the fat contest

#1 first part of the prolog

Prolog to My diary
This began a year and a half ago and reached a turning point when Mark and I had supper at a tavern simply called Tubby's Place. It was December, just before Christmas. Mark and I split one of Tubby's famous Tubby Bacon Supreme burgers. The Tubby's burger is a half pound of beef and too big for anyone of moderate size to eat. Many people from school have one cut in half and either share it or take half home. My BF & roommate, Mark and I came here occasionally as a treat.
My Mark is 6'1" with a narrow waste, hard abs, broad shoulders; an Adonis.
God! He's handsome and so strong. I love to run my hands over his chest and abs. I get shivers and so hot when he's close. Sometimes, I just can't keep my hands off him. He works out almost every day. In fact, that's where I met him, the campus gym. He would spot for me and it wasn't long before we were dating and not much longer before we decided to live together. There was more than a magic between us. It was a meeting of the minds; the perfect yin and yang.
Mark is also an excellent cook but that's easy to understand. He's in cooking school studying to be a chef. There are times when I'd get this urge to just shove all his luscious creations into my face, sit there with my belly sticking out, and grinning like Disney's Cheshire cat in 'Alice in Wonderland.'
Every night Mark has something new and tasty. Most times, I eat like a bird and work at exercising just to keep my size in check. At other times I like to go for a real muscle burn in my workouts and afterwards, I try to eat everything in sight (including my man).
But, I'm not into actual body building. Most times, I just want to keep my feminine curves and maybe add a little more softness on the outside.
Oh ya, Tubby's...
While we were eating, my attention came to a printed card on the table,
"Wanted. Five ladies and five men to compete in our first annual Tubby contest. Prizes are awarded to the person gaining the most weight (in each class) in 32 days. First place in each class $10,000. Second place $8,500. Third place $7,000. Fourth place $5,500. Fifth place $4,000. Accepted contestants eat free for one year. Lady's class - Up to 5 qualified competitors will be selected to compete. Men's class - Up to 5 qualified competitors will be selected to compete. Decisions of the judges will be final..."
"Did you see this?" I said.
Mark stopped chewing and slowly read the card. His eyes flashed to me and then back to his food.
"What do you think?" I asked.
His eyes came back to me. "What do you mean?" he asked.
"I don't know...just fantasizing."
"I bet $10,000.00 will be tempting to people like me. A lot of students could really use the money," I added.
Mark's eyes came back to me again. He stopped chewing and starred at me for several seconds and then went back to eating. No answer.
A couple of days later, I brought the subject up again, "What would you think if I entered the contest? $10,000.00?"
"I guess it'd be OK. You're probably looking at a 30 pound weight gain, maybe more. Be sure you know what you want," he answered.
I wanted more from him. I had wanted him to say he would coach and feed me in this contest. I wanted to say I was intrigued with pursuing gaining weight again and competing for the $10,000.00 but, I hesitated.
The next day, Mark brought it up, "So what are you thinking about the contest?"
"Hmmm, he's interested," I thought.
"Well, I could live with a gain of 20 or so pounds for a short while and then let it fall off after the competition, maybe. What do you think?" I answered.
"Not an issue for me but I think you need to be really sure about what you want before you step through that door again," he responded and left for a class.
Two more days later, I decided to take a chance.
"I think my face is too thin, my butt is too thin and I want to be free to eat more of what I like," I blurted out, "There were times over the years when I've fantasized about being bigger. I think I'd like to really try being heavier, having a big girl shape and right now, the prize money makes it very appealing."
I held my breath. Would this be the end of us? Where was my Marky's mind really at?
He sat staring at me for a minute. I couldn't read his face, but it seemed that he was formulating words. If this would be good bye, well then I'd just have to live with it. If he isn't comfortable with me and one of my inner-most secrets, then its best we agree to go our separate ways, now.
But shit! I'd miss him so.
To be continued...

(Author's Note:)
This is a rewrite of something I did long ago. Written in a diary format, it describes in detail how Ann's boyfriend fattened her during a contest. (Note: There actually was a contest once...30 pounds in 30 days.)
Long ago, my story was published on Smashwords under the name... "A Diary of My Gain" at...

And don't forget that there are two other stories running that I hope you will like... "The Cruise" & "The Bimbo Pill." Each is in a different format.

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JM Ross 1 day
billedmeup: (Much more coming.)
Nok: Thanks for your thoughts.
JM Ross 1 day
The thirty pounds in thirty days thing really happened. They accepted a guy and a girl and offered (I think it was...) $3,000 if they could gain thirty pounds in thirty days. The guy made it easily and the girl got sick. (Not from overeating
A very fun read through Chapter 12. I am hoping for more since the contest isnít over.
Nok 6 days
ditto, JM, love romance. Though I'm more of a "hardy" for it, lol. Often the hottest part...
karenjenk 3 weeks
I like how you start slow and make it seem like it could really happen.
Cant wait to read more!
Terri2 3 weeks
This is getting interesting.
JM Ross 3 weeks
TY Nok.
I'm always a softy for romance. Always have to slip a little in.
Hope you like it again.
Nok 4 weeks
Have a diary of my gain, and liked it through the contest portion. the 30 in 30... wasnt that on sparks or something? Think I still have that saved somewhere. They got like 3 grand for it haha. damn. 20 yrs?
Terri2 4 weeks
An interesting idea and beginning. I hope it's as good as your other stories.