The secretary's spread

Chapter 15

When Hillary finished chewing, she knew what she needed to do to make her boss happy. "Feed me!" Hillary demanded, presumptuously opening her mouth, expecting her boss to fill another hole. Hillary was too horny to be shocked with herself, and she'd deal with her actions later. The grin that spread over her boss' face was worth it. Not even taking a second to think it over, he grabbed another doughnut while continuing to pump into his secretary. With even more force than the last time, he shoved the doughnut into Hillary's mouth, making sure not a crumb made it outside of her lips. To her credit, Hillary was ready and made short work of the doughnut, eyes starting to roll back in her head as she moaned with a full mouth. Yet it was all gone before a minute had passed, and Hillary knew there was only one more doughnut.

"More! Feed me more!" Hillary demanded, entitlement dripping from her voice. The feeling of being stretched by Adam's cock between her legs mixing with the painful stretching the doughnuts were causing against her belly was a feeling Hillary couldn't stop herself from chasing.

Adam picked up the doughnut but held it just out of reach from her lips. "You want this, fatty?!" He yelled, grabbing a handful of lovehandle fat with his free hand.

"Yes! Please!!" Hillary moaned, willing to play whatever game Adam wanted.

"Tell me how much you want it." Adam said, sounding close to the edge of climax.

"I want it so much!! I need it so much!! It makes me so wet to take your doughnuts and your cock!"

"Tell me what a fat greedy piggy you are." Adam demanded.

Hillary threw all dignity out the window. "I'm such a fat greedy piggy!" Hillary moaned, moving Adam's hand from her love handle to her belly, sacrificing her feelings, knowing it would turn him on more.

"That's right! You can't help yourself, can you!?" Adam accused, squeezing forcefully on her lower belly.

"MMM, That feels so... MMM, I can't stop! I'm too greedy. I'm going to keep getting fatter.. for you." For some reason, Hillary's aversion to having her stomach touched was temporarily gone. Instead, Hillary found herself enjoying how rough Adam was, making her body yield to him.

"That's fucking right you are, piggy! Now tell me what you want, fatty! And then fatty gets the doughnut!" Adam said, struggling to not climax through gritted teeth.

What came next was an eruption of words Hillary knew Adam wanted to hear. Pushing any respect for herself she had aside, Hillary responded. "I want you to force me to eat that doughnut!! I want you to do whatever you want to me! Force feed me!! Fatten me up! Use me however you want!! I'll be your fat feedee piggy to fuck and feed, growing bigger and wetter and greedier, just for you!!"

That outburst sent Adam over the edge. He slipped his cock out of his fat pig of a secretary, bringing the last doughnut to his crotch and then shooting his load all over it. Once done, he raised the cum covered doughnut and shoved it right in Hillary's face. Hillary's eyes were wide, not expecting the extra addition to the pastry she had just begged for. Yet Hillary still felt far too horny to let anything ruin that, and she let the sweet treat with a warm glaze into her mouth, putting up the most unconvincing struggle. While Hillary chewed, Adam rubbed at her crotch to help her over the edge for what seemed like the fourth time tonight. Hillary didn't recall the last time she'd had multiple orgasms with someone other than her vibrator, but the glow she was feeling was hard to beat. As Hillary finished her doughnut, she found herself cumming one last time. Adam had found a particularly sensitive spot of hers with his fingers at the most opportune moment.

Then near-silence permeated Adam's office. The only sounds were an exhausted boss that had done all the work and his overfed and overworked secretary.

As seconds turned to minutes, the warm glow that had made Hillary feel so good moments ago started to turn on her. With clarity now setting in, Hillary was thinking more rationally and becoming more ashamed of what she had just done with her boss. The more she thought about it, the more Hillary realized the mistake she had just made. There were things she did and said that Hillary knew she'd never forget. Things that made her feel dirty and disgusting. This would be a night that she'd take with her to her grave. The most embarrassing parts of what she had done with her boss played over and over in her head. Hillary couldn't believe how she had just gone along with it, enthusiastically and even leading the way at some points. The eating during sex, begging to be fed, referring to herself as a piggy and feedee, promising to get fatter! Hillary felt she needed to diet for at least a year to reverse everything from this one night.

While Hillary lay on Adam's desk, still too stuffed to move, she watched as he got dressed, seemingly very pleased with himself. She had given him everything he wanted, and yet other than a few orgasms, he still hadn't given her what she truly wanted. What she wanted was significance, meaning, relevance, and something more. There had to be some way to make it all feel worth it. Some way to get something out of what she had done to get here. Hillary watched Adam dress, trying her best to reach into herself and find confidence.

Getting off Adam's desk, Hillary started to get dressed, deep in thought. She continued to eye Adam, occasionally smiling at him to keep up appearances. Over and over, she told herself she needed to make this night worth it. This was the moment. She deserved a promotion for gaining over 150 pounds. She deserved more respect for sleeping with her boss. She deserved more money for acting as the perfect fat secretary of his dreams. This was the time.

Half dressed, Hillary opened her mouth to speak. "Umm.. Adam? Sorry.. Mr. Hess?" Hillary said, much softer than she had meant to.

Not registering that Hillary had tried to say something, he bent down and picked something up off the floor. "Oh, that's right, your panties." He said, holding up the Victoria's secret panties she had snapped at the waistband.

Caught off guard, Hillary had nearly forgotten. "Oh.." Hillary took the ruined panties as Adam handed them to her. But, unfortunately, they weren't usable anymore. "I guess I don't need them.." Hillary said, picking up her skirt, meaning to put it on without underwear.

"Hmm.." Adam pondered. "I think I have something else you can use." Adam walked over to his desk and opened up a drawer. After rummaging through, he pulled out a large lacy red pair of underwear and then walked them over to Hillary. "Rachel left these as a gift, but they should fit you just fine. Here."

Hillary stood there, not knowing what to do or say as she accepted the other fat secretary's panties. Hillary knew very well that her arrangement with Adam wasn't exclusive. The worst-kept office secret was that Rachel and Adam were friends with benefits. Yet, now that Hillary had started fooling around with Adam, it felt weird to be sharing him, knowing someone else was doing the same. Though the two office secretaries hadn't talked candidly about it, Hillary knew that Rachel knew, and didn't seem to care. Hillary hadn't intended to join Rachel in being sexually conquered by Adam, but here she was sleeping with her boss too. Adam's desire for fat secretaries wasn't a surprise.

A small part of Hillary was upset that Adam had reminded her about his alternative arrangement with Rachel. It wasn't very romantic to hand a girl you'd just fucked some other girl's panties, yet this wasn't a romantic relationship. A bigger part of Hillary was upset that Adam had assumed Rachel's panties would fit her. Everyone knew Rachel was the fattest girl in the office, so being compared to her was a little bit offensive. Regardless, Hillary didn't say anything and slowly stepped into her colleague's undergarment.

Hillary was surprised that Rachel's panties didn't stretch much, expecting them to be gigantic on her. But once Hillary got them over her ass, they shockingly felt tight. Not even close to how tight her Victoria's Secret panties had been before snapping, but still, tighter than she expected.

Adam glanced at Hillary, walking behind her on his way to get something off his desk. "Wow, you really fill those out." He gave Hillary a playful smack on the ass. "Don't stretch those out too much. Rachel will probably want them back at some point."

Hillary didn't say anything, far too embarrassed. 'Stretch them out?' What an insulting thing to say. It wasn't as if she was fatter than Rachel. Instead of calling out her boss for assuming something so inaccurate, a blushing Hillary cleared her throat. She'd lost sight of what she had wanted to ask from Adam a moment ago but knew she had to press forward.

"Umm.. Mr. Hess..?" Hillary asked a little more clearly this time.

This was it. This was the moment. It was time.
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Noback 3 weeks
Please finish this amazing story bro.
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It's on my list of Todos for sure. I know how I want it to end. But I haven't gotten back to this one in a while
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I love this kick you're on, both of these stories feel alive with energy and the characters are such lovable pigs. Truly top tier writing.
ConJohn 2 years
Thanks! These characters have been fun to develop, so it's good to hear they're being enjoyed.
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so both stories are in the same universe, what a fantastic thing. I hope to see more of this universe in future stories.
ConJohn 2 years
Thank you! I plan on writing all my stories in the same universe. Expect more crossovers.
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Great Story!! Hope Hillary gets off the mat and fattens Jenna while she loses weight and becomes hot again with a winning idea and promotion! Hillary is a secret feeder. And goes to the gym.
ConJohn 2 years
Thanks! I like where your head is at. I'm keeping the scope of this story to only take place in one day (just to temper expectations), but good ideas.
Eathamburgers 3 years
I really like where this is going!
ConJohn 2 years
Thanks so much!!
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Incredible story. I love your writing style and content. It’s right up my alley. Please continue!!
ConJohn 2 years
A year late on my reply, but thank you!
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You are an incredible writer!!! Please continue! I can't wait for more chapters on Haley's Gain!!!
ConJohn 2 years
Oh wow! Thanks! I realize I'm replying a year later, but this means a lot smiley
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Davidewol - Thank you!! Yes, I plan on divulging that information throughout the story, while still keeping it in the present tense. Stay tuned!
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Excellent start so far!! I'm guessing this will tell the story of how she gained the weight in the first place?