supergirl wg

chapter one

Kara was going about her normal day, walking to Catco when a strange feeling rang through her stomach. Her stomach let out a loud gurgle, clearly audible. Kara blushed as people stared at her and her gut while she walked past. While she did have quite the appetite, she didn't have much of a gut due to her Kryptonian genes. At least, not yet...

She decided to stop at a bakery on her way, but she ran into an odd lady.

"Supergirl? Isn't it really you?" The lady asked. But Kara was confused; she had her glasses on and her hair up. Making sure nobody was watching, she took the lady by the arm and into a backlot behind the building.

"How do you know who I am?" Kara asked.

"Well, I've never seen anyone else eat that much and still be stick thin" she pointed out, poking Kara in the abs. Kara didn't think much of it then, but later, oh, it came back to her.

A few hours later...

Kara was sitting in her apartment watching TV when her stomach gurgled again, sending a slight pain through the Kryptonian's body.

"I just fed you" she said subconsciously, getting up to grab some of the triple layer cake Mon El had made for her. She started eating, and finished the cake soon after. "Wow, this cake is good" she moaned. Wanting more food, she got up and scrambled through her kitchen,sting any and every bit of junk food she could find. About an hour later, Kara was finishing her last pint of ice cream, and her stomach continued to gurgle and grumble.

"What is up with you today?" She asked her stomach, not noticing the layers of flab covering it. She decided to go out as Supergirl seen as she had nothing left to do.

"I see you've put on a few pounds" the old lady commented. Kara was surprised because the lady was flying next to her. "If you like food that much, I have something in store for you" She cackled to herself, knocking Kara out and taking her hostage.

Kara awoke in a strange cell, the walls of the cell made of sugary sweets. She was all alone. She slowly got up and started to pace, trying to find a way out when her stomach continued to gurgle, sending a rifle of pain through her stomach. She looked down at her stomach, which was now bulging over the belt of her supersuit.

"What the hell?" She questioned as she slipped against the wall, slowly sitting on the floor. "How did I get so fat?" She questioned, now jiggling her belly in her hands. Her once flat stomach was now huge, bulging over the gold belt of her super suit. It was at least a good 32 inches larger than it was. The top of her super suit was strained against her breasts, which were now massive. This caused the S on her suit to stretch. The doughy fat cushioned all around her body, covering her ribs, her abs, and her spine. Estimating she weighed about 800 or 900 lbs now due to all the fat coating her body, she picked up the fat stomach in her hands, the fat melting around. Her belly button was a lot deeper now and she stuck her finger into it. Moaning at the sensation, she noticed the way her breasts gently fell onto her belly, at least triple their original size. She had a flabby ace that fell into a double chin. She continued to play with the fat, resting her big doughy belly on her thighs, which looked like they wouldn't allow her to walk. Her calf's were fatter too, the fat rising and slowly piling over the top of her boots. Her hands reached around and felt her ass, which sure enough, was fat too. Her butt must've at least tripled, if not quadrupled in size. While in shock and horror at how her size had nearly tripled, deep down inside she loved the new her.
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