frozen in time

chapter 1

James and Carly had been dating since freshman year of college and were deeply in love. James was a fairly handsome man that liked typical nerd things and had a a masters degree in psychology. Carly was a cute blonde with beautiful green eyes and a kind heart. She was about 5'3" and 120 pounds. She had perky tits and a nice ass. She had a masters degree in engineering and loved her boyfriend. She enjoyed camping and would occasionally go hiking, but she never really considered herself the athletic type and spent a lot of time playing video games with James. However she wasn't your basic bitch "gamer girl" she just played them because they're fun. She didn't center her entire personality around it like some do. She was very opinionated and didn't care for people's bullshit. They had graduated from college about 6 months ago and were living together in an apartment in a small beach town about a 40 minute drive from San Jose where they both worked. James was working for a law firm as a divorce mediation counselor. Carly was working for a small tech start up as head of design. They made decent money and occasionally had a weekend free together when they would have a nice dinner and roll around in the sac for an entire Sunday. On one such weekend they were coming home from dinner and that is where our story begins.

"God! Ocean View Bistro was so good! The lobster casserole was to die for! And the crab cake appetizers made me want to crawl inside one and eat my way out!" Carly said as they entered the modest apartment.

"I know! I've been telling you, it's the best restaurant in Ungerville." James said locking the door behind him.

"Well you were right because that was absolutely fantastic!" She said seductively as she pullled him in for a long kiss. She looked at him longingly and he did the same. She turned around and starting heading for the bedroom and right before she got to the door she stopped ubruptly, slipped off her thin black dress revealing her bright pink underwear and said "Don't be too long cowboy." She walked into the bedroom and James followed, unbuttoning his shirt.

He finally got undressed and she laid down on the bed. He slipped off her pretty pink panties and she undid her bra. He slipped his dick in her and she started moaning. The two went at for quite some time until both climaxed and laid next to each other out of breath and smiling from ear to ear. "I love you so much" She said panting

"I love you too" he said doing the same. They finally caught their breath and started cuddling.

"I wish days like this'll could last forever." She said dreamily.

"Me too babe." He said falling asleep.
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karenjenk 2 months
i would have liked it more of the weight gain were spread out more.
like 10 lbs a month...
Ryan100000 5 months
This was interesting
The story was good, but to be honest the weight gain aspect was very unrealistic, I mean you cant gain 80 lbs in a month. But still, I enjoyed your work.
Wonder what would happen if time suddenly unfroze.