An american dream

Chapter 3 - junior burger

Dan was slightly taken aback. What was a beautiful girl like Alina doing with a flabby, unfit porker like Taylor? She could have her pick of any of the guys here; so why would she choose him? Dan wasn't a slim guy himself, but Taylor was only an inch shorter than him and at least 60lbs heavier; with pure blubber encircling his soft waistline.

Taylor walked hand-in-hand with his stunning lover as Dan led the way to the same burger joint he had taken Alina last time. Alina had insisted in going there again and was not going to compromise. "Taylor has never been," she squeaked with excitement, "so he has no idea how amazing the place is!"

Dan smiled, pleased that Alina had enjoyed the place so much last time. When they got there, he ordered his large meal first and then Alina echoed his order confidently behind him. Both of them looked at Taylor expectantly as he gave his order.

"I'll just have the junior burger please. No fries," he mumbled.

The order seemed to catch Alina by surprise. "You don't want anything else?" she asked, with a look of disappointment.

Dan could see that Alina was not wasting any time once her huge burger meal was ready. She sat down, widened her stance and held the huge burger in her hand with serious determination. Taylor meanwhile, nibbled slowly on his small burger as the other two set to work.

"This is mine and Dan's favourite place to eat," Alina explained to Taylor through a mouthful of food. "They do the best cheesy fries!" she smiled happily, lifting one up and popping it into her mouth with a lot less difficulty than the last time.

Dan smiled. He had only been here with Alina once, but from the way she was able to down her food with ease, it was almost as if she had been practising. "Have you tried any of the other fast food places I pointed out to you?" he asked subtly.

Alina had just taken a big mouthful, but nodded enthusiastically and chewed quickly so that she could list off the places to Dan.

"...And that place is really good," Alina finished. "But the pizza place is where I met Taylor," she turned, placing a hand on her obese boyfriend's back and looking at him admiringly. "I think pizza must be more his thing," she excused him, looking disappointedly at the half eaten burger still in his hand.
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I like it .Just like all of your stories.