The spectacular spiderman

  By Fatj

chapter 4

The day Peter Parker would stop eating is the day the world would end. He stood peeling off his too tight sweat pants one day after work. He had been chasing crime as his alter ego Peter Parker since the suit didn’t fit and he hadn’t really bothered loosing weight. It was a long day at work and he barely had enough time for lunch which would have sucked if it wasn’t the fact that Eddie Peter’s knight in shining armor brought him Chinese. He stood in front of his ratty old springy bed has he examined his midsection when he heard a knock on the door.
“Hey Pete” Eddie called
“Yeah?” Peter replied replacing his tight sweats for a pair of tight gym shorts.
“Pizzas here,” he said and went to open the door. What Eddie saw was incredible. A half naked spidey with newly found stretch marks scattered throughout his body. Eddie walked up to Peter’s doughy middle and gave his cheek a soft kiss. “These are new,” he remarked looking at the stretched skin.
“Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about them,” Peter said grabbing his belly with 2 hands and shaking it violently.
“I think it looks great.” Eddie said before leaving Peter to put a shirt on.

Basically stuffing 2 pizzas into Peter’s growing stomach he watched as Eddie placed a donut on his own cock a little form of foreplay. Peter would have to eat the donut off of Eddie’s dick before he could suck it. A challenge Peter was up for. Eddie always found time for these new challenges see how much pizza Peter could eat. See how many donuts he could eat before supper was done. Stuff like that, but today was the first time Eddie’s dick was involved in any of the activities. And Peter was not complaining.
Peter grabbed the last donut out of the box an hour later chocolate frosting all over his middle and mouth, the smell of sweat and cum reeked through the air as Eddie slapped Peter’s stuffed gut. It was double the size and twice as heavy he let out a few tortured burped before squirming to get comfortable.
“im so fucking full,” he spoke almost to himself looking at his extended gut.
“How much do you weigh?” Eddie spoke curiously.
“Oh jeez I have no idea, probably around 220?” he said but Eddie knew it was way more.
“Hmm alright step on the scale. Eddie said heaving Peter up onto his feet. Peter groaned and rubbed his extremely stuffed gut.

Pulling out the dusty scale Eddie looked at Peter as he stepped on.
“Uhhh Eddie? I can’t see, would you mind,” Peter said as he looked down at his enlarged gut it was the only thing he could see really.
“289.” Eddie said breathlessly.
“what?!?” Peter said trying to look past his monstrous gut. “I’m just bloated why don’t we really see how much I weigh tomorrow morning?” he suggested stepping off holding his belly in amazement.
The scale tomorrow moved upwards at an alarming rate. 293 4 more pounds than last night. Peter b Parker was not going to pass 300 pounds. He started to eat “healthier” along with 2 large pizzas and a stack of burgers but he ate a salad before digging in. That’s uh gotta be good right?
“Babe I’d be ok if you were 600 pounds, just eat what you want ok?” Eddie said a week later when the scale hadn’t moved.

Walking down the busy streets of New York he wondered why crime had seemed to disappear when a portal appeared behind him sucking his body in. The swirl of mystery and his heavy lunch made him nauseous to the touch. Toppling onto the floor his nose bleeding he looked up to see miles look in shock at his more bulbous counterpart.
“Uhhh Peter?”
“Hun? Yeah yeah kid what’s up?” he says wiping the blood onto his coat sleeve. He looked around and arched his back cracking it several times before scratching his gut. “Dimensional warping sure gets me hungry hey miles you got any food?”
“Peter how much you weighing these days?”
“Ah I don’t know around 250” he lied before looking at the kid.
“Uh sure. Ok well I haven’t talked to you in a few months how are you and mj?”
“she hasn’t talked to me in months. Listen kid I have some serious business to take care of but I’m fine.”
“youre fat.”
“Yeah so?”
“I don’t know, isn’t it weird I thought you were going to get your life back now all you got back was 100 pounds.” Miles acknowledged the skin tight shirt that Peter had presented himself with and a slight hint of an underbelly.
After they chatted for a bit longer Peter went back to his own dimension wishing he could get more. More from miles.

Awaking in his bed a stone cold sleeper next to him he saw Eddie’s naked body wrapped around Peters more chunky body. The groggy sensation of morning wood greeted him as he glanced at Eddie’s arm branched over his moobs. Moobs. Peter had moobs, this was a first in his life. And he was kinda turned on. A grunt erupted as Eddie awoke catching a glimpse at Peter’s midsection and member.
“Morning” he said to Peter’s little friend. He said climbing on top of Peter’s belly to get a better view.
“Eddie cut it out.” But it was to late. Eddie was deep into a certain conversation with a certain attachment. The feeling made Peter feel astatic and as high as the clouds. Eddie really knew how to work a man’s body. Eddies ass was in Peter’s face not that he was complaining but his musty smell made him even more hard then hed like to admit. Eddie was wearing boxers that showed off his meaty ass so perfectly. Peter grabbed them as he worked his magic. Eddie bent over, his ass still on Peter’s face but his mouth working around his hard penis. Black goo began to appear on Peter’s hands as he rubbed and massaged Eddie’s ass and the symbiote eased it’s way across Peter’s body until it reached his ass. Sliding in it worked it’s own magic. Peter moaned loud as he felt the creature move up and down hitting his prostate. The symbiote exploded in Peter gushing cum into him like no tomorrow. He continued to moan as his already stuffed belly began to expand. As the symbiote cam so did Peter making Eddie choke. After a minute of cumming the symbiote retreated back into Eddie’s body both men exhausted. Eddie turned around to lay on his chunky cum dumpster.
Peter groaned as Eddie kissed him.
“Can I be honest with you,” he asked looking into the tired man’s eyes.
“Yeah of course,” Peter said trying to pay attention to Eddie instead of his incredibly stuffed gut from last night and from minutes prior.
“I want to feed you. I want you to be as big as you want, and I know you want that too,” Eddie said as Peter kissed him. Eddie could feel Peter’s member begin to grow rubbing against his torso.

For breakfast they may have overdone it 3 pizzas and 5 bags from a local burger joint. All stuffed into Peter’s gut in the span of an hour. He laid shirtless grease smeared on his giant gut, Eddie rubbed it as he stifled burps. Eddie would reward him whenever he finished a meal by blowing him or giving him desert. The scale broke 300. A milestone Peter had no idea he could pass. Little does he know he’d end up with a lot more than he bargained for.
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