The spectacular spiderman

  By Fatj

chapter 3

Sitting next to Peter's hospital bed watching the tiny pixilated tvs that they had situated on a wall, Peter awoke from a deep extremely painful dream. Being beat up by venom and Blacking out. He could barely move a muscle without something hurting, even breathing was a hassle.
"Hey buddy" Eddie said as Peter stured awake
"Hey" Peter said as he realized where he was. It's been about a week and he put himself into a coma which put a lot of stress on Eddie's shoulders.
"I brought you some grub" Eddie said slamming a giant bag of greasy food in a paper bag on the bedside table.
"Wow thanks" he said "but I'm not hungry" Peter said moving the table away from him.

A few weeks and meals later and Peter was up on his good leg using a crutch to get the hell out of there. Eddie hadn't brought up their alter egos to Peter yet and he wasn't planning too. Peter was in a cast and his leg was busted for shit having to walk on crutches and fighting crime was out of the question.
Eating a burger in Eddie and Pete's favorite burger joint a sudden burst of unexpectedness occurred as Peter's extremely too tight jeans erupted sending the button flying. He blushed and tried to pull his tight shirt to cover the gaping hole reveling his underwear.
"Did your pants just rip?" he asked looking under the table.
"No, just the button"
"Its fine babe, just finish your burger." And Peter did, with much gusto. He ate everything with gusto now and days. Almost like he liked it.
Walking home in busted jeans he saw a dollar bill on the ground and when he went to pick it up he felt a loud RIPPP noise come from his behind.
"Jesus Pete" Eddie said as he saw Peter's bulging ass expand as it jiggled settling as Peter watched with terror as he noticed what happened.
"I gotta get new jeans."

"How is this even possible?!" Peter asked a week later. Looking in a mirror holding his bulbous gut with 2 hands.
"Well, you haven't been working out. And you're old" Eddie said as he caressed Peter's burrito baby. "Besides it's cute"
"Cute alright! What will MJ think?"
"MJ? What does she matter, she's not here" Eddie said. Kissing Peter on the lips. Did Peter like this? The noticeability the constant food, even the small gestures from Eddie to eat more. It turned him on, and Peter was pretty sure it turned Eddie on too. Seeing the way he'd adjust his groin through his pants whenever Peter was on a gorge.
"I'll be right back" Eddie said disappearing into the kitchen only coming back with enough ice cream to feed a small army with chocolate sauce and sprinkles Peter looked at it and shrugged his shoulders and began to eat. Halfway through he began to slow down pressing his gut to release a few needed burps. The drowsy overstuffed hero grunted and slid the empty dish onto the floor as he groaned loudly.

A week passed and Peter tried on a pair of jeans not even able to get them over his enlarged thighs. Ok something has to change, either it's my diet or my pants size. Peter thought peeling them off for a pair of sweat pants. They were even a little snug for his liking. He hasn't been doing much since the accident and that just increased the mass of his body. Hell he hadn't even tried on the suit. Doubt it would fit anyways.

He sat on his ratty old couch eating day old pizza as he skimmed the news. No sign of the sinister 6 showing up and ruining his chances to fight crime ever again hope was basically lost. And then Eddie stumbled into his apartment he had a bloody nose and well it looked to be broken, luckly Peter's fast Spidey powers fixed his leg for the most part, but even then it still hurt every once and a while, and his shoulder was out of the question.
"Eddie what the fuck?" Peter asked as he lead Eddie to the bathroom.
"There was a gang fight at the bar today, and I couldn't help myself" Eddie said groggily. We couldn't help ourselves the symbiote said inside Eddie's brain, it was the real reason Eddie got into the fight.
"Jeez ok well hold on I'm gonna get some bandages" Peter was swearing under his breath as he rummaged for a god damn Band-Aid he found gauze and tape in a drawer underneath some old deodorant. Wrapping Eddie's head and nose it soaked up the blood pretty quick.
"Hey Pete?" Eddie asked drunkenly. "I know you're spiderman" he said carelessly too drunk and sleep deprived to know what he was doing Peter dropped the gauze and stood in shock.
"How?" Peter asked
"Because I'm venom" Peter's heart sank "I brought you to the hospital and Everything, when I become him I loose myself, and with the mask on; I didn't know it was you" he said almost soberly.
"Thank you." Peter said picking the gauze back up. He couldn't believe what he saw, but as he got back up he saw that Eddie had a hard on, like a really good one. Eddie looked down and looked incredibly embarrassed
"Oh god, uh sorry Pete" looks like the beer finally wore off.
"Hey since I'm already down there, why don't you just take your pants off and-" Eddie took his pants down to reveal a 9 inch long hard dick uncircumcised and dripping in pre cum. Peter went to work trying to swallow all 9 inches but gagged at 8.
"You fat bitch." Eddie growled under his breath as peters hard on exploded and he shivered in ecstasy.

An hour later they sat on the couch Peter eating a large chocolate cake while they watched a cheesy romcom. Peter's belly looked distended and it gurgled to for him to stop eating but he just shoved another fork full into his mouth Eddie watched as Peter moaned shoving a piece in his mouth something told Eddie that Peter loved this. And Eddie loved this not that he'd admit it but it was a massive turn on to see fit guys gain weight.
"Peter," Eddie spoke scooting closer to his hefty lover. He could see Peter's hard on squished by tight sweat pants. And even then his massive gut sat gently on his lap he had an old shirt on that used to be massive on him and now clung tight to his middle like an extra skin. Peter was huge compared to Eddie sure he had a muffin top but Peter had a full blown beer gut. Eddie guessed he was around 230? Starting off as a magnificent 150 slender and built and gained 80 pounds like it was nothing. "God you got fat" he spoke under his breath before leaning and Kissing his messy cheek. Peter was shocked and just swallowed into Eddie's kiss.
"Hey Ed?" Peter said in-between gasps "im kinda sore, can we do this another time?" Peter asked as he burped. Eddie stared at Peter longing in his dark eyes.
"Ok yeah." Eddie said, even though he wanted to tear at Peter's asshole and give him a night to remember, but held back.
"Im so uncomfortable!" he grunted trying to pull his shirt down
Eddie was locked on Peter's underbelly as he scratched it desperately. "And my skins always itchy!" he says lifting up his shirt. Red lightning bolt shaped marks were edged deep into his belly along with chest hear and even a cute little happy trail, Peter always kept his body hair under control Eddie thought.

The next morning Eddie was cooking breakfast when Peter stumbled into the kitchen scratching his gut that now over hung covering the tight sweat pants that he slept in.
"Morning sleepy head" he said flipping a pancake.
"Morning" he said yawning.
"So since spiderman is out of commission wanna grab a bite downtown? It'll clear your head from all this stuff" Eddie said placing a plate stacked high with fatty food in front of Peter.
"After this I won't be able to move" Peter said as he cut into a pancake.
"Oh please" Eddie said as he placed a cup of coffee in front of Pete triple triple.

Eating 8 pancakes panfries 4 eggs and a pound of bacon for breakfast Peter was sat in a burger restaurant with 4 busty burgers in front of him. The worst part about this was that he ordered it himself Eddie had no say in this at all. Peter had a problem.
"Youre gonna have to role me out of here" he said burping after his third burger.
"Come on you got this, just eat the burger!" Eddie said to Peter when there was a bite left. He huffed as he pushed the burger past his lips using 2 fingers to force it down. Moaning as he gave in to gluttony.

Stumbling out of the burger joint basically waddling they took a cab back to his apartment building.
"You're going to hate me, but I ordered us some pizza for tonight" Eddie said as they entered Pete's place. Peter placed a hand on his growing gut and toppled onto the creaking couch
"Jesus Ed" he said breathlessly.
This just in Eddie disappeared to the kitchen and pulled out a whole fucking pie.
"Youre gonna hate me even more," Eddie said placing it in front of him.
"Well. When's the pizza getting here?"
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