the gaining office

chapter 1

So, you're here for a story, are you? Well, you're in luck! I think I've got one you'll like. Just take a seat on the sofa there and help yourself to the snacks. Oh, where to begin.... the beginning I suppose!

Let me give you some basic information about Dan. He is 29 years old, brown hair and beard, blue eyes, 5'11" and 240 pounds. He grew up chubby and, while his weight went up and down over the years he never "leaned out" all the way. He has roommates but is single, and is enjoying being a bachelor. That's enough background for now, let's jump into the story...

"no..." Dan said groggily to the alarm clock as he shut if off. He says "no" to the alarm clock every morning, nothing more, nothing less. As he sits up in bed, he notices the sun beaming through the gap between the curtains, appreciating a cloudless day after several days of rain.

I suppose we can fast forward through this... essentially Dan showers, gets dressed and eats breakfast much like normal people do. Also like normal people, Dan goes to work. Today is his first day at a new job. He stops at Dunkin Donuts on the way in to pick up two dozen donuts for his new co-workers, and also gets a coffee and a couple donuts for himself.

"Good morning!" Dan announced as he entered the building. "I brought breakfast!" he exclaimed as he set the donuts by the coffee machine.

"Oh, Dan, you didn't have to bring donuts!" Jackie, his new boss, said.

"I just wanted to do something nice for everyone on my first day," Dan replied.

"No, I mean you really didn't have to. We have donuts and coffee delivered here every morning paid for by corporate," Jackie said.

"Oh, well, we have extra today!" Dan said.

"Alright, let me get you introduced to everyone and show you around a bit, then I'll get you over to Barb to start training," Jackie said.

As they went around and Dan met his new coworkers, many of them mentioned the plethora of snacks that are provided in the break-room. A couple mentioned that "everyone who works here gains weight" and one even said, "Dan, you're going to put on some weight working here." Dan thought they were just messing with him since there were two dozen extra donuts today.

"Okay, that sums up the tour. Barb isn't quite ready yet so go ahead and wait in the break room and she'll come and get you," Jackie said, as she walked out the door.

Now we have Dan alone in the break room for an undetermined amount of time. He figured he wouldn't be in there long but went ahead and grabbed another donut since he was still kind of hungry and nobody was around to notice. When he finished that one his hand automatically grabbed another without him realizing it. This continued on for a while until Barb came and interrupted.

"It looks like you found the donuts!" Barb exclaimed, a big smile on her face.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, they sure are tasty!" Dan suddenly realized he'd eaten a whole dozen and was hoping Barb wouldn't notice.

"They sure are! You gotta be careful though, it's easy to gain weight here," Barb said.

"So I've heard..." Dan replied.

Barb lead Dan to her desk and started showing him some of the basics of his job. After about 30 minutes Barb announced that she was going to bathroom and that Dan was to wait at her desk. As he sat there, he looked around the office and realized there were no thin people, everyone was either a little chubby or obese.

When Barb returned to her desk she brought a bowl of popcorn. "Help yourself, Dan, I brought enough for the both of us!" Barb exclaimed.

Dan was feeling full at this point from his mindless donut binge, but didn't want to be rude so he matched Barb handful-for-handful on the pocorn while he watched and listened to her instructions. After a while Barb told Dan that he was free to have a 15 minute break. Not knowing what else to do, he went to the break room.

When Dan entered the break room he was greeted by the plethora of snacks from before, minus the one box of donuts he ate earlier. He sat for a few minutes just playing on his phone, but being surrounded by food lead to temptation. Dan eventually gave in and started working on the second box of donuts he had brought. Eating mindlessly again, his hand went to the box for another and came up empty. Shocked, Dan quickly put the empty box in the trash and wondered how he'd done that for the second time in just a few hours. His break would be over in a just a couple minutes so he went back out to Barb's desk.

"Welcome back! Ready to keep going?" Barb asked. "I sure am!" Dan said. Although, in his mind he was wondering if she mean keep going with the training, or the eating.

At lunch time everyone went to the break room. Dan was amazed to see the spread that had been set out... pulled pork sandwiches, chips and dip, cookies, coleslaw, french fries, and cheese cake. Everyone grabbed a plate and went through the line, Dan being toward the middle behind Melody.

"Oh, come on Dan, take some more, there's plenty!" Melody said as she put more food on the plate Dan had already loaded up.

Everyone sat down and chatted away while eating their meals. It was a very enjoyable conversation and he liked getting to know his coworkers. After Dan finished his overloaded plate of food he excused himself to the bathroom.

"What's this?" Dan asked as he returned, pointing out the full plate of food in his spot.
"Jean didn't think you'd had enough yet," Jackie said. "A growing boy's gotta eat!" Jean replied.
"Geez, at this rate I'll be growing, just maybe not up," Dan said sheepishly as he dug into his plate.

Everyone talked and laughed and Dan finished his second plate with some difficulty, and a over-sized portion of cheesecake. After lunch, the rest of the day went on much like the first half.

On the way home, Dan was thinking about all the food he had eaten at work and decided he would skip supper. Until he got a text from his roomate Andrew.

//There's a new restaurant in town that just opened today, you wanna go for dinner? I'm buying!//

Dan groaned at the idea of eating more, but had a hard rule of never turning down free food. He responded with, //Sure, where's it at?//

//It's called Dragon Village over on 1st and Delaware, meet me there at 6//

Dan hadn't heard of this place before, but Andrew was really good at finding weird new places to eat. Since he was no longer skipping supper, he decided to skip breakfast in the morning.

As Dan pulled into the parking lot at Dragon Village, he saw Andrew waiting for him by the front door. The two greeted each other and went inside.

A host sat them at a table and gave them menus while taking their drink order. Both boys ordered a beer and looked over the menu.

"Huh, that's weird." Dan said.
"Um, what?" Andrew asked.
"There aren't any prices on the menu." Dan said.
"I'll ask about that when the waiter comes," Andrew said.

A few seconds later a young man appeared with their beers and introduced himself as Sam.

"Alright, Sam, I got a question for ya," Andrew said, "Why aren't there any prices on the menu?"
"Ah! No one's told you? This is a buffet. It's $15 per person, and we bring the food to the table as you order. It provides a finer dining experience and it's easier to keep up sanitation rules when patrons don't have direct access to food."
"Fair enough, how 'bout ya give us a couple more minutes?" Andrew said. Sam agreed and bounced off to the next table.

"Well, I guess we're eatin' good tonight!" Andrew exclaimed.
Dan just grunted and continued looking at the menu. He'd eaten a ton already today but everything on the menu just looked so good. After a few minutes Sam returned.

"Alright, Sam, I'm ready to order...." Andrew took the last gulp left of his beer "another beer and I'll start out with the Jimmy Special."
"Excellent choice! And for you?" Sam asked to Dan.
"For lack of being able to decide, I'll get that too," Dan replied, not even having looked to see what the Jimmy Special is.

While Andrew and Dan waited for their food to come out, Dan finished off his first beer and Andrew his second. They weren't partiers by any means, they just got good at holding beer. Some nights at home they would "drink" their dinner, if you know what I mean.

Sam came back with a try full of plates and started setting them all down on Andrew's side of the table. "Wow, that's more than I expected!" Andrew said. "yeah, the jimmy special is big," Sam agreed, "and I'll be right back with yours," Sam said as he tapped his fingers on Dan's empty side of the table then walked away.

Dan looked at what had been set before Andrew... an oversized tenderloin with fries filling the rest of the plate, a large bowl a cole slaw, a small plate stacked with five or six pieces of corn bread, a large bowl of chili, and a salsbury steak with mashed potatoes.

"Wow, a buffet where you can get stuffed on just one course!" Dan said.
"On, no, I'll order more when this is gone," Andrew argued. Dan looked at him clearly confused. "I ate here yesterday, their food is delicious but not filling at all. I'd call this about half a meal."

Dan was starting to think he was dreaming. He had eaten a ton of food at work, and now here was with Andrew, who never ate excessively and was about to eat enough for three people and then some.

How will the night end? How much will Dan and Andrew really eat? Will this turn into a trend for Dan or remain a one day anomaly? Nobody knows! Well, I do, but I'm the narrator! Stay tuned for chapter two!
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ajchub 2 days
Nice story. Can't wait to see what happens to our guy's waistline, between the new workplace and the new buffet!
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