saint adephagias university for the heavily gifted

chapter 1

A brand new start to her first year in college.

Walking down the sidewalk, eagerly joining a few other friends before reaching one of the crossroads, Audrey adjusted the jacket of her uniform before walking closer and closer to her school.

She was beyond eager to finally get to Saint Adephagia University. Despite it's name, the all girls school was not a religious one. Instead, a privatized magnet university meant to advance all students who came. And an exclusive one too.

Audrey couldn't even count all the restless nights she had spent studying by herself or with her friends to get a high enough score in all of her classes to even possibly reach the lottery portion of getting accepted into the school.

And now her hard work paid off. She would be living there starting today as would all of her friends. Audrey, just like all the other students, were asked instead to deliver their luggage to the school and things would be set up there. It was a bit odd to her parents but at the end they paid no mind.

They were saddened at not being able to help set up Audrey's first dorm but accepted it nonetheless. There were scheduled visits anyway.

Really, she was excited to see what dorm she would be living in! Would she be alone or with a roommate? Would they become the best of friend immediately or even possibly hate each other by the end of their four years together?

She hoped it was the prior even if she knew damn well that no one could become best friends instantly.

But still, it would be nice if they were kind.

Lost in her thoughts, she was only pulled out of it when a friend pulled her in by her elbow.

"Watch out," Summer warned.

From the side came two girls who appeared to be older. Sophomores or even possibly seniors.

Audrey didn't want to admit it out loud or even to herself really but the two girls seemed... heavy.

There were harsher words but she didn't want to use them. Her mother always told her to be kind and polite! And just because two girls were curvy and... overweight didn't mean she couldn't keep that same mind set.

It wouldn't be very fair either considering Audrey and all of her friends were on the thinner side. Audrey herself weighed maybe 105 pounds soaking wet.

Summer, however, wasn't as polite. "Shit," She whispered, "Those girls are huge." It was more out of surprise than it was out of rude intention.

The group they were with murmured in agreement.

"I heard," Tiffany caught their attention as she pulled her hair into a ponytail, "That when you're alone for the first time on your own, you gain fifteen pounds! It happens to college kids all the time, apparently!"

Maria scoffed. "Yeah, but," her voice went quiet, "Those aren't just fifteen pounds."

The group began to murmur again, cut short when Audrey cleared her throat. "Why don't we just focus on a new day at school. We get to find out our schedules today and where are dorms are and if we'll room with anyone!"

The group cheered, all of them beginning to run instead across the remaining blocks left before they reached the school. The bus stop they'd gotten off of was nowhere near in sight anymore. Just a speck of color off in the distance.

In a new state, city, and even street, there was so much to be seen.

Arriving with shortened breath, Maria hung off of Audrey as they all tried to calm down.

Staring at the ground, a pair of clean, black heels appeared. Slowly standing up, the girls came face to face with a women holding a clipboard.

She appeared pleasantly plump. Her cheeks full but not overwhelmingly so. She had only the slightest beginnings of a double chin and her eyes were large with beautiful lashes behind cat eye glasses attached to a pearl chain. Her cardigan was open, revealing the white button up shirt and her deep maroon pencil skirt. Her hips stretched it wide as did a bit of her stomach but it didn't seem all too noticeable. Instead, what was noticeable were her breasts. Voluptuous and somehow as perky as her ass (more than likely thanks to an amazing bra).

With chubby hands, she held a pencil and began to scan through her clipboard, flipping a few pages over before introducing herself. "I'm Miss Sanchez, but call me Miss Stephanie if it's easier for you." She smiled sweetly, her cheeks dimpling. "Could I get a first and last name from all of you one at a time?"

They all nodded. Each going in order.

"Audrey Cane."

"Tiffany Wang."

"Clarissa Beaumont."

"Maria Gonzalez."

"Summer Park."

Each one of them were given a quick scribble on the packet of paper Stephanie held and were then given a sticker with a greeting and their name pre typed in.

"Go straight through here," She motioned to the entrance of the door, "And when you walk past this front office, you'll be stepping inside of the quad. From there, Mrs. Hudgens will guide you to your beginning study room classroom for today. You'll be reporting back to it at the end of your school day."

All of them nodded eagerly, giggling and bumping into each other playfully as a few more freshman began to recite their names to Stephanie. They were too caught up in their own little worlds to notice a few more older girls entering the school, all of them notably overweight.

Mrs. Hudgens had noticed the girls in an instant. It was always the easiest to tell who was a freshman. The university was always the best at carefully picking out who would be accepted. "Hello, girls." She waved them over. "Follow me, I'll lead you to the class."

It only took a minute or two for the girls to go up two flights of stairs in a glass paned hallway before finding the study hall they'd be reporting in.

With desks in the shape of circles, the group happily rushed to take an empty one, nearly all of the others filled aside from a few empty plastic chairs. Facing forward as they gossips to each other, all that was on the wall was a few whiteboards with the center board saying 'Freshman Orientation'.

Unable to sit still, Audrey noticed it wasn't just her and her friends that were excited. All the girls around them seemed eager to finally get their schedules and start their classes.
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