Buffet bellies (complete)

Chapter 7 - it's too much (final chapter)

Lilah tilted her head back with her mouth open, allowing Eric to feed her. He gently placed pieces of cake, cookies, and spoonfuls of ice cream into her mouth, watching her swallow with her eyes closed. His dick had already been hard from the feeling of his own stuffed gut. Now, looking at Lilah with her swollen belly and a look of pure ecstasy on her face, he felt like he really could explode.
"Mmm, I don't know if I can take another bite."
"Come on, Lilah. You're almost caught up with me. Just one more plate."
Lilah opened up her mouth to protest, but a belch prevented her from saying anything, and then Eric stuffed a piece of buttered baguette between her lips before she could try again. She was so full that her belly was pulsing, her pussy was pulsing, everything was pulsing. She felt warm, Eric's fingers brushing against her cheeks felt warm. It was too much.
"It's too much, Eric."
He stopped.
Eric pushed away the plates and moved closer to Lilah. She put her head on his shoulder and let her eyes close while he gently caressed her protruding belly.
Across the table, Bryan and Alison had begun to stir.
"Damn, what did we miss?" Alison stretched her arms up and arched her back.
"Eh, nothing. Lilah won." Both Bryan and Alison sat up straight.
"WHAT?!" Bryan was nearly knocked out of the booth by his own exclamation.
"Yeah, Lilah won." Alison and Bryan exchanged looks of combined horror and excitement.
"Wow. Congratulations Lilah! Shit girl, are you okay?"
Lilah opened her mouth but once again, only a belch came out. She smiled sheepishly, feeling dizzy and drunk from the blood rushing into her stomach. Alison laughed and stood up from the booth.
"I'll take that as a yes. Come on, piggies." Alison snorted and extended her hand, helping her overstuffed friends and boyfriend out of the booth. The group waddled out of the parking lot and back to the car.
In the backseat, Eric and Lilah sat right next too each other. He stroked her hair as she leaned against his body, noticing how she rubbed her hands against her belly in slow circles, moaning softly.
"Hey" he whispered into her ear. She looked up at him.
"Do you...wanna come hang out for a bit?" Lilah nodded her head and smiled, feeling butterflies flutter up from her overstuffed stomach into her chest.
"Do you like to smoke weed?" She loved this question.
"Of course." she whispered back.
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