chapter 3

It felt warm and soft, but most of all it felt squishy as Sasha began to open her eyes as she felt the mountain of flesh that had become her belly. Sasha struggled for a moment to roll over, eventually rolling to the side as the adipose that spread through body rippled from her succulent thighs to her robust belly. When she stood up, Sasha knew she was heavier than yesterday but wasn't sure how much fatter she had become. The truth was she was scared of how much weight had crept up on her as she slept.

As Sasha stood up, the once thin woman looked down to notice that she could no longer see her feet. All she could see was the top of her toes. She tried to bend over to see a closer look, but between her now larger breasts and double belly, the effort proved fruitless. She stood in her room only in the bra and thong she had bought yesterday. The wiring in the bra seemed strained from the new size of her breasts which almost seemed like melons in weight and shape. She walked to her bathroom and turned to see the rolls on her back that lead down to her round and plump bottom. She was correct there was no way the larger panties she bought yesterday would have survived her ass expanding the way it did overnight.

Sasha paused as she looked at the scale, she almost feared how high the number would be. She slowly walked over and closed her eyes as she put her feet on it. After a few moments, she heard the scale beep. Sasha opened her eyes. They widened as she was in shock by the number that she now saw.

285. The transmorphis had duplicated her fat cells more overnight adding 45 more pounds to Sasha.

"Oh god, I am almost 300 pounds!" She screamed feeling defeated.

Sasha picked out the size 22 pants and 2x shirt she had bought to prepare for her growth, but she couldn't get the pants over her lush thighs. The shirt didn't fare much better either. The bottom of her belly was left hanging out of the fabric.

She huffed a sigh of frustration, as Sasha put on her size 24 pants and 3x shirt. Sasha struggled for a bit but was able to put both of them. She was worried though because they fit rather tightly on her body. The redshirt she had picked out showed every roll and lump on her upper body. The pants seemed like she was almost poured into them. Her hips and thighs pushed the fabric to its limit and the back fit tightly on her massive butt.

"Dr. Pullman better finds a way to make me skinny again," she said as she grabbed her stomach to a handful of flesh.

Sasha sat at her computer feeling defeated because all she could do now is wait for Dr. Pullman to call hopefully being able to reverse what had happened to her body. She began to feel a tingle over her body and rumble in her belly. She knew it was coming and all she could do was unbutton her pants to make room for the new pounds.

The newly purchased red shirt began to ride up her upper body as new doughy fat roll formed at the bottom of her belly. Sasha looked down to see five large and thick rolls that formed her belly. Her breasts began to grow as well settling after a moment on the top roll of flesh. When Sasha's hips and butt began to become meatier, she could feel the armrests of her computer chair digging into her squishy body. Sasha's bottom half was now stuck in the chair. She struggled to get out of the chair as her belly jiggled and her breasts bounced off her fat rolls.

When she finally managed to free herself from the chair, Sasha realized she was quite winded. How much longer could she wait she thought to herself as walked back to the bathroom to see how much you weighed now.

When Sasha walked towards the bathroom, she noticed she took up a majority of the door frame. She stopped at the bathroom mirror to her horror. Her once thin face now was round with thick cheeks, and a layer of fat was underneath her chin. Her belly had grown so much that it had separated more with a fat haunch at the bottom. She turned to the side to see her arms had also received a good deal of weight leaving what used to be triceps with a fold jiggly skin. Her ass had become even more massive sticking out further than she could ever imagine.

She took a deep breath and stepped on the scale to see it now read it 335. At this rate, she would be 400 pounds before nightfall.

She panicked and cried as she reached for her phone calling Dr. Pullman. The phone rang and went to voicemail as Sasha started to become angry.

"Dr. Pullman you have to call me back," Sasha screamed. "if I keep going this rate I will be immobile in days."

Sasha looked down at her body, she patted her belly and watched as it rippled. "I can't do this anymore."

Sasha looked around for clothes that would fit her obese body, but she was already wearing the largest size she had purchased. She gave up quickly and went to her car. Her rear and hips overlapped the size of her seat and brushed against the middle console. She grabbed the seatbelt and buckled it over her enormous girth feeling the belt rub against her bare fat rolls. She quickly drove to campus and walked towards Dr. Pullman's lab.

She could feel the stares of the other students staring as she waddled with her pants unbuttoned and bare belly jiggling with each step. She didn't care though. Sasha would find a way to rid the bulky flesh off her body and go back to the 117lbs she was less than 48 hours ago.

Sasha walked into the lab to see Dr. Pullman looking into a microscope for a moment and then he began typing into a computer. She immediately became angry that he had not answered his phone. He turned and looked in shock to see how much Sasha has grown.

"Dr.Pullman why didn't you answer your phone," Sasha screamed.

"I am busy trying to figure out how to reverse what is happening to you."

"Look at me," Sasha shouted. "I am a freaking blimp!"

"I am working on it right now." Dr. Pullman tried to say calmly as Sasha walked over to where he was working. She looked at the computer and saw another syringe labeled TS-345.

"Is that the cure?" She asked feeling a little bit hopeful.

"Possibly," Dr. Pullman answered. "I need to do some more testing."

Sasha felt the sensation and the rumble in her belly. It was louder than before, and she began to cry.

"No, No, No," Sasha screamed. "please no!"

She looked down to see her love handles becoming thicker and the bottom of her belly become fuller. Sasha's hips started to widen, and she could hear a loud ripping noise come from behind her. The back of her pants had lost the battle against Sasha's bottom. She could feel the cold air on her large butt cheeks. Her breasts grew to lift the redshirt up even more.

She looked and saw the scale from yesterday stepping on it to see she now weighed 385.

She began to cry for a moment and turned to Dr. Pullman. She looked at the syringe and lunged at him using her heavy body to her advantage. She took the syringe as Dr. Pullam tried to calm her down.

"Sasha, I know you are desperate, " Dr. Pullman said calmly. "but I haven't done enough testing. The effects could be irreversible or could kill you."

"Anything is better than this!"

She plunged the needle into her skin and hit the plunger pushing all of the contents into her body. She felt a bit of relief for a moment as it did not kill her. She looked at Dr. Pullman who walked over to her cautiously. Sasha seemed calm for a moment.

She felt fine until her body began to tingle and the rumble of her belly as Sasha looked over to Dr. Pullman in a panic.

Dr. Pullman watched in horror as Sasha began to grow again. He watched her belly almost double in size adding rolls of fat even while she stood. Her face became fuller, as she developed a third chin. Her hips expanded ripping the remainder of her pants, and her ass jiggled from the added cellulite and fat.

When it calmed it almost seemed Sasha had doubled in sized. She looked at Dr. Pullman with tears in her eyes.

"I am so sorry, Sasha," he said.

She calmly waddled over to the scale and stepped. She had to know the damage that she had done to herself. She had passed her fear of being 400lbs and watched as the number shot up to 515.

She was at a loss for words until she heard the rumble in her belly again and the sensation take over her body.
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