a maids revenge

chapter 1

Hey this is my first story hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback
As she rings the bell again I am forced to go to her room to check up on her
"Hand me the remote" she commands as she points to the tv remote on the table in front of her that's only a few inches away from her hand "it's right in front of you" i reply as I grab the remote and give it to her before tugging on my really tight shorts and tank top
" ugghh rose can I talk to you" I ask with a concerned look on my face
"What is it" she replies after pausing what she was watching
" I don't think I can do this anymore I I can't keep going on like this .all you allow me to eat is fast food and fattening snacks my weight is spiraling out of control .um I've gained 50 pounds in the past 6 months and what's even worse is you have me walking around in this skimpy little tight outfit all the time with my belly on full display" I say worried
And she breaks out laughing for a few minutes "awww poor Mia" she says as she wipes away her tears still laughing before getting up and walking towards me "How else am I supposed to enhance my beautiful super model body around my fiancÚ" she says as she runs her hands along her beautifully thin yet curvy body "don't take it the wrong way but sometimes sacrifices have to be made" she says before slapping my belly and making it giggle
She starts laughing and sits back down " that reminds me from now on you're no longer allowed to use the gym now go tell the driver to get ready he needs to take us to the fancy restaurant we will be meeting mat at" I tell the driver and wait for rose to come out
She walks out of her room in a beautiful stunning tight red dress black heels and gold Jewellery she then hands me a pair of really tight shorts and a top and tells me to wear them and meet her in the car
I get dressed feeling really self conscious then head to the car as soon as I sit next to rose she giggles before grabbing the shorts and pushing them under my belly allowing my belly to stick out and hang over the shorts and her to start laughing like a maniac

A few minutes later we get to the restaurant with mat already there he greets his soon to be wife and they take a seat before looking at me with absolute horror "w what happened to you mia?" He asked shocked and before I can open my mouth rose replies "poor porker can't stop pigging out all she does is eat and pile on the pounds" she gives my belly a slight slap
Mat looks at me from top to bottom and nicely suggests trying to cut down before I leave to sit at the table next to rose whispers in my ear "I've already ordered your food when we were at the front desk went it arrives you better eat all of it or you can say good bye to your job"
I head to my table and wait
Moments later rose gets her salad and mat gets her steak and soon after my food arrived and I gasp in shock when I see the amount "you're ordered mam" said the waiter as he placed 3 burgers ,3 fries a large bowl of pasta and some cheesy garlic bread all in front of me " I can't eat all of this" I thought to myself before remembering that if I don't I will lose my job I grab the first burger and fries and begin to eat I finish the first 2 burgers and my first fries and I already feel so full I stop for a moment and rub my belly before going back to eating after finishing off the last burger and the fries my belly feels hard as a drum and I feel stuffed to the brim I struggle for a moment to breath and feel my stomach gurgle in pain as I look at the untouched pasta and pizza "uggghhmm I don't think I can take another bite" I think to myself as I rub my painful belly I unbutton my shorts and let out a slight moan of relief "mm if I eat fast enough I won't feel the pain I just have to get it over with" is my last thought before I began furiously stuffing myself with pasta and pizza making a huge mess of myself and I swallowed the last bit of the pizza I thought I would burst. I tried to lean back in my chair to stretch out my new big tummy, but it was difficult .I looked down at myself, and I had to help myself from not vomiting at the sight. My belly was round now, like a beachball, and it went almost all the way to my knees. Rejected food sat on my bosom, and my tight shirt was now pushed all the way up to my breasts. It was disgusting. And as I looked up I could see rose laughing and mat looking at me with disgust that's when I had enough "I want revenge" I thought to myself
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The plot seems fine, as far as I have read it (chapter two). However, you need to remember names start with capital letters, especially important of the names you choose will not autocorrect and have other meanings.
I suggest that you read back over you
If only it were that easy in real life
I love to hear more about this story
LevelUP 2 weeks
Not bad ! smiley