Buffet bellies (complete)

Chapter 4 - my kind of girl

"Alright, Lilah! That's how ya do it!" Eric patted her belly and she let out a hiccup. Lilah's plate was stacked with chicken wings, potatoes in wedges, fries, and mashed, roasted vegetables, and a thick slice of steak. "I see you've moved into the real shit now!" Eric smiled at her and pushed aside his empty plate. He leaned back and closed his eyes, licking his lips. Lilah was hypnotized watching his hand rub his belly in slow circles until a low belch echoed in her ear and snapped her out of her trance.
"Ok, ok, Alison I need a break." Bryan was dodging the slice of pizza she was trying to get him to eat.
"Come on babe, just one more. You can do it."
"I'm too full, I'm gonna throw up if I eat any more."
Alison shrugged and ate the slice herself. Lilah noticed that her friend's shirt was no longer covering her stomach, and that her belt was digging into her skin. Alison caught her staring.
"I know, I need to loosen it. Can you do it?" She looked into Lilah's eyes again, making her blush.
"Um, sure.." Lilah moved next to Alison and looped her fingers around the leather, searching for the buckle.
"Here," Alison took Lilah's hand and helped her undo it. Lilah felt Alison's soft skin and then the weight of her heavy belly release into her palm.
"Oh wow, that feels so much better." Lilah laughed nervously. She wished she had worn a belt for Alison to help her take off.
"Now I think I have room for dessert. You want anything to drink Lilah?"
"Sure, sprite please."
Lilah watched Alison walk away and then turned her attention back to her plate. Now Eric was the one staring.
"I didn't realize how much you like to eat." He watched Lilah shovel forkful after forkful of the rich foods into her mouth.
"Yeah, I guess I didn't either." She laughed to herself.
"How do you feel?" Eric continued to take steady bites as she devoured her plate.
"Less full than I should."
Eric busted out laughing.
"You must be going numb. My stomach does that after a few plates too. Don't worry, it'll all hit you before you know it."
"Well, for now I just want to keep eating." Eric kept his eyes on Lilah, admiring her focus and enticed by the fabric of her tank top clinging to her swollen belly, slowly riding up above her navel.
"Oh yeah? You're just my kind of girl."
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