Final fantasy feeding

Chapter 2

Tempted just to go on without it, Lulu remembered the words of her mentor.

“Black magic has earned a horrible reputation in the past. It is up to us to change Spira’s view of mages. No matter how uncomfortable, we must always look our best.”

Lulu knew she would need to keep struggling with the corset, but it seemed so futile. The damned thing would not close! She knew married life brought on surprises like weight-gain, but this was ridiculous. She stuffed the corset into her bag, determined to get the girls’ help with it later. Hearing a knock on the room’s door, she opened it slowly, finding a very accommodating and skittish innkeeper outside, with the tray of breakfast for the three travelers. Lulu took it gratefully, pressed some extra gil in his hand, and closed the door with a smile and a thank-you. She did not know why she was so hungry, but she hoped Yuna and Rikku would get here soon so they could eat.

Another knock sounded, with Yuna and Rikku entering. They all sat around the low table, on pillows and plush cushions, and began to grab food from the tray. They spoke not a word, but they all ate as if they had not eaten in weeks. Shoveling food hand over hand into their mouths, all three of them felt an insatiable hunger they could not describe. It was as though they needed more food, even though they had consumed more each than a family of four could, combined. When the food was gone, all three sat back, holding their aching stomachs, and almost gasped in unison at what they saw. Their clothes were straining to hold them in, their bellies so distended and stuffed they each looked to be pregnant and far overdue. Yuna struggled to sit up from the lounging position she had sunk into, only to find herself huffing and out of breath within a few seconds. Giving up, she collapsed back on the cushions, looking over at her companions.

“What just happened?” She asked quietly, still in shock at the growth in her own body.

“I…I don’t know,” Lulu replied. “It was as if I couldn’t stop. Then it was as though I didn’t want to stop! I could’ve eaten more if we’d had it.”

Rikku nodded. “Same here, Lulu. I don’t know what came over me, but it was as if I had to have more. Every bite made me hungrier than the last, and now look at us. We cannot even get up. I feel like a beached whale.” She slapped her expanded belly for emphasis.

Yuna yawned softly and brushed some stray crumbs from her chin. “I say we get a nap, sleep off some of this food, and then we get a fresh start later in the day. We’ll still make good time getting to Luca if we rest for a bit.”

Rikku nodded in agreement, and then reached up for the pull-cord above her head. “But first, Yunie, I want a snack.” The devious smile on her face made the others grin back at her. Their ballooning bodies would not stop their hunger yet.

A few hours later, “ballooning” was exactly what their bodies were doing. Still in the middle of stuffing themselves, all three failed to notice the creaking sounds surrounding them as they plumped up more and more. Suddenly, as Yuna went to shovel a pastry into her mouth, she heard a POP! With that, she felt the seams along each side of her blouse give out. Her bouncing breasts plopped out of the top, as did her taut belly. Yuna got the first good look at what had happened to her. Her belly had ballooned out much further than it was earlier in the day, making her feel it was difficult to breathe. Glancing at the others showed that they were near the same bursting point. She also realized they were not even glancing up to see what she saw. It was as if they could not stop eating.

Yuna looked back down to her tightly packed belly, amazed at her expanding girth. She put her hands on it, rubbing it slowly, and felt a zing of energy go through her when she did so. Keeping one hand rubbing her plumped belly, she dug into the food again. They would need to call for more soon, and it was her turn to order. At the moment, though, all Yuna could think of was needing to stuff her body even fuller than it was. Before too much longer, all three laid back in a gluttonous stupor, each rubbing her over-stuffed belly lazily. They slipped into a blissful sleep, completely unaware of each other.
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The Donut King 12 years
I don't think this will ever be finished...but that's alright because it's a great story!
16 years
Was gud, but kind of fizzled out near the end.
More description after the girls get taken to zanarkand and fattened up wud of been nice.
Yuna was the only focus at the end wud of liked more fattening of the other two as well.
Fatlilboy 16 years
Alas, all the world loveth a harem.....especially a fattening harem. A bevy of beautiful bbw's. A swarm of ssbbw's. Need we continue? I feel it's always a good thing to do so. Nice story.