Riddle with sister

chapter 2: the solution

I felt ready to take my chance with the solution, "well, you didn't show me any older photos of any of you yet, but I would guess that three years ago, when she was of the same age you are now, she was smaller than your current weight..."

She raised her eyebrows, and tried to put on as curious of a face as possible, "... and?"

"I guess that must be it! You were both thinner back then, you were always thinner than her, but if we compared your weights when you would be at the same age, you would be the biggest one. I mean you are fatter now than she was when she was your age."

"You're so smart", whispered she, while pulling me into her soft embrace, so she could kiss me on my forehead.

"We were slightly chubby as kids", she started to explain, "it seems to run in the family. And as we grew up, we slowly but surely filled out. It seems it's very easy for me to gain weight, and hard to lose it. I guess my sister is much luckier, as she was always a big food-lover and ate much more than me, but we gained weight at the same rate. That she's fatter than me is only because she had a few years head start. If I had the same lack of control or the same appetite as her, she would now look skinny next to me."
As I didn't interrupt her, she continued, "anyway, she always liked to stuff herself with food, and didn't really care about the consequences. Yes, a few times she did complain about how fat she's getting, and how she can't stop eating, but she just loves food too much to do anything serious against it. And her ballooning up certainly had an influence on me. No, I can't blame her for all of this", she said as she sunk both her hands into her belly, raised it up, and let it fall down and wobble a little before coming to rest, "I guess I would have ended up rather plump even without her being around, but I would certainly have not gotten this big. We went almost everywhere together, we had the same circle of friends, so I was never the fattest one in the group. And even when we grew out of the chubby category and became true fatties, the few times I started getting concerned about my expanding proportions, somehow my mind was always put at easy when I've seen how blissful my sister is, and as I'm not as fat as her, I felt I didn't have anything to worry about. Also, I was never really harassed for my weight, probably because I always looked confident and happy. And as we grew to a size where some issues were popping up which thinner people never face, she faced them first, so they never took me by surprise, so I didn't panic. When she complained how her thighs started rubbing together by walking, I knew what it meant when it started happening to me a year or two later. And when tying shoelaces started becoming a little uncomfortable for her, well, when I reached the same size, she was already bigger and could still manage herself, so I was always seeing her size as manageable but the absolute maximum I'll allow myself to get, and decided that if I ever reach it I'll start dieting... but when I reached that size, she was bigger yet again, and it didn't look really so horrible, at least not bad enough to warrant changing all my habits. Yes, a few times we tried some half-assed diets, always together, but they always failed: she was too much in love with food, and for me, it wasn't that much at stake as the thinner one", she accentuated the last words with an air quote.

It was an interesting sensation to hear her talk about her weight for so long, it was somehow strangely satisfying. I don't know why, but I could have listened to her for an eternity talking about her body, while watching and discovering every part of it again.

"Also", she continued, "it became a habit for us to often compare and measure each other, and as we discovered that at every measurement we gained the same amount of weight as the other one, we got accustomed to it, as if it was our fate. This is also why I can speak so naturally about my weight, I guess not many people of my size can do it. As strange as it sounds, this bound us together even more. Yes, there were a few times, few and far between, when it bothered me to be defined by my sister's weight and to be seen by some as not a person on my own but as a slightly younger and slightly less obese version of her, and I was then tempted to break the cycle. But there were only two ways to do this, and I didn't have enough motivation to follow through either of them. One of them would have been to lose a lot of weight, but you already know I didn't want to spend the rest of my life carefully counting calories and not being able to enjoy any meals. The other one would have been to get as fat as her, I mean at the same time, not just compensated for the age difference. Strangely the idea didn't horrify me as much as I thought it would, but I still didn't like it, partly because I always felt just shy of being too fat to accept myself, and partly because it would mean a lot of weight. You know, if she kept gaining as I know she would, I wouldn't have only needed to gain the difference between us, but also the amount she would gain in the meantime. But forget that, most of the time I enjoyed this relation between us, it had many upsides. And", she grinned, "I got to inherit many of her best clothes. When she grew one out, I knew that soon it will be a perfect fit for me."

"Didn't she envy you for that?"

"For what? The clothes? It was never a problem, at least she could get new ones, she was never clinging to anything for too long. Or you mean that I was just slightly less of a butterball than her? We both knew that correcting for age I was the fattest, and that she had a better metabolism. Well, maybe the only thing where we were a little competitive, was our hair. We had much longer hair, we only cut it less than a year ago."

I already though about that, she still had the habit of pushing back at her non-existing tresses with her hands, an indication of having had longer hair for a very long time, but somehow I never raised this topic with her.

"To have something other than our weights to measure and compare, we let our hair grow and had a friendly competition about it. At the end we drove it to such an absurd level, that we both had hair reaching below our knees."

"You must have looked really splendid with such hair."

"Well, we both liked having long hair, but that was getting really uncomfortable and unmanageable. However, you know how it is, no one wants to cut it first, lest the other one 'wins'. But when we got to the point where our hair started catching dust on the floor when we were sitting in a chair, we called it a truce, and got a haircut the same day."

"It almost pains me to hear this, didn't you pity your hair that you cut it so short?"

"Hah, if this is short, you should have seen me then, it was not more than an inch long! I just wanted to experience how it feels having short hair! I like it long but manageable the most, to the waist or just a little longer, so if I let it grow back anyway, at least I wanted to use the opportunity to try out a really short style! Well, as you can see", she combed through her shoulder-length hair with her fingers, "it grows pretty fast. Will still take a couple of years to reach a length I would really like though, given I'll have the patience for it".
"Well it will surely be worth to invest into a long-term relationship so I can play with your long hair", I laughed.

"This reminds me", she smiled back, "do you know why I asked you the riddle?"
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Curiousv 6 years
Chapter 3 was called "conclusion", because I intended it as the ending of the story. What would happen after that, is left to the imagination of the reader. But I don't think it's so hard to guess smiley
Theswordsman 6 years
Wow! This is a good story and i hope it continues but i learned i am terrible at riddles.
Curiousv 6 years
Well she didn't, did she?
And it's explicitly mentioned in general that although Katie was never really dieting, she didn't overeat really that much.
Theswordsman 6 years
I mean what if katie eats more while her sister weighs more
Curiousv 6 years
What do you mean by that?
Theswordsman 6 years
Could the sister eat more like a fat person then her larger sister
Curiousv 6 years
Added another hint ...
Curiousv 6 years
No, and I thought it was obvious from the story that she was talking about the person who was present at the evening and described in great detail.

But thanks for the guess. I'll post a further hint if no one gets close.
Theswordsman 6 years
Could she have more then one sister?