chapter 2

Sasha stood in the Lab's bathroom and stared at the mirror to see what had happened to her body. Her cheeks looked fuller from yesterday, but she could see without glasses for once. She wasn't a fan of the other side effects that happened. She had spent the past few hours in Dr. Pullman's lab while he ran tests on her blood, next they were to run an MRI and cat scan to make sure nothing else was wrong with her.

She began to strip to her underwear and could feel her breasts flop around. Her belly wiggled a bit when she took off her shirt to see that her once flat stomach now stuck out a bit more. She couldn't see the waistband of her panties anymore, because the flesh from her belly covered it. The panties also struggled to cover Sasha's now fuller and rounder butt. After all, they were meant for a person forty pounds lighter.

She heard a knock on the door.

"Are you ready, Sasha?" Dr. Pullman asked.

Sasha let out a loud sigh and opened the door following Dr. Pullman to examing table. He patted the table, and Sasha sat down looking down at her once flat stomach. Her once small tummy now was settled on the top of her lap with three fleshy rolls stacked upon another with her breasts sitting on top of them.

Dr. Pullman shined a light into her eyes and then pulled out a stethoscope. He listened to her heart and lungs as she breathed in. He didn't look concerned about what anything outside her ever-growing figure.

Everything seems to seem normal," Dr. Pullman said. "except it seems the fat cells in your body are duplicating at an exponential rate."

"I can see that and feel it with every jiggle." Sasha snapped.

Sasha paused for a moment and felt the same sensation she felt before in the elevator. Her belly began to grumble loudly as she watched her love handles grow further out. "It's happening again, Dr. Pullman!" she shouted.

She watched as her belly expanded and started to settle further on her lap and her breasts began to swell pushing the limits of her bra. She felt the band from her panties finally snap as she felt her bare thick ass touch the cold metal of examination table. She stood quickly, and her entire body quivered.

Dr. Pullman left for a moment to grab the scale. Sasha looked at her body it had gone from being thicker to being plump. Her thighs rubbed and wobbled every step she took.

Dr. Pullman came into the room with calipers and scale. Sasha stepped on to scale to read that now said 190lbs. She had gained a total of 73 pounds in less than 24 hours. Dr. Pullman pulled out the calipers and grabbed a mound of Sasha's abundant belly. "Amazing, the duplication seems to be accelerating!" Dr. Pullman exclaimed.

"This isn't amazing," Sasha yelled. "I am freaking huge!"

She grabbed a handful of her belly and began to shake it. It waved and wiggled as she moved her hands up and down. "This isn't what I signed up for, and you need to fix it."

Dr. Pullman pulled up a chair and looked at Sasha's chubby figure. He began to stroke his chin and went into thought. He would have to go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to reverse engineer what was happening to Sasha's body. "I will figure this out, Sasha," he promised.

"Right now!"

"This isn't simple," Dr. Pullman said. "it will take a few days if I am lucky."

"What I am supposed to do then?" Sasha shouted.

"I guess you will have to just chunk up a bit more."

Sash began to sob she knew she should have never agreed to let Dr. Pullman try to recode her. Dr. Pullman tried to comfort her by assuring her that he would find a way to "fix this." Dr. Pullman ran a gamut of tests on Sasha from MRI to CAT scans. Everything appeared normal except her ever expanding figure.

Dr. Pullman took some genetic material from Sasha. He encouraged her to go home and wait for him to call her to try to reverse what was happening to her.

She stood up and went to the bathroom to retrieve her clothes. She struggled to squeeze into her clothes. The once oversize shirt rode up exposing parts of her fleshy midriff, and the sleeves hardly had any room to spare on her thick arms. When she pulled her yoga pants up, Sasha tucked her round belly under the waistband pushing the stretchy fabric to the brink as tightly held her belly and newly acquired bubble butt.

When she left the lab, she passed some of her classmates. She could tell that none of them could recognize her as she walked by. The former driven bookish thin girl had been replaced and now was stuck in a round chubby body. What scared Sasha the most was she knew she was going to get bigger before it was all over.

Knowing the fact that the pounds were going to keep piling on her. Sasha stopped by the mall to buy some larger clothes. When she parked her car, the sensation and rumble came back. She watched as her belly began to bounce and free itself from the waistband of the yoga pants. The wiring in her bra finally gave out as her breasts grew. Her hips and bottom widen across the car seat. She looked at her hands as her once slender fingers looked sausages on the steering wheel. When she looked at the mirror, she could see her round face and the double chin that was beginning to form.

Dr. Pullman was right all she could do is watch helplessly as she continued to become heavier and rounder. Or as the doctor said to chunk up. When she exited the car, Sascha looked at her belly and realized it had separated a little bit into a B shape. She tried helplessly to try to tuck her belly back into her yoga pants, but between her thick hips and round bubble that was now her ass. It was simple, there was no room to fit a stout round belly in the yoga pants now.

When Sascha walked into the mall, she could feel the stares from others looking at her body. The thick thighs rubbing together and the wobble of her peach shaped rear moving with every step. She walked into the store and grabbed clothes and a new bra. She was now a tight size 20, and her breasts filled an H cup. She looked into the mirror of the dressing room, and could hardly recognize herself just yesterday she weighed less than 120lbs and she surmised right now she was reaching close to 240 if not more.

The Transmorphis was accelerating.
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