Tammy's secret

chapter 9

There were no two ways about it now. Tammy was a fat girl. And fat girls were expensive! Mark started to spend massive amounts of his cash on keeping the newly fattened Tammy overfed, but every last crumb of food was worth it. He wanted to shout from the rooftops with pride as Tammy grew too fat for her favourite dresses and pants... size 18, 20...22!

Mark was very affectionate in public towards Tammy. He was proud of his obese girlfriend, and he didn't care who saw that. But the added bonus was that it continued to give Tammy the confidence she needed to let her appetite grow with her bloated belly and ass.

One morning, as Tammy and Mark were waking up from a night of drinking out with friends, Mark was lying behind Tammy stoking her fat, fluffy belly as they were content in bed. Tammy could feel Mark's penis growing harder as it pushed against her chubby butt whilst Mark swirled his hand around the bulk of Tammy's tummy. Suddenly, she turned to face Mark, and kissed him sweetly. She looked like the had something to say.

'Do you...' began Tammy awkwardly. 'Would you...' Mark's heart was beating in his chest. Was this finally the moment that Tammy would ask him? 'What would you say if I wanted to grow... fatter?' she turned her eyes away now, embarrassed. 'I mean, on purpose.' She paused, returning her eyes to Mark's face searching for clues of his reaction. 'Say, another 50lbs or so...'

Mark looked at Tammy blankly. 'Do you really want to know?' he asked. 'Are you ready for the answer?'

Tammy nodded solemnly.
'Well if you really want to know... I'd prefer it if you gained another 100lbs or more,' he said simply. '50lbs would be hot and everything, but it wouldn't really make you big enough, I don't think.'

Tammy looked shocked. 'You're... you're in to this?' she asked, barely hiding the grin that was starting to curl the sides of her mouth.

'Oh yeah,' Mark breezed. 'I have from the start. I'm the one who has been nagging you to tell your boyfriend that you're in to this for months online.'

Tammy's jaw fell to the floor. 'That guy online. That's you?'

'Yeah, that's me,' smiled Mark. 'I've wanted to tell you for so long, but...' he began. It was hard to explain. 'I felt that you needed to explore this yourself first. Accept it and then bring me along for the ride; but only when you were ready. Not that I didn't do my best to help you on your way...' he grinned, patting Tammy's fat belly, spilling on to the mattress under the bed clothes.'

Tammy looked puzzled for a few more seconds and then smiled again. 'I think I'm ready....' she grinned.

'Good...' Mark nodded, hopping out of bed and pulling Tammy up as well. Then they ambled over to the mirror, with Mark getting behind Tammy as they stood in front of a mirror, resting his chin on Tammy's shoulder. He placed his hands on Tammy's hips and then slowly started to move them to explore Tammy's fat stomach, lifting up her night shirt and exposing the pale, flabby flesh. 'I've had these size 28 jeans in the back of my cupboard for months that I've been wanting to fatten you in to,' he admitted, slowly pulling down Tammy's underwear. 'Do you think you might be ready for that?' he asked, whispering in to Tammy's ear as he slid his hand and fingers around Tammy's groin.

Tammy mumbled happily, rolling her head back at the pleasure of being touched by Mark. 'I'm ready...' she breathed.

'All you have to do is ask...' Mark whispered. 'Just ask and it's yours...'

Tammy felt herself climaxing with incredible speed, having finally confronted Mark about her suspicions and having them so clearly confirmed. 'Will you...' she breathed, 'Will you be my feeder?' she asked, struggling to get out a sentence.

'And what is it you want me to do to you?' Mark asked, knowing just how to hold Tammy on the edge of an orgasm.

'Make me fatter...' huffed Tammy.

'How much fatter?' Mark cooed, sweetly into her ear.

'F- f- four hundred...' Tammy stammered, barely keeping it together.

'Ooh..!' Mark grinned, happily. 'What a nice fat belly that will give you huh? Just look at yourself and imagine that...' Mark ordered. Tammy's eyes looked greedily at her belly as the fat rippled through it with Mark's hand sliding within her crotch. 'Ask me again...' Mark insisted.

'W-w...' she huffed. '...Will you be my feeder. Make me... Make me 400lbs...' she panted.

Mark held her on the edge of climaxing until he had whispered his one word reply. 'Yes.'

Mark had never heard a fat girl squeal with pleasure as much in his life.
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