true love

chapter 1

(Lexi pov)

"I'm home!" I shout, my voice echoing throughout the flat. I throw my keys on the kitchen counter and spot Rhianna sat on the couch watching some random shit on the TV.

"Hey." She says, her mouth stuffed with something.
"Oooh, what's that you got there?" I joke.
"Ice cream, you want some?" She smiles. I place myself on her lap, mouth open in front of her. I hear her giggle to herself as she scoops up some chocolate ice cream and dumps it into my mouth.
"Mmmm, that's some good stuff." I moan in delight. She laughs, kissing me on the cheek.

"What's to eat? I could eat a whole pig!" I question.
"Oh I ordered pi-" before Rhianna could finish, she is interrupted by the door bell. "Pizzaaaaa!"

We always order from our favourite place down the road. They do pizzas for $5 that are the size that would feed 20 people. I usually only eat a quarter though.

"This time you best eat all of it!" Rhianna teases as she makes her way to the front door.
"Anything for you my love!" I laugh.

After paying for the food, Rhainna returns to the couch with six extra large pizzas, three large fries and four large bottles of soda.

"Man, I am ready for all this!" She grins.
"How am I going to eat all this! I'll loose my figure! Fitness is my job! If I don't keep up with my figure I'll end up unemployed!" I panic. Rhianna rushes over to me and pulls me into a tight embrace.
"Hey! Stop stressing! It's only three pizzas! It's not the end of the world! Can't you just say that your doing a project to encourage obese people to get fit? You can eat whatever you want and then take it all off again! Simple! Plus, I think you'd look amazing with a belly." She smirks. "Anyways, let's get onto this pizza!"

Rihanna's idea is good, I just don't know if I'm ready to let go of my figure. But, after meeting Rhianna, I have put on a bit of weight. Maybe I should let go?

I take a slice of my first large pizza and practically inhale it. I take another, the delectable taste becoming addictive as if it were a drug. I take a handful of fries and throw them in my mouth, the salty taste lingering on my tounge. I devour a few more slices of pizza until chugging a litre of the soda bottle. I go to reach for another slice of pizza until I realise I've eaten the whole one.

"Awww. You should of seen your cute little face when there wasn't a slice left!" Rhianna giggles. She places the next pizza in front of me, watching me as if she were watching a football match.

After two slice of my second pizza, I fall back into the couch, my belly sticking out of my workout t-shirt. How am I going to finish everything?
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frostxwatcher 10 months
very well done hope there is more as Lexi gets force fed fatter
Well done. Erotic and satisfying. You pack a lot of goodness into just a few words.