An american dream

Chapter 2 - the new boyfriend

The two young students walked into Dan's favourite burger joint, both inhaling the greasy smells as soon as they arrived. Alina looked around at the d├ęcor and large tables. "This is more like it!" she grinned. "This is a real American fast food place!"

Dan strutted up to the counter confidently. "I'll have the monster burger meal please; with a strawberry milkshake," he asked without even needing to glance at the menu. The lady smiled and looked up at Alina who was still trying to translate the menu in her head. "Just get the same as me," Dan nodded knowingly. "Trust me, it's pretty good here."

Two minutes later, there was silence at the table as Dan and Alina tried to tackle the massive mountain of food they each had.

"Cheese on the fries?" Alina marvelled, lifting one up and staring at it as the fatty cheese stretched and tried to cling on to the mess of other fries. She then sat back and looked awe-struck at the height and weight of her burger. "This is huge!" she laughed, but Dan already held his in both hands and was making his way through it. Alina did the same, lifting it up gingerly so as to keep it all together; opening her mouth as wide as she could and taking her first bite. "Mmm, good!" she mumbled through her first mouthful.

Dan looked across, chuckling at the sight of the gorgeous, petite girl trying to eat such a large meal. He had to admit, finding it so much easier than Alina to eat such a big meal made him feel pretty good. Like the sort of American man a girl like Alina would look up to.

Dan had finished quite quickly and watched for the next five minutes as Alina tried her best to finish. The poor girl looked flushed and held her tight stomach, as if she were trying to stop it from exploding.

"It's alright," Dan laughed, "you're just not used to eating this much in one go," he consoled her, pulling her tray towards himself and helping Alina out by eating a few of her cheesy fries, until her food was completely gone.

It was a successful trip, but now that their workload was increasing, Dan didn't see as much of Alina during the next week. His department was on a separate campus and the amount of reading he was having to do was overwhelming him slightly. Still, the weekend came and Alina called asking if he wanted to meet up. "You can meet my new boyfriend!" she announced proudly.

Dan was impressed. Alina had only been here four weeks and she had already got herself a guy; not that he ever expected a beautiful, fun girl like her to be single for long!

That evening, Dan waited outside one of the library buildings for Alina who would shortly be arriving with her new boyfriend. He began to picture Alina's new guy in his head; a sexy, chiselled stud who was just as blunt and forward as Alina. That was when he had a start, as Alina placed a hand on his shoulder and he realised that they had somehow snuck up on him from the opposite direction to what he had expected.

Dan smiled at Alina, who was grinning proudly with a much taller, round and very overweight man next to her. "Dan, meet my beautiful new boyfriend, Taylor!" she announced, with all the passion of a young girl in a new relationship. "Isn't he dreamy?!" she marvelled, putting her hand on his big, lazy, round and oversized butt. She shifted her hand up to his dripping love handle and then squeezed him in to her sexy body for a hug.

Taylor smiled gingerly at Dan; wearing the expression of a man who realised he had pretty much just won the lotto.
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I like it .Just like all of your stories.