often underweight and would usually resort to unorthodox methods to get back to a normal weight in order to give blood or get tattoos. She would do things like eat cans of frosting and gorge herself on junk food. Despite the fact that Robert warned her that this kind of diet would lead to some serious problems in her metabolism. She was his high school crush that was always dating some jerk that didn't care about her. He often dreamed of dating her and telling her that he didn't care about her waistline, just her.

Luckily Robert kept in touch with these women and had their contact info. He called, telling them he'd like to give them a tour of the island. Deciding it would be best to reveal his true intentions in person. They each agreed to come and he sent private jets to pick each of them up. The only thing they knew was that there would be other people coming to see him however everything else he would tell in person. He was so excited, he couldn't believe his fantasy would finally come true!
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