A matter of taste

Chapter 5 - gluttony

The next morning, Rachel contemplated how awkward things were going to be as she lay there in her own bed, deciding whether or not to go downstairs. Mandy and Peter were so drunk last night, she wondered whether they would even remember anything. Or worse, they would remember, but just pretend not to. Nothing could be worse than that, surely?

Gingerly, Rachel strolled out of her room and crept down the stairs, listening out for sounds. “Morning!” she called breezily as she realised that she had been spotted, trying to act casual. She almost wished that it was a work day so that she had an excuse not to hang around the house today.

“Oh here she is!” Mandy chuckled, dressed in only her underwear and looking absolutely stunning. “Here’s the reason why I didn’t manage to get all of those doughnuts down you last night!”

Peter chuckled, patting his huge and equally uncovered belly. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you later. This thing is going to be as tight as a drum by the time I go to bed tonight!”

Mandy moved in towards her boyfriend. “Mmm, I hope so!” she growled, kissing the large man with as much passion as last night.

Rachel stood there awkwardly before trying to sneak past them to get a glass of juice.

“What about you?” Mandy laughed, playfully tapping Rachel on her tight butt. “Are you going to join us?”

Rachel’s eyebrows raised. “What were you wanting to do?” she asked, pretending that she hadn’t been listening in.

“I’m going to stuff Peter’s big, fat belly,” Mandy chuckled, rubbing the monstrous gut. “When you have a beautiful fat boy like this, you’ve got to keep him well fed! Don't you think?”

“She means ‘overfed!’” Peter countered. “Mandy here is very good at making sure my waistline continues to expand!” he joked.

“Um, and you’re not?” Mandy laughed. “Do I need to remind you of what I looked like when we first met?”

Rachel watched the interaction in front of her, suddenly feeling the need to dive in. “What did you look like when you first met?” she asked Mandy, a little over enthusiastically.

“Not like this…” Mandy replied with a smirk, grabbing her blubbery gut. “So what do you say Rachel,” she asked, stepping over and rubbing her new housemate's back soothingly. “I reckon we can get a lot more down Peter if you help out.”

Rachel could hardly say no.

Being around the gluttonous pair all afternoon was a revelation. Now that the barriers had been broken down, Rachel could see that neither of them had any table manners at all. They ate and gorged, burped and let rip without a care, especially Peter. But despite everything, Rachel had never felt more attracted to either of them before; the way they ate and indulged, pushing their appetites to the absolute extreme.

“I want your opinion on something, Rachel,” Peter enquired with a smirk. “Do you think Mandy could manage another slice of pizza?”

Rachel looked across at the stuffed woman beside her, her fat belly fit to burst and covered in the greasy remains of everything else she had been fed that afternoon. She had already eaten much more than Rachel thought possible, but still there was a curiosity within her; could Many handle even more? “I definitely think she could manage at least one more slice,” Rachel replied wickedly.

Peter laughed proudly. “See…” he chuckled, standing up and fishing out a slice from the box before standing behind his beached girlfriend on the sofa. “…The new girl thinks you can handle another slice. You don’t want to disappoint her now, do you?” he teased, slipping a finger into the girl’s deep belly button and jiggling it for his own amusement. “Open up little pig…”
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More stories to come soon.
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