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Belly Fatale
(True Belly Stories - Amber)
This is a mostly true story which is an amalgamation of experiences with 2-3x girls I dated a number of years ago. It tells the story of a kinky, pot-bellied dancer I knew and the regular embarrassing, humiliating moments she suffered due to being so pretty and yet so unacceptably podgy.

(Photographs are approximate lookalikes for illustration).

Chapter 1 - THE WAITRESS
Chapter 2 - THE DANCER
Chapter 4 - CLUMSY
Chapter 5 - THE RESCUE
Chapter 6 - FIREWORKS
Chapter 7 - TRAPPED
Chapter 8 - MERCILESS (PART 1)
Chapter 9 - MERCILESS (PART 2)
Chapter 10 - THE CHASE (PART 1)
Chapter 11 - THE CHASE (PART 2)
Chapter 12 - THE CATCH
Chapter 13 - THE GAME
Chapter 14 - xxxxxxxxxx


It was 10pm Saturday night and the club was due to open in an hour. A popular, nationally-famous nightclub venue which at full capacity must have been capable of holding well in excess of 2000 people. At the time it was being temporarily ran by a good friend of mine whilst the 'real' manager was out of town.

My own bar was closed for refurbishment, so one February weekend I decided to take the drive over to this club at my friend's invitation. I'd been there a dozen times before; I knew the place pretty well; but it'd been a good year or more since my last visit so i was doubtful I'd recognise any of the current djs, staff or dancers.

So I was sat in the staff common area, 10.05pm, relaxing, waiting for my friend to roll a joint. We used to go stand on the roof and chat while he smoked. This place was so huge, when you went on the roof it was like being in Game of Thrones and standing "atop the wall". More than once while drunk we'd been tempted to "piss off the edge" too.

It was a quiet time of year for the bar trade; early February; no one is out - and the various bars and promotion companies are fighting just to get ebough customers through the doors to keep the lights on. So it's the time of year when standards and discipline are allowed to lapse. We get to have some fun because there aren't so many consequences for professional indiscretions on quiet nights.

10.10pm and I watch the staff start to roll in. I don't recognise any of them. I guess being a hip place in a big city, they're bound to have a high turnover rate. 10.15 and a particularly large group come in all at once; about two thirds girls and one third guys. A mix of bar staff and dancers I reckon. Half the girls are slim and, for want of a better word... thotty looking... while the other half look like typical chubby GNDS (that's 'Girl Next Door-s' for the uninitiated!). Dancers and barmaids respectively I expect. Has to be.

One girl in particular catches my eye immediately. A brunette, relatively tall around 5ft8 with full lips and a perfect button nose. Her face looked unreal. And by that I don't just mean 'pretty' ... I mean like something straight out of a Pixar movie. Like she was drawn on paper and then made in a genetics lab. Striking high cheekbones, lightly freckled skin with deep brown eyes and a strong, forward hairline (which she had pulled back tight into a short ponytail). She had a fairly strong jawline for a girl, with a cute dimple in the end of a well defined chin. Her eyes were almond shaped and sloped upwards like a cat. She really was striking. Facially she could go toe to toe with the daughters of rock stars.

I recall she looked flustered, like she thinks she's late or doesn't know exactly where to go now she's here. I remember her turning towards the nearest corner at one point and trying to stealthily wipe the oil off her T-zone with her sleeve. Oily skin or not, I still reckon she's one of the prettiest 'real world' girls I've ever seen in my life. Her face perhaps isn't the most symmetrically perfect but the endearingly slight asymmetry she has is probably the only thing making her look 'human' and not like a model drawn with a slide-rule. Looking at her whole face together, I had no doubt in my mind that she was by now well versed in the art of breaking hearts and taking names.

She has to be a dancer or promotions girl I thought. 100%.

As she hangs up her coat and turns side-face I immediately revise that prediction. My tongue practically rolls out of my mouth when see her body. I was truly shook; left in a moment of sheer disbelief. Observing her figure, now fully enshrouded by the removal of her long grey puffer jacket; I mean, yeah... she was by no means the heaviest girl to have just walked in, but proportionately speaking she was DEFINITELY the most 'podgy'. I mean Jeez... Where did that GUT come from?? I certainly didn't see THAT coming. Not on a girl like that!!

We're talking 40 inches around her lower belly at LEAST; it EASILY jutted out further than her TITS (which were not unsubstantially sized in their own right!) . The thighs holding it all up met at the knee and gave no quarter or inch of airspace all the way up to her pussy. I remember she had a ladder in the right leg of her tights. At the time I wondered if that had to be from chafing.

Its very rare to see such a substantial stomach belong to a girl with such a chiseled, striking face. Certainly took me by surprise, I can tell you. I pinch myself for a moment, suddenly self conscious that I'm ogling. I turn away briefly but can't keep my eyes off her for long. She's gorgeous. Proper love at first sight job. She's looking around anxiously, nervously, standing tall to attention like a frightened meerkat. She looks like she kinda knows her way around; like she's been here before; but in some way is uncertain of where to go or who to speak to on this particular night. Perhaps like me, she hasn't been here in a while and doesn't know who's in charge.

As she paces around the busy central staff common room, peaking in every open door for confirmation, I get a good look at her from all angles. She's dressed like a waitress. I figure she's came straight here from her 'day job' at some cafe or restaurant somewhere. She's wearing the typical 'service' uniform of a slim fit white blouse tucked into a short, black bodycon skirt. Leggings underneath down to plain black plimsolls. The whole thing probably cost less than �30.

Her stomach isn't even remotely flat - nor does it look like it has been for a very long time - and this cheap figure
hugging skirt she has on is possibly the least flattering garment she could be wearing at that very moment. It was legit hugging her tummy tighter than heat-shrink tubing. On such a beautiful girl, the size of her gut truly looked odd. Jarring even. Disproportionate. Unexpected. Not aesthetic. Uncomfortable to look at. At a guess I'd say she's probably around 175lbs and has a lower belly that's likely about 42-44 inches. That cheap bodycon work skirt she's wearing wearing is hugging her tight and leaving no aspect of her figure to the imagination. Observing her side profile, her stomach rounds out to a perfect potbelly from the top of her legs, jutting back in slightly above the navel and giving her middle the silhouette of basketball with a length of flexible drain pipe wrapped around its front face. Put another way - she appeared to be squarely occupying that magic transitional zone between between podgy and full blown fat, with a legit spare tyre beginning to freshly 'grow' out of her preexisting potbelly. Disgustingly hot.

Despite the excess weight on her thighs and stomach, her body still looks tight though. I think that's what made her look so sexually irresistible. She doesn't look flabby or unhealthy - just podgy and overweight. She still looks like she's got absolutely stellar posture, genetics and tone going on underneath... just somehow with 50lbs of extra weight clamped to her middle and bottom half. Her belly looks like it probably wobbles as one round tight mass when disturbed, not as a shapeless rippling jelly. A textbook young adult female pot belly wrapped in an inch or more of surface fat.

Her breasts and upper arms are pretty chunky too ... giving her the distinctive look that many an experienced FA would say is a 'clue' to there likely being a bit of an unwanted belly going on below... but her face gives no clue to her high weight whatsoever. She genuinely looks like half of a 19-23yr old Angelina Jolie split with an equal mix of both Cara Delavigne and Natalie Dormer. Her nose goes flat down and then punches out 3 dimensionally at the bottom... Almost like something you'd see on a Disney/Pixar animated character. It was a nose so cute it almost looked like it couldn't occur naturally in nature.

She doesn't notice me staring yet. The room is busy and she's evidently in a rush. She quickly gives up on her presumed search for the manager, grabs a tatty plastic sports-bag from her handbag and goes off down the corridor into another room. She walks with a very 'fertile' spring in her step; like a trained dancer or a former gymnast would. Very sexy. As she walked off, her exquisitely perfect gait make made her tits and gut wobble in time with her steps. Gorgeous.

She's got to be a barmaid I thought... with that figure. No question about it. Maybe she was a dancer or a model once upon a time but the freshman fifty has clearly beaten her body fifteen shades of sideways.

I'd been given some free drinks vouchers when I arrived so I made a mental note to look out for her later and make sure she serves me a drink.
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Alex_Quinn 1 month
This is legitimately one of the best stories I've ever read, and the suspense is killing me! Please finish this! The fact that you say this is mostly true (from various girls) makes it even better tbh
SezB 1 month
Chapters 10, 11 and 12 added smiley
Curious456 1 month
Loving the story, would love to read more....
@SezB That's awesome. It's nice to know that my story ended up having some kind of influence. Keep up the good work here smiley
SezB 3 months
Alright gents I have added Chapter 9. I tried to keep it realistic as if I humiliated her too much too early it would spoil my next 4 chapters smiley
SezB 3 months
@Some Tormented FA Thanks man! I loved your 'empathy gain' story - I took a little inspiration from it here and there for this one actually!
Actually wow, so yeah, I actually finished it, and I am now convinced this could be the start of a new story format. A single event, rather than a longer played out sequence of days, in which everything builds up to an exposure of the elephant in the room
Damn. This is hot as shit, how have I not read this before? Congrats.

I agree with JonJones - let's see that fatty totally humiliated and made a laughing stock for everyone. It's her own fault for her lack of self-awareness. Go with whatever's most demeaning for the poor little pig.
JonJones 3 months

I encourage you to go with the sexier version. None of us will ever know the difference and it will be more enjoyable reading. Go with whatever is must humiliating for this lovely, greedy porker.
SezB 3 months
@ JonJones. I will definitely be continuing. I've just hit a fork in the road of which order to write the events which followed. The straight truth vs the sexier fiction etc.
SezB 3 months
@ Softly Yes and no (objective vs subjective beauty and all that). The goal of this story is to arouse those people who are into fat-shaming as a kink, rather than to further fat-acceptance.
JonJones 3 months
Not sure how many likes you'd need, but I for one would like to see this continued.
JonJones 3 months
@ Softly

Obviously not speaking for the author, but it seems like you're reading into it a bit much. The whole piece concerns humiliation of a fat girl and the author's corresponding lust for a fat, out-of-shape dancer whom most in the club find repuls
Please more.
greengreens 3 months
Loving it. Need more haha